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Town of Coeymans Highway

The town superintendent of highways is primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of town highways and bridges, and the removal of obstructions caused by brush and snow. The Superintendent generally has the power to hire, subject to appropriations established by the town board, and direct highway department employees for those purposes. They are elected for 4 years and make a salary of $54,833 per year.
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    PETER J DELUKE (Dem, Ind, Con, Grn, Ref) New York State Department of Transportation

  • SCOTT D SEARLES (Rep, WEP) Highway Superintendent

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Biographical Information

What have you done that qualifies you for this position?

If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Phone (518) 369-6924
Community Involvement After being interviewed by Conservative & Independent parties and CSEA, I have been unanimously granite endorsement by all
Experience and Qualifications Over 25 years in public-sector and private-sector all phases of construction work and snow removal.
Biography Moved into Ravena 1983. Married with four children one grown in the Air Force 3 in Elementary schools.( adopted all three of my youngest at infant age)
Occupation and Special Skills Knowledge of many various types of equipment and hands-on experience.
Website, facebook page or other links Deluke for Coeymans Highway Superintendent on Facebook
Over 25 years of road maintenance in construction. And the quality of care for our community.
Create a safe work environment. Make all roads in our community safe and well maintained, along with ditches and right aways and drainage.
Community Involvement Past Officer Coeymans Fire Co.
Experience and Qualifications Current Highway Superintendent Worked for Town of Coeymans Highway Dept. since 1991 holding every pos
Biography Scott is a life long resident of Coeymans with his wife Bonnie and there 2 children Scott Jr, and Morgan. 2 step children and 6 Grandchildren.
Occupation and Special Skills Current Highway Superintendent Heavy Equipment operator Welding, Mechanic Work All aspects of this jobs i presently do.
Website, facebook page or other links Re-Elect Scott D. Searles Town of Coeymans Highway Superintendent
I have worked for the Town of Coeymans since 1991, I started as a laborer an worked my way up through every position to Deputy Highway Superintendent which i held for 8 years.I was Elected Highway Superintendent the November Election of 2013, This is a 4 Year Term Witch Expires Dec. 31,2017. If RE-Elected to this position i would continue the quality services for the Town of Coeymans. Scott is a life long resident of Coeymans with his wife Bonnie and there 2 children Scott Jr, and Morgan. 2 step children and 6 Grandchildren.
For my second Term i would like to see my Road schedule and my Maintenance schedule to stay on track, we also need new Equipment as some of the Equipment is 20-30 years old.Having more help is always a big factor in the Highway Dept. doing its job Efficiently. logo


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