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    Steve DiMauro (NP) Industry Client Leader, Banking & Financial Markets, IBM

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    Alisa Wright (NP) Attorney

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    David Zuro (NP) Retired

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1. Being an elected public official, makes you accountable to the voters: how do you define accountability and what specifically would you do to hold yourself accountable?

2. By reducing its share of funding, the State of Ohio continues to shift the burden for tax-based services to the local level. What does that mean for Hudson entities’ (City Council, BOE, Library) funding needs and how do you see these entities competing for more local taxes?

3. Please prioritize your list of school building improvements that can be accomplished using funds from the current permanent improvement levy (PIF) and proposed Bond Issue.

Address 7339 Burntwood Way, Hudson, OH 44236
Campaign Phone (330) 655-5952
Age 46
As a member of the Hudson Board of Education, it is my duty to serve the common interest of our students, taxpayers, and the community at large as opposed to any personal goal or agenda. My decisions have and will always be based on whatever is deemed to be in the best interests of every child we serve. I must also ensure that our mission to maximize the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child in a safe, nurturing, and diverse environment is upheld.
The School District has a strong and collaborative relationship with the City of Hudson, the Library, and other community organizations. Although each entity has its own funding needs, we share a common goal of making Hudson one of the most business and family friendly environments in all of Northeast Ohio. We recognize the need to enrich our tax base by attracting new business, while maintaining our highly ranked school system and the overall quality of life that makes Hudson special.
In May, voters approved the renewal of the PIF that has been in place since 1962 for ongoing capital improvements, such as technology upgrades, maintenance of buildings (roofs, parking lots), and new busses. The Bond Issue is equally important and will enable the District to address our students’ learning needs for the next 25-30 years, and includes a new Middle School, renovations to elementary schools, improvements to the Central Campus, and upgrades to the Natatorium.
Address 91 N. Hayden Parkway, Hudson OH 44236
Campaign Phone (330) 342-7062
Age 49
Accountability includes public accessibility, informed and transparent decision-making, and evaluative reporting. I will work to establish and ensure the fulfillment of educational goals and district policies in the best interests of our children based on applicable laws and community values. I will seek information, share knowledge and report results, in order to be a conduit of communication and accountability between the Board, parents, students, the community, the District and its staff.
Cities operate on income taxes which rise with inflation; school districts rely on property taxes which, by law, do not increase with property values. Although revenue is fixed, the costs of educational goods and services continually rise, and operating costs are further increased by legal requirements, unfunded mandates and expanded services expected by constituents. Taxpayer support is thus critical to the safety, security and success of our community's current and future students.
Approximately 1/2 of the PIF will be used for transportation and technology; the remainder, for facility maintenance costs. Bond funds will be used for asset construction and preservation outlined in the Master Facilities Plan, including construction of a new middle school; additions, renovations and grade realignment at the elementary schools; renovations to the high school; relocation of administrative offices and HCER to central campus; and renovations to the Natatorium and Lavelli Statium.
Address 7 Hudson Common Drive Hudson, OH 44236
Age 69
Our foremost obligation is to serve the best interests of Hudson students. We are accountable to their families to help our students develop to their full potential. We are fiscally accountable to all Hudson City School District taxpayers and work to make best possible use of available resources. We also maintain accountability and transparency to the community through open public meetings, an informative district website, informal monthly coffees, email communications and telephone contacts.
We are fortunate to live in a generous community that values education. We are grateful that approval of the last school operating levy provided funding necessary to offset reduced state support. We need to continue to advocate for state support where appropriate while exercising prudent financial management so as to minimize the need to request more local funds.
Improved facilities is our school district's greatest need. November approval of the bond issue would enable the construction of a new middle school and provide much needed renovations to our elementary buildings. More suitable administrative space would also be provided. In the meantime, the PIF funds will provide for technology updates, school bus replacements, and general facilities maintenance needs. logo


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