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The Town Council is an elected body that enacts town legislation, holds hearings, and passes resolutions on matters involving town government. It is responsible for adopting the annual budget, adopting and amending the town code and broadly addressing issues of concern to the citizens. The term for this position is 4 years and they earn $21,479 per year.
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    BRIAN C AUSTIN (Dem) Teacher

  • CHRISTINE M BADGER (Rep, Ind, Grn, Ref) Owner- apple Interiors; design consultant at Comfortex

  • DAVID R. GREEN (Rep, Ind, Con, Grn, Ref) Attorney, Accountant and Real Estate Broker

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    MELISSA JEFFERS VON DOLLEN (Dem, Ind, Con) Confidential Secretary / Paralegal

  • MARK B MITCHELL (Rep, Con, Grn, Ref)


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What have you done that qualifies you for this position?

If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Address 14 Starboard Way
Campaign Phone (518) 429-4433
Community Involvement Member - Latham Fire Department (Social), Volunteer - Empire State Youth Orchestra, North Colonie Youth Baseball, Latham Circle Soccer, Shaker Athletics. Zoning and Planning Board Member for the Town of Colonie
Experience and Qualifications 27 years teaching at North Colonie Schools has given me leadership and organization skills appropriate for this position. Also as a member of the Planning Board, I am familiar with many of the issues facing the Town
Biography A 22 year Town resident along with his wife and three children. Teacher with 27 years of experience in the North Colonie Schools. Member of the Town Planning Board dedicated to smart development. Volunteer for 12 years at the Latham Fire Department.
Occupation and Special Skills Teacher
Website, facebook page or other links Facebook - austinforcolonie Email -
As a resident and educator for over 27 years in the Town of Colonie, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many great people. I truly feel that we live in one of the finest towns in the country and wish to see that continue and get even better. I believe communication is the key to a successful organization and will work my hardest to be available for every person in the town. It will be an honor to serve the residents in this capacity and I know that we have a team in place that wants the best for the Town.
Dedicated to:

Maintaining low taxes and meeting the NYS Tax Levy Cap which allows residents to benefit from the Tax Rebate Program.

Keeping spending under control and continue the positive fiscal direction of the towns finances.

Smart Planning and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized sites.

Providing affordable housing for all residents with a focus on our growing senior populaton.

Updating and maintaing existing infrastructure including roads, water and sanitary sewer systems.

Maintaining the excellent public saftey programs with Police, Fire and EMS.

Continuing a transparent form of government by maintaining open communication with all residents.
Campaign Phone (518) 937-2298
Community Involvement South Colonie School Board 2013 to present- Accountability and Communications Committees PTA- Shaker Road Elementary, Sand Creek Middle School, Colonie High School; Enrichment teacher for elementary children- "Learning how to Sew"
Experience and Qualifications elected as Student body Secretary -University of South Carolina, Homeowner, business owner, taxpayer,
Biography born in Utica NY, moved often as a child because my papa was the most ambitious and hard working man I have ever known. Bachelor of Arts- Journalism/Advertising & Public Relations. Systems Analyst for Waverly Home Fashions. Mother of six. Owner of Apple Interiors since 1990.
Occupation and Special Skills custom home fashions manufacturer, seamstress for 49 years
Website, facebook page or other links Christine Badger Mele on facebook Christine Badger Mele for Town Board on facebook, Christine Badger Mele for Colonie Town Board on facebook
"If you want something done, ask a busy person!" I am a mother of six- ages 25, 23, 21, 16, 14 , and 11. I have owned and operated Apple Interiors - a full service custom drapery workroom- for 26 years. I have always been the first to volunteer to help in most situations, and I believe that you get out what you put in. I believe in myself and have the confidence that it takes to be a leader. It is vitally important to know what is good, what is right, and what is important to our fellow neighbors and citizens. We now live in a diverse and dynamic town. We must judge people only for their kindness, their ability to get the job done proficiently AND efficiently, and we must judge them on their merits and their accomplishments. My family has been blessed to live in such a diverse and welcoming community, and I have always encouraged them to observe and learn and listen and love. I am a South Colonie school board member and I am passionate about improving anything and everything.
I want to bring back a true sense of community, make it easy and desirably to volunteer and get involved- young people with old people- their wisdom is priceless...this can be done with little to zero budget...there are also grants and funding available for this! Although this is a large town, I would like to find more ways to come together to solve problems with education concerns, traffic problems, unsustainable growth. We need to know and trust our public, and I will reach out every day to help us all. We can still find ways to solve the problems of our "DUMP", its lease, and its challenges. We can still find ways to solve the problems of our seniors and all of their needs.

I love this town so much that I decided to stay and raise my six "babies" here...I wasn't so lucky as a child growing up in a poor community that did not offer nearly enough education or opportunities. And I truly believe in our youth and their incredible contribtions that they will all make for us! Thank you
Campaign Phone (518) 441-4307
Community Involvement Currently on the Colonie Town Board and father of two, both of which keep me busy. My family and I participate in numerous activities around Town and within the Schools. Never a shortage of functions to choose from.
Experience and Qualifications Finishing first 4 year term as a Colonie Town Board Member. In addition, I have an accounting degree from Siena College (1997), a law degree from Albany Law School (2001) and I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in NYS.
Biography I am a life long resident of Colonie. I graduated from Shaker High School in 1993. I am the proud father of two children ages 9 and 13, both attending the North Colonie Schools.
Occupation and Special Skills I am an attorney practicing law, now in my 16th year, concentrating in elder law, real estate and estate planning and administration.
Website, facebook page or other links
I am currently completing my first 4 year term on the Colonie Town Board, and although admittedly there is a learning curve, I have now established strong relationships and familiarity with the Town, its employees and procedures that has better positioned me going forward in maintaining and improving our Town as a great place to live, work and raise a family.
If re elected, it is my goal to continue the precedent set over my first four year term in prioritizing the Town's safety, infrastructure, senior services and low taxes. Additionally, in the next four years I would like to concentrate on alternate revenue sources, as well as, development and redevelopment that adheres to our forthcoming updated comprehensive plan, traffic studies and updated airport area GEIS study.
Campaign Phone (518) 605-5039
Community Involvement Currently serves on the Town of Colonie Community Development Citizen Advisory Committee. Former volunteer pitching coach for the Latham Lassies Softball League, and currently working with the league's fundraising committee to plan its 30th anniversary celebration.
Experience and Qualifications Melissa's experience living in the Town of Colonie for her entire life combined with her education and work ethic render her an exceptional candidate for this position. See her biography (below) for more details.
Biography Melissa is a lifelong resident of Colonie and attended North Colonie schools. She was a longtime participant in both the Latham Lassies Softball League and the Latham Circle Soccer Club. She earned a Bachelor's degree in International Studies and French from Elmira College, where she also had the opportunity to participate in numerous community service programs. Additionally, she had the unique experience of studying abroad at a political science school in France while completing an internship with an Irish Member of the European Parliament. Upon graduating, she returned to Colonie and received a Master's degree in French Studies from SUNY Albany while working part-time at the former St. Colman's Daycare. Melissa spent over three years working in the private sector, during which time she purchased her first home in South Colonie. She then decided to seek a career in public service with Albany County, where she is now employed as a confidential secretary/paralegal. In September 2016, she married her husband, Bill, and they purchased a home together in North Colonie. She plans to continue living in Colonie and raise her own family here, which is why she wants to be actively involved in local government so that she is able to secure and protect the future of the Town.
Occupation and Special Skills Melissa is currently a confidential secretary / paralegal for Albany County. She is fluent in French and continues to learn Spanish in her spare time.
Website, facebook page or other links
The most relevant experience I have that would qualify me for this position was my internship at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. Over the course of that particular year, I was able to shadow my supervisor as she interacted with her constituents, educated them regarding the facts surrounding important decisions, and addressed their concerns using her voice in the Parliament. Additionally, I gained powerful insight into the inner workings of government and the importance of working across party lines to accomplish the goals which are most important to the residents.
If elected, I would focus on continuing the current administration's work of achieving a balance between development and maintaining the current infrastructure. One of the many successes of our current administration has been redevelopment projects, such as the Fresh Market Commons, the Shoppes at Latham Circle, and the future projects at the Tobin First Prize Center and former Starlite Theater. These are projects which bring jobs and vitality back to otherwise abandoned, vacant and under-utilized properties. Additionally, I would use my position as one of the youngest Town Board candidates ever elected in Colonie to inspire and support other young leaders who are eager to get involved in local government and become a part of the Town's future.
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