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Saratoga County Saratoga (Town)- Town/County Supervisor

The Supervisor is the Chief Financial Officer, Budget Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Town Government. The Supervisor is the Chairman of the Town Board, and conduct Town Board meetings, public hearings, and public information meetings. The Supervisor represents the Town on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.
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    Thomas N Wood (REP, CON, IND) Town Supervisor-Retired teacher

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What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise or training do you have?

What are the most critical issues facing Saratoga County today and in the near future? Please explain your answer.

Thirty years ago the 21st century commission recommended a change in the structure of county government but no action was taken. Would you be in favor of creating a commission to look at changing county government structure from the board of supervisors to a county legislature? Please explain your reasons.

Given the growth and development in Saratoga County, what specific growth management techniques would you propose to meet new needs while preserving the quality of life in our communities?

Education Schuylerville Central School, Cornell University BS, SUNY Oneonta MS, SUNY Plattsburgh MS & CAS, Pelletier Institute on County Government
Experience and Qualifications School teacher and principal 37 years, Town Supervisor 14 years, Town of Saratoga Historian 18 years, Town of Saratoga Zoning Board of Appeals 21 years
Key Endorsements Town of Saratoga Republican committee, Saratoga County Independence Party, Saratoga County Conservative Party
Party Endorsements Republican, Independence, Conservative
For more information Thomas N. Wood, III 1104 Rt 29 Schuylerville, NY 12871-1902 518-695-6780
Campaign Phone (518) 695-6780
Campaign Mailing Address Thomas N. Wood, III 1104 Rt 29 Schuylerville, NY 12871-1902
The most pressing issues facing the Town of Saratoga today are keeping the town tax rate low and promoting a strong agricultural industry while at the same time encouraging business growth and job creation within the town. We can keep the town tax rate low by closely monitoring and controlling spending and by increasing business development that broadens and expands the tax base. We can develop a balance between a strong agriculture and business growth by careful planning that involves residents. Communication with and involvement of the residents of the town is critical in the decision making process. When everyone is involved in the process then the decisions are better.
As a lifelong resident of the Town of Saratoga, I understand and appreciate the responsibility of leading the town. I want to insure that the town continues to be a pleasant, peaceful, economical community in which to live and raise a family. As a retired school teacher and principal I have the leadership skills, communication skills, training, knowledge, and experience required to communicate with the residents. I believe in setting goals and developing plans for their achievement.
The most critical issues facing Saratoga County today are keeping taxes low, maintaining a strong agricultural industry, encouraging economic development, increasing the number of good paying, quality jobs, making reasonable cost housing available, and enhancing the quality of life by supporting and encouraging natural, cultural, educational, and historical assets.
No, I would not be in favor of changing the structure of Saratoga County government. The Board of Supervisors form of government has served Saratoga County well since the county's creation in 1791. The success of this form of government is reflected in and resulted in the low county tax rate, low unemployment rate, low crime rate, high number of new jobs created, fastest growing, and healthiest county in New York State. The Board of Supervisors form of county government provides a direct link to the town and city government operations and benefits both the towns and county by the communication and sharing of information that is possible. Approximately one-half of the counties in New York State use the Board of Supervisors form of government. This form eliminates duplication of efforts and results in a more streamlined and efficient government operation.
I believe in research based, data driven, shared decision making. This process requires the involvement of stakeholders from the beginning to the end of each decision. In the end the will of the majority must prevail while still protecting the rights of the minority. Often times some compromise is required so that in the end the best decision is reached. A county based economic development organization is essential in order for the county to be competitive in economic development. This county led organization must work closely with the entire county and move the county forward in a direction that reflects the desires of the county residents. Each individual town must maintain its right to establish and achieve its own plan for the future. This plan must recognize that they are a part of the larger county. logo


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