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Saratoga County - Milton - Town/County Supervisor

The Supervisor is the Chief Financial Officer, Budget Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Town Government. The Supervisor is the Chairman of the Town Board, and conduct Town Board meetings, public hearings, and public information meetings. The Supervisor represents the Town on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.
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    Barbara A Kerr (RFM) Retired - Skidmore Collge

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    Scott T Ostrander (REP, CON, IND) Retired police officer

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What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise or training do you have?

What are the most critical issues facing Saratoga County today and in the near future? Please explain your answer.

Thirty years ago the 21st century commission recommended a change in the structure of county government but no action was taken. Would you be in favor of creating a commission to look at changing county government structure from the board of supervisors to a county legislature? Please explain your reasons.

Given the growth and development in Saratoga County, what specific growth management techniques would you propose to meet new needs while preserving the quality of life in our communities?

Education Shaker High School Albany Business College
Experience and Qualifications 1 Year Miltion Planning Board Zoning Committee for Abandon Cars and Solar Displays Six Years Milton Town Councilwoman
Key Endorsements Upstate Conservative Coalition
Party Endorsements Reform
Campaign Phone (518) 369-5271
Campaign Mailing Address 220 Stone Church Road Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Campaign Email
There are several pressing issues which must be addressed, and primary is the balancing of the growth of our town and the demand for services with the ability to find increased sources of revenues while at the same time, controlling unnecessary spending. Economic development of our Town Center is critical to providing the goods and services for our residents, which in turn generates additional sales tax revenues to help provide income for our capital projects. Our Town Hall is badly in need of repair or replacement as well as new facilities for our Town Garage, and strategic long term planning is part of that agenda. Decisions made today will have long term ramifications on our residents, so communication and cooperation with the members of the Town Board and employees, and developers is my vision as the key to success.
Over the last 15 years I have been involved in Town and County government , initially by attending various board meetings and later by serving on Town committees and other Boards. The sole purpose for my involvement has always been for the greater good of the community, and it has been that involvement that keeps me motivated to serve the residents of the Town of Milton and Saratoga County. I have served on the Town Planning Board, on committees to rewrite Zoning, and for the last six years it has been my privilege to represent the Town of Milton residents as their elected Councilwoman. During my terms, I have taken every opportunity to attend training in all aspects of Town Government. I presently have completed certification through the NYS Association of Towns in the positions of Supervisor, Councilperson and Planning and Zoning and attended classes in other areas. I attend most town meetings (Planning and Zoning Board etc.) to have a better understanding of Town operations.
In my opinion, the most critical issue facing Saratoga County is the rapid growth we are experiencing and the challenges of working to keep up with this growth while continuing to provide the services the residents need and to keep taxes low and affordable for the middle class. This takes an effort by every Town, City and Village in Saratoga County along with every County Department to coordinate this successfully. I have seen firsthand how the County has work together, whether it be the Sheriff’s Department, providing expanded coverage for the County, the County Clerk’s Office working towards better ways to serve and increasing revenue, DPW keeping our roads safe, or Planning Department, coordinating a County Trail System, all are working towards the betterment of Saratoga County and management of our rapid growth. An ongoing area of concern are the unfunded mandates put upon us by NYS. We must continually work closely with State elected officials to pursue relief in these areas.
Thirty years ago, the 21st century commission recommended a change in the structure of county government based upon factors which were anticipated but never materialized, and not relevant in Saratoga County. Over this period of time, Saratoga County has proven to be a very effective form of government, which has been run by resourceful, intelligent elected officials, showing that the County has a system that works efficiently, as proven by the fact that Saratoga County maintains the lowest tax rates in all of NYS. I would not be in favor of changing this system.
Over the years, Saratoga County has become the fastest growing County in the State, and this influx of growth with people and associated problems was recognized by County leaders many years ago. Our County leaders had the foresight to anticipate these problems of growth and have addressed them with intelligent planning. There are in place already, established management techniques, technology, and resources that are fluid and can be adapted to conditions as they arise. Saratoga County has the formula to build upon what has already been established, and my position would be to work with and improve, the winning ideas of my predecessors.
Education High school diploma. Associates degree Criminal justice
Experience and Qualifications Public servant past 30 years.Good people skills,able to solve difficult problems,good working relationship with the public
Key Endorsements Jim Tedisco,Elise Stfanik.
Party Endorsements Republicans,Independent,Conservative
For more information Life long resident for 50 years
Campaign Phone (518) 470-0484
Campaign Mailing Address 617 Sunny Lane Ballston Spa,NY 12020
Campaign Email
1) Budget issues - Secure a solid budget. 2) Transparency create a solid working relationship with the board members and the town.3) Lack of leadership-Create a Liaison between the board members and the town employees.4) Economic Development- secure businesses to come into our town to help with our taxes.5) Create a grant writer to secure money for the town.
My motivation is that I have been a public servant in this community as a police officer for the past thirty years and I want to continue to serve the residents of Milton for many more years to come.I grew up in this town and I want to make Milton a better place to live and raise a family.I have been in the public eye for the past thirty year I have been faced with life threatening decisions and I believe I am a good problem solver and have excellent people skills.
The most critical issues facing the county is the rate of growth within our county.I believe that we have to create a strategic economic development plan.we need strategic infrastructure investimate,more growth around innovated companies example (Global Foundries in Malta) that would create an opportunity for tax breaks to residents.
No I’m not in favor of changing the County Board of Supervisors has Power based on the amount of people with the township it allows a more weighted vote for the bigger towns within the county and I believe that the bigger the town the more weighed vote they should carry with board of supervisors.
We should keep certain areas within our communities rural and place a cap on the growth development that’s going on in our community.I believe that with the expanded growth the our county is facing we need to preserve our green space. logo


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