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The Town Board is the legislative appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. It determines the types and levels of service to be provided. The board annually adopts the Town budget which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Board passes resolutions and enacts ordinances and laws which govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well- being of all residents
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    Frank S Blaisdell (REP, CON, IND) Veterinarian

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    Sergia C Coffey (DEM, WF, WEP) Economics professor

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    John J Frolish (REP, CON, IND) Sign Company Owner

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    Meg Stevens (DEM, WF, WEP) Town of Milton Planning Board Member

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Biographical Information

What unique qualifications do you have that makes you a good candidate to meet the current needs of our community?

How will you reach out to your community to assure broad based community support and involvement?

What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them?

Given the 2% tax cap, has your town been impacted by the need to balance services and ability to pay?

Education Bachelor of Science - University of Vermont Bachelor of Science - University of Illinois Master of Science - University of Illinois Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Illinois
Experience and Qualifications Resident of the Town of Milton for 38 years, serving 20 years as a Clinical Veterinarian and business partner in Ballston Spa. Supervisor and Director in my current position with the Department of Health. I am proud to have served 3 terms as councilman in the Town of Milton. The combination of all of these experiences have given me a unique insight into the workings of the town and the concerns that the town residents have for have for their families, their land and their businesses.
Party Endorsements Republican, Conservative, Independence
For more information Contact me at:
Campaign Phone (518) 951-2670
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As a Veterinarian, Businessman, Supervisor, Director and Town Official, I have worked with individuals and groups under many different circumstances. I have learned the importance of quietly and respectfully listening to people's concerns, working to find a reasonable solution and following up with the individual to be sure that their concerns have been appropriately addressed.

The experience that I have gained working with the town residents and the officials at the town during my previous terms on the council will be a very valuable asset to the town and myself as we continue to move forward in milton
I believe that it is important to keep every citizen of the town informed about what is happening in the town and especially what is happening with the town government. This can be accomplished by: Posting all meetings and events on the town web site. Utilize local media. Encourage residents to attend town meetings Consider broadcasting meetings in on local channels
1.Assuring that the town budget is appropriate and reasonable to carry the town forward for many years to come. Work with the council, residents and financial advisors to determine exactly where we stand at this time and determine the best way to move forward. 2. Assure continued reasonable growth in the town while maintaining open spaces and agriculture land Maintaining town and planning boards that are properly trained and educated in the laws related to building and land development. Continue to encourage good businesses to move into the town center. 3. Assure that all residents have access to plentiful clean water. Work water companies to investigate sources of clean water and how to move it to the residents that need it. 4. Repair or replacement of Town Hall Continue to support committees of town employees, town officials and town residents that are looking into these issues and methods to finance them.
I do not believe that the Town has any problems meeting its financial obligations at this time. I do believe that we need to watch this issue very carefully and assure that we maintain good services for the town residents and assure that we can maintain our ability to meet our financial obligations.

Education PhD Economics from NYU BA Political Science and Economics SUNY Brockport
Experience and Qualifications I have been a community activist for many years. I am the chair of the Saratoga Health Committee. I have been a resident of Milton for 19 years and was a volunteer at PTO and cub scouts, I managed a small business and understand the challenges a small business faces. I am a Member of Saratoga Progressive Action and I have a PhD in economics and have taught college courses in economics and business. I have supported the political campaigns of Bernie Sanders, and other candidates.
Key Endorsements Building and Construction Trades AFL-CIO
Party Endorsements Democratic Party, Working Families Party, Women's Equality Party.
For more information twitter @sergiacoffey
Campaign Email
I have a background and education in economics and business which will allow me to ensure sound fiscal policy through the review of revenues, expenditures and a sound annual budget. I have a certificate in solar installation and have studied energy efficiency at Hudson Community College, which will allow me to help the Town transition to more energy efficient building renovations and the adoption of solar to reduce the energy operating costs. I have been a volunteer and community activist. I have volunteered with the PTO, cub scouts and soccer when my son's were young. I have been a community activist and am chair of the Saratoga Health Committee, advocating for the NY Health Act and other issues related to health care as a right.
I will have the Town Board meetings video recorded and posted on the Town site and ensure that the minutes are detailed. I commit to have regular question and answer sessions. I will be responsive to all the resident's concerns and operate in a non-partisan manner. I am currently having a Coffee with Coffey session every Saturday morning from 10 a.m to 11 a.m at the Coffee Planet.
1) Town business is not easily accessible to the public. I will videotape Town Board meetings and post videos and detailed minutes on the Town website. I will hold regular question and answer meetings with the public and be open and responsive to the input of town residents. 2) The administration of the town is not adequate, I will commit to open information about town revenues, expenditures and annual budgets, careful review of the physical plant and savings from the adoption of green energy saving technology, and I will honor FOIL requests in the interest of open government and to avoid unnecessary legal fees. 3)Ethics and decorum in the town government is often absent. The Times Union and other papers have reported numerous problems with unethical behavior. I commit to integrity and ethical behavior consistent with the town's ethics code, and civil behavior as a member of the Town Board.
The 2% tax cap should be upheld, to prevent the raising of taxes. It is important that the Town of Milton operate within this limit and examine all its expenditures and revenues to make sure that they do. My background in economics will allow me to review and examine ways to balance revenue and expenditures.
Education Saratoga Springs High School Hudson Valley Community College
Experience and Qualifications 10 year Planning Board Member 15 year elected Fire Dist. Commissioner 31 year local business owner 44 year firefighter/Chief/EMT past chairman Saratoga County Fire Advisory Board member of Emergency Preparedness Committee for Town of Milton member of Zoning revision committee Sixty four year resident of the Town
Party Endorsements Republican Conservative Independence
Campaign Phone (518) 584-1111
Campaign Mailing Address 595 Grand Avenue Saratoga Springs NY 12866
Campaign Email
1. As a 15 year publicly elected member of the Milton Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners, I have been jointly entrusted with millions of dollars of tax monies and assets. During my service, we have always had clean NYS audits. Municipal budgets, public works contracts, spec and bid procedures and municipal insurance are all items with which I am very familiar. As a business owner for 31 years, our focus is on customer service, understanding the needs and products to suit each customer. This applies to the Town Council as their focus should be on the needs of the community and working to fulfill these needs. As a ten year member of the Milton Planning Board, member of two Zoning revision committees and the Emergency Preparedness Committee, I understand the needs of our community first hand. The needs for balanced growth and economic development exist along side the recreational and open space needs of our growing community.
2. Reaching out to the community is part of what the Town Council should do at every opportunity, through social media, attending public events, satellite informational meetings and more. The involvement of our Milton community is of benefit to many committees and projects and with my years of connections, expect to gain input from many qualified professionals within the Town. Support and involvement will be gained thru clear and accurate communication with residents.
3. The number one issues facing the Town today is our budget. Mismanagement over many years has led to a crisis where needs are not being funded. Secondly, the physical facilities are deteriorating with no plan for their maintenance and/or replacement. Water services are needed in specific areas which need to be addressed and solved. All three of these issues involve long range planning, a commitment to the plan, and a common sense accurate budget to solve these problems.
4. The 2% tax cap has impacted the budget and our ability to pay for goods and services. When essential items increase more than 2% it becomes impossible to maintain these services without reducing other essential areas. The community needs to be aware that budget line items like road paving, snow removal, building permits and more are impacted by this. When it is necessary to increase by greater than 2%, more emphasis needs to be on public education through the Town website, public meetings and press releases to explain the reasons clearly.
Education AAS in Business Administration from Adirondack Community College
Experience and Qualifications I've sat on multiple boards in the community and I know how to get things done in a positive manner.
Party Endorsements Democratic Party, Working Families Party and Women's Equality Party
Campaign Phone (518) 951-9795
Campaign Mailing Address 13 Whippletree Rd Ballston Spa, NY 12020
I've been active in our community for over 25 years and have been attending all town board, zoning board and planning board meetings for over 10 years. I know how to be an effective board member and I want to make our town board a citizen driven board by listening to my neighbors in this wonderful community. I also have experience with budgeting and would be invaluable in creating a balanced and fair budget for our town.
I want to have all town board meetings available online. The town web page needs information on to contact our elected officials, not just a voice mail box that gets ignored by many of the town board members. . Utilizing current and updated technology will create a more open and transparent local government.
The budget errors will be impacting our town for too many future years unless the town board finds ways to cut expenses without cutting services and jobs. It may mean belt tightening and being very selective as to expenditures in the town.
Until the error was caught in the budget by the auditors, it appeared that the town was in good financial shape. Depending on the amount of the error, which has yet to be shared with the public, it may make a huge difference. I would never want to raise the taxes above the cap and would vote against it. If at all possible I would like to see the tax level remain the same or even lower. logo


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