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School Committee, District 3

There are two candidates for School Committee in District 3.The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Sheryl Goldstein

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    Scott Wadland IT Project Manager, Boston Children's Hospital

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Why are you seeking election to the Framingham School Committee?

Describe your qualifications for the position. If applicable, include some of your accomplishments from a prior school committee term.

What are the top 2 issues facing the Framingham Public Schools now and how would you address them if elected?

Several schools in Framingham are under-performing. How do you envision getting these schools up to par with other schools in Framingham?

Campaign Phone (508) 733-9903
Relevant Experience Framingham Parent Advisory Council (FSEPAC) 2014 – present Decoding Dyslexia of MA – (DDMA) activist
I am running for school committee as a concerned parent and resident of our district. We need to make sure that all of our students are learning to their fullest potential. Those that know me can attest that I genuinely care, have a listening ear, and a can do attitude. I have respect for diverse points of view and a passion to improve the quality of education in our school district. I want to make a difference for the children and parents in our community and believe that I can do so.
I have had the opportunity to serve as the co-chair of the Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council (FSEPAC) 2014-present. In addition to my involvement with the FSEPAC, I am involved with a grassroots group to support early screening and improved literacy in our school system. I have advocated on the federal and state level to provide legislators with more scientific and accurate information on literacy. I am currently working on a project with Framingham State University titled Parent Advocacy Resource Center to help guide parents and students with the information that is necessary to make informed decisions relating to differentiated education. My goal should I be elected to the school committee will be to advocate for all school children to ensure they receive the best possible education they can. The experience I have gained over the past three years can be leveraged to improve the quality of education.
My top two priorities are Quality of Education and Communication. I am a strong supporter of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education and afterschool programs to complement this. We need to have all of our schools teaching substantially the same curriculum. If we have nine elementary schools teaching individually we cannot reasonably expect to have consistency in student achievement. A single focus on learning will yield better results for our students. We need to find ways to better utilize the communication resources we have within the district. Some examples are better reliance on computer communication relying less on paper, creating a community calendar, and better utilizing our local Framingham Access TV station for educational broadcasts. Improved communication will help parents plan to be more involved in the educational process. This will help foster a better sense of community for our diverse and growing population.
While I don’t have all the answers right now, I do know that we need to do better. To achieve this I will visit with school committee members and administrators in top performing districts in Massachusetts and out of state to assemble best practices and bring them back to the school committee as well as Dr. Tremblay for review and adoption as appropriate. As a parent advocate for my own children, I have learned about early identification and remediation of school challenges and its relationship with school success. I would like to apply this knowledge and experience as a thoughtful and responsible School Committee member.

I can be reached at: Facebook: Sheryl Goldstein for Framingham School Committee District 3 Twitter: slgoldstein70 Email: cell: 508-733-9903

Campaign Phone (508) 320-5967
Relevant Experience Member, Framingham School Committee; Vice-Chair, Framingham EDIC; Past President, Framingham TWPTO
I am seeking election again so that I can help accelerate the positive work that has taken place since hiring our new Superintendent in April. His strength is an asset, but needs to be balanced by an equally strong School Committee who can work with him to set goals which are centered around student achievement and then monitor progress towards achieving those goals.

Further, I am looking to provide stability and a smooth transition to a new School Committee structure in January of 2018.

For further information on the topics below or any other topics related to the Framingham Public Schools, I invite folks to check out my campaign page at or to contact me by email at or by phone at (508) 320-5967.
Prior to being elected to the School Committee in April of this year, I served on the Executive Board of the Framingham TownWide PTO, first as Vice President and then as President. Under my leadership, the TownWide PTO served as a supporting resource for PTOs for every school in our district, and I was able to interact directly with the FPS leadership team on topics of district-wide importance.

In addition to serving on the TownWide PTO, I also served on the Fuller Middle School Council while my twin daughters were there. In this role I worked as part of a team with the school leadership on approaches for increasing parent and family engagement and I was invited to join the district leadership in discussing strategies for improving the school culture and performance.

In my professional life I work for Boston Children's Hospital, leading enterprise-scale IT projects involving dozens to hundreds of people and supporting the delivery of world-class pediatric healthcare.
First, we need to address the issue of inconsistent student growth and achievement across the district. To start, we need to make sure that we have district goals related to this area. From there we need to develop a Strategic Plan which outlines the action steps required to achieve these goals, and in preparing our detailed budget for next year we need to make sure that it supports the activities in the Strategic Plan, since the budget is a de facto policy document in that it outlines our spending priorities.

Another of the top issues facing the schools is dealing with an aging physical infrastructure coupled with a steadily increasing student population. To address this we need to advance a long-term plan in collaboration with the city leadership that will allow us to meet the needs of a growing population of students. We also need to participate in discussions of economic development within the city since that can accelerate student population growth.
To begin, we need to dissect the statement that “several schools in Framingham are under-performing” so that we understand how similar groups of students are performing across the 9 elementary schools or across the 3 middle schools. While it is true that several schools are in “Level 3” as defined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, I believe that part of this can be attributed to the fact that these schools serve a disproportionate percentage of high-needs students.

Once we have identified where we have populations of students (across the district) who are not hitting their growth and achievement targets, we then need to make sure that those students are allocated the resources they need.

Lastly, we need to continue the “turnaround planning” that is going on with the state’s District and School Assistance Center (DSAC) and make sure that it is aligned with our Strategic Plan. logo


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