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Councilor, District 6

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Philip R. Ottaviani, Jr. Small Business Owner and Local Realtor

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    Michael M. Rossi Retired Program Manager

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Campaign Phone (774) 245-1055
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member 25+ years, Zoning Board of Appeals Chair, former member of various committees
As a fourth generation Framingham resident, my vision for Framingham depicts a place that families can continue to proudly call home. Central to this vision is economic growth of our downtown area as well as a strong belief in preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods. We must work together to protect the quality of education our children receive and to enhance the quality of municipal services we provide to our community. Together, we can achieve this vision.
Taxes: I will continue to work with the city government on our budget as your City Councilor. Keeping the tax rates steady is critical for our hard working and retired families. Education: I am committed to protecting the quality of our education systems and STRENGTHENING it to ensure generations of great schools. I have lived here my entire life, and I will always fight for the best education system for Framingham.
Our new City Council should value everyone’s input in order to fully understand all of the issues placed before it. We need to preserve the best parts of our previous form of government as we migrate to our new form, and resident participation is critical to reaching this goal. I value every opinion, and I want to hear from all future constituents by phone, mail, email and most importantly, in-person! My door is always open, and I look forward to interacting with community members I meet daily.
I firmly believe in the need to collaborate to achieve progress, and I have the skills and experience to help get the job done as District 6 City Councilor. As a Longtime Framingham small business owner and real estate agent, I know how to negotiate effectively to achieve a desired outcome. While this means not getting your way every time, if each party gives a certain amount, it is always possible to find a solution that works not just for one’s self, but for everyone. The pursuit of progress for Framingham is something I have dedicated myself to for some time now. I’ve spent over 25 years as a Framingham Town Meeting member and 18 years as a Zoning Board of Appeals member. I am proud to be active in many community organizations. I serve on the Executive Board of The 200 Foundation, Hoops and Homework Board of Directors and Marian High School Board of Trustees. In each role, it is important to me to take initiative and work hard to try to make a difference. I make every effort to go above and beyond in any leadership role I hold. This means being available and working when no one is watching. My membership in organizations such as Framingham Rotary, Elks, Columbus Society and St. Bridget’s Parish, for example, allow me to interact regularly with Framingham residents to listen to their concerns and hopes for the City. The way to make a difference is simple—just care. I care about my neighbors and their concerns for the future of the community. I care about improving life in Framingham for our children and future generations to come. As long as we all work together we will continue to have a great place to call home.
Relevant Experience Selectman, Town Meeting, Finance Committee, Capital Budget Committee, Keefe Regional School Committe
As Framingham transitions to a city form of government it's important that our leaders embrace  the wonderful achievements that makes this a vibrant community to live, work, learn and play. A good leader has experience, an open mind and is a good listener. Keeping Framingham affordable is paramount to our future sustainability. Great schools , balanced growth, efficient services and public safety should drive the vehicle to our future. We must build on what works and eliminate what does not.
While there are many issues facing Framingham, from a financial standpoint, our unfunded liability will continue to drain our budget resources. Retirees Health insurance and pension liability, continue to grow at an alarming rate. OPEB trusts and pension funds must be established and adequately funded and invested. Today theses expenses are funded through the yearly budget draining money that could used for schools, public safety and services. Budgets submitted must represent real need, we need to return to zero based budgeting as a councilor I am prepared to drill down to the detail and ask the tough questions regarding need. As I walk the neighborhoods, a common theme is how difficult the traffic is. We need a comprehensive town wide traffic study that looks at access , signal timing and where appropriate in neighborhoods, speed bumps.
I have established a website at I also intend to have periodic meetings in the neighborhoods of the District to hear their concerns and implement solutions.
First incorporated as a town in 1700, Framingham becomes a city on Jan. 1, 2018, transitioning from a representative town meeting form of government a mayor–council system. It’s an exciting change presenting both challenges and opportunities. As a city, our newly elected city council members will focus on individual neighborhoods clustered into nine districts. Residents and business leaders will be able to directly contact their district councilors to voice their suggestions and concerns. As a Framingham native and longtime resident and homeowner in District 6 (formerly precincts 10 and 11), I am asking for the opportunity to represent you in this new district. I seek to build on my long record of volunteer public service, including as a former member and chairman of the Board of Selectmen and current member and former chairman of the Keefe Regional School Committee. This is a critical time for Framingham and experienced and focused leadership are essential, now more than ever. Together, we must build on what we have to keep Framingham a welcoming and affordable place. A healthy and thriving community understands the interdependency of schools, police, fire, safety, the business community and engaging neighborhoods. Budgets must reflect both real and immediate needs as well as support a long-term vision of what Framingham can be. As I have walked the streets of District 6, residents have aired their concerns about traffic, density and affordability. They seek reasoned decisions based on data and leaders who can bring problem-solving skills to the new council. They want to see progress through cooperation and accountability. They have no patience for grandstanding, personal agendas or acrimony. I ask for your support and your vote in the Sept. 26th primary election. No matter whom you support, please register and vote in this important election. logo


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