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Councilor, District 5

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Robert D. Case Data & Performance Analyst

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    Dennis L. Giombetti Semi Retired from 25+ years in High Tech, Currently part-time District Liaison for Senator Karen Spilka

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Campaign Phone (508) 271-7152
Relevant Experience Chair of Precinct 8 for last 3 years, Member of Standing Comm on Ways & Means for last 3 years
Framingham must always see strength in its diversity, pursue excellence in education, and celebrate its history while embracing the future. Our new leaders must inspire confidence in our government through transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. With thoughtful planning, we can develop creative policies that will allow us to expand our tax base, encourage new business, be a leader in environmental sustainability, rid the city of blight, and support a vibrant cultural life.
The top two issues I have heard going door to door in District 5 concern the transition to city government and taxes.

Our new government should be transparent and accountable to the people of Framingham. During the transition, I will fight to ensure that all voices are heard and that the City Council is accessible to all. I will review each Mayoral appointment independently to make certain that the concerns of District 5 residents are always represented.

I will address taxes by calling for a comprehensive review of our city's tax structure and spending to make sure both are optimized for near-term savings and long-term growth and stability. Our tax structure must continue to provide quality public services to residents, encourage new business investments, and provide relief for seniors and veterans. The city's budget must be thoroughly reviewed for cost synergies between city departments and to find ways to get more value out of the public services already provided in Framingham.
I will always be available by phone, email, and text, and I will make sure there are frequent opportunities for in-person meetings as well. I will hold "office hours" regularly throughout District 5, such as Saturday coffee meetings at Dunkin' Donuts on Franklin St and after-school playground meet-ups for families with children. I am also committed to restarting regular neighborhood meetings with our city leaders and public safety officials to discuss local issues of concern.
Campaign Phone (508) 259-4439
Relevant Experience Board of Selectmen, Past Chair; Finance Committee; Town Meeting; Charter Commission
The Framingham I envision is a community working together with a strong sense of pride, excellent schools, values seniors, highly sought by people and businesses and viewed as a leader with an open, transparent government that is responsive to the entire community. I see sustainable neighborhoods that are vibrant safe, affordable, non-blighted, and friendly. It is healthy, fun, diverse, welcoming, infrastructure sound, and takes advantage of neighborhood uniqueness.
First and foremost, I will work tirelessly to ensure the success of our new city government. As I have successfully demonstrated in both my professional and political careers, I can and will bring leadership, passion, and experience together with a reasonable, thoughtful and balanced team oriented approach to provide an orderly and smooth transition to our new government.In addition, as Chair of the Board of Selectmen I have a proven track record of bringing people together to overcome differences to achieve common goals The ongoing challenge that Framingham faces today is in meeting the needs of all our residents,from providing a superior education for each child, and delivering excellent public safety for all, to furnishing a high quality of life in our neighborhoods while maintaining an affordable Framingham. I have the experience, strong voice and successful record of accomplishments to help the new government accomplish these goals.
I pride myself to be accessible to Framingham residents and effective and forthright in addressing constituent concerns. I was often characterized as a Selectman who was always around town, attended many activities and I will continue to do so. I will continue to provide my cell number, social media page, and personal email address, in all appropriate public documents and websites. I will also hold district meetings, office hours and will help to establish district neighborhood associations.
When the new city government comes into being, the present precincts 8 and 12 will combine to elect a Councilor to represent District 5 on the City Council. As we transition to our new form of government, it is important to have a Councilor who has a deep understanding of our district and our community. Our neighborhood deserves a Councilor who has shown a strong commitment, passion and willingness to fight for us, as well as one who understands and has worked on the many important issues that impact our entire community. My work on neighborhood and community issues will be invaluable in meeting the challenges Framingham will face as we move forward. I believe my business experience, educational background, community involvement and accomplishments provide me with the right set of skills to help lead Framingham and our neighborhoods during our government transition… and beyond. As a Framingham native, I have deep roots in our community; and with two grandchildren, Addison a first grader at Charlotte Dunning School and 2 year old TJ, I am vitally invested in Framingham’s future. Framingham is a very special place and it is my hope to make it even better. I ask for your support and your vote as I seek to be elected as your representative to the City Council for District 5. logo


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