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Councilor, District 4

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Michael P. Cannon Business Owner

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    Amanda Shepard Research Scientist

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What are the top two issues facing Framingham now and how would you address them if elected?

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Campaign Phone (508) 309-8901
Relevant Experience Business owner with prior executive-level experience. Community involvement detailed below.
Our community's upcoming transition contains substantial challenges but tremendous opportunities, both of which we can undertake together. As your Councilor, I will collaborate with you to craft our collective vision for Framingham and our neighborhoods. I encourage residents to visit to learn more. Please also feel free to contact me anytime with your thoughts, ideas, or concerns about Framingham and our district. (508) 309 8901 or
We have far more than two critical issues requiring the immediate attention of our first Council. Because of this, we must elect individuals who bring a foundation of experience and a depth of knowledge to the role.  After ensuring a smooth transition to our new government (a considerable challenge in itself), we must focus on examining and controlling our unsustainable spending.  Without a "course correction," we will be unable to continue to support our schools or provide the same level of public services, while simultaneously taxing families and seniors out of their homes. Reasonable, common-sense measures will put us on the right track and protect our schools, services, seniors, and families. On the revenue side, we must attract and retain commercial enterprise through thoughtful and controlled development, while staunchly protecting our neighborhoods. Flooding the community with apartment development is not the solution for our financial challenges and traffic headaches.
I have a lengthy track record of being both accessible and hyper-responsive. As has been the case throughout my years of community involvement in Framingham, residents may reach out to me via whichever method is most convenient for them. My cell phone and direct emails will continue to be available. (508) 309 8901,, or I will also hold frequent "Coffee With Your Councilor" events throughout our district's neighborhoods.
I currently serve on the Framingham Finance Committee, and am a former Town Meeting member and member of our Capital Budget Committee. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Massachusetts, and am a long-time member of the Museum Council Steering Committee of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Dana-Farber Leadership Council. I'm a business owner with executive-level experience in publicly-traded and private enterprises. I've also recently served on a diverse advisory committee focused on building Framingham's newest park (scheduled to break ground later this fall), and the Team Framingham Steering Committee, which harnesses our community's involvement with the Boston Marathon to raise badly-needed funds for local Framingham charities. I will bring an independent, open-minded voice to Framingham's new government. I don't hesitate to ask difficult questions or have uncomfortable conversations, especially when discussing our community and the tax burdens of our citizens. I do and will collaborate with everyone, not just those with whom I agree. Our blighted plazas are waiting to be reinvigorated. Our history of substantial tax and water bill increases each year is eager to be curbed. Our reputation of not being an easy place to do business is ready to be redefined. From the big pictures and broad strokes to the little details and fine print, it's time we review our municipal operations and ask how our current practices can be improved. We need engaged, objective Councilors who can build consensus and effectively fight for our neighborhoods. There is much to discuss as we move forward together, and I hope to earn the opportunity to serve as your Councilor. Framingham has a rich and celebrated history. Together we can work to ensure that our community's brightest days are indeed ahead of us.
Campaign Phone (650) 776-7480
Relevant Experience 15 years as a professional research scientist, board membership, negotiation and strategic vision.
I see Framingham undergoing a challenging cultural transformation. Through this progress, change, and growth, our sense of place and community needs to be nurtured through accepting and hearing all voices. We will support leaders who advocate for solutions to be collaborative.

We will speak up loudly and clearly every time we feel we need to be heard. Similar to nurturing a wailing newborn, we will accept the sleepless nights and treat ourselves and each other with great compassion.
The number one issue is engaging our community to participate in defining the future of Framingham, through our voices and our vote. This is the time to come together and discuss openly and honestly with our family, friends, and neighbors in which direction we want our fledgling city to fly, and which leaders will direct. The number two issue is negotiating win-win outcomes for development proposals, current and future. There's a lot to love about Framingham, and with progress comes new opportunities to make new connections and support new ideas. We will be the stewards and champions of Framingham by working together to advocate for creative proposals that preserve and expand what we love about Framingham while supporting beneficial growth and change that we will also love. We absolutely have opportunities to transform in ways that will be beneficial for all our residents, if we are able to effectively identify and advocate for what is valuable to us and for what we really want.
I have not yet maxed-out on managing direct requests for connection, via phone and email, and this District Council seat is unlikely to require support staff; however, we do have that stipend that could be applied towards hiring staff. The pay would be $15/hour if we need to hire part-time assistance, subject to all applicable laws. There is also social media. We would publish an email newsletter for important events, and I'd like to thank everyone who has trusted me with their email address. logo


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