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Councilor, District 3

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Adam C. Steiner Technology Integration Specialist

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    Joel Winett Retired Software Manager

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What is your vision for Framingham?

What are the top two issues facing Framingham now and how would you address them if elected?

How will you ensure that your constituents are able to contact you with their concerns?

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Campaign Phone (508) 875-8211
Relevant Experience Town meeting member for 5 years Lifelong resident and current homeowner Framingham schools graduate
The first Framingham city government will succeed by reinforcing the bonds between us and by recognizing and supporting all members of our community, from our newest arrivals to those whose ancestors have streets, bridges, and parks named after them. We must strengthen our natural and public resources, which make Framingham a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural. As a member of our first city council, I will take a creative and progressive approach to help make this happen!
The biggest issue facing Framingham is the move to a city form of government and the need to elect a mayor and city councilors with the independent thinking skills to insure a successful transition. It is the job of the city council to insure that district interests are not sacrificed in the name of development and increased revenue. Therefore, every city councilor needs to see the council as an equal branch of our city government that will need to work collaboratively and critically with the mayor.

Another key issue is the potential for large-scale development, which could as a whole, change the character of our town. Every proposal requires an independent evaluation and we must resist the current preference for large-scale apartment complexes to the detriment of our infrastructure and our neighborhoods. The right balance of residential development, retail, and open space will produce needed revenue without sacrificing the unique character of Framingham.
As district 3 city councilor, I will take phone calls and meet face to face with residents at monthly open coffee talks at local businesses where anyone can stop by to chat. I will also use technology so that residents can share their opinions with me and so I can keep constituents updated on key issues. This would include communication by text, e-mail, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, I pledge to respond to any request for information within 2 business days.
While I was out walking our dog Lucy in the neighborhood, I recorded a few thoughts on the value of open/active space in Framingham, and edited them into this brief video.
Campaign Phone (508) 877-1627
Relevant Experience • Town Moderator for two terms • Rules Committee chair for over 30 years • Ways & Means Comm. clerk
My vision is that Framingham continues to be a community with involved citizens expressing their views on issues and participating in government. Framingham should undertake smart growth, improve schools, and be responsive to the citizens.
(1) Framingham is the transition from a town to a city. This requires that not only should people be appointed to boards and committees in a timely manner but that the City Council vet the nominations to review the qualifications of the appointees and the personal involvement with business activities in the city. I also expect that our current professional and competent managers will be reappointed. As a Council member I will do my homework and be an active participant in discussing the appointments.

(2) There are aspects of the city government that were not included in the charter that have to be addressed, e.g., the number and term of members of new committees. The Mayor will have to define the responsibilities and specify the job description of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Participation Officer (CPO). Since these positions are not reviewed by the Council, the Council members will only have an indirect influence on the Mayor.
Constituents can contact me through my website or by sending me email to or by calling me at 508-877-1627. I always want to hear the views of my neighbors.
The Council needs individuals who are wise, experienced, innovative and willing to work as colleagues with each other and with the Mayor. As a member and officer of committees I have demonstrated my leadership and ability to analyze problems and then collaborate on solutions. As a member of the Council my priorities are to: carefully evaluate all Mayor appointments, effectively consider City budget trade-offs, support school programs and the new Fuller Middle School building project, find satisfactory solutions for vacant shopping centers considering traffic issues, and require adequate parking for all new developments. My volunteer activities include: MIT interviewer of Framingham high school applicants and mentored a high school student, Patient Navigator, supporting Framingham seniors at medical appointments, and past president of Access Framingham TV. My education includes: B.S. and E.E. degrees from MIT, M.S. degree from Columbia University, and government classes at FSU. My first job was at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where I worked on project Apollo and the ARPANET which was the precursor to the internet. At subsequent jobs I have been a programming manager, systems manager, and software development manager. I have three children who went to Framingham public schools and now three grandchildren who attend Framingham public schools. My wife, Ruth Winett, is a Library Trustee and the President of the Public Library Foundation. EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT BUT DEMONSTRATED ACHIEVEMENT IS WHAT MATTERS. logo


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