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The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 to elect our first Mayor of Framingham.
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    Yvonne Spicer Vice President of Advocacy & Educational Partnerships for the National Center for Technological Literacy division at the Museum of Science, Boston

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    John Stefanini Lawyer & Educator

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What is your vision for Framingham?

What are the top 2 issues facing Framingham now, and how would you address them if elected?

If elected, what will be the focus of the first 90 days of your term?

Why are you running for office?

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Campaign Phone (508) 834-3177
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member, Former Chair of TechEd in Framingham Public Schools, Serves on MA STEM Council
When you vote for Yvonne Spicer for Mayor, you vote for a smooth transition to city form of government, for excellence in education and in our schools, for invigorating our economy, for preservation of assets, resources and quality of life, and for investing in our people. Ultimately, your vote for Yvonne Spicer is a vote for fairness, integrity, and transparency in our new city. I invite everybody to read my platform in full on my website at
Good government practices We need to ensure good governance practices are in place as we transition to a city, and that means a decision-making process that is deliberate, transparent, and responsive to constituents and public comment. Together, we will build a city administration that is transparent, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Quality city services Framingham residents deserve quality services from their government, from excellent schools to well-paved roads. City government can have a huge impact on a resident’s quality of life, and I’m determined to work every day to improve these services in our new city. I will also make sure we are tracking and responding to issues in a timely manner.
On day one, I will set forward developing a structural plan for implementing our vision for Framingham’s future. As your Mayor, I will lead Framingham through this process and facilitate meaningful participation. This plan will be our roadmap and will guide my first term as your Mayor.

I will build our municipal departments by creating a hiring process that puts the best people in place. I will not appoint sitting Councilors to our boards and committees, we will give an opportunity to a variety of voices to be heard from across the community. The proposed appointments will be available online and there will be sufficient time in the appointment process for properly vetting the candidates.

I will create honest and open communication with the public. In my first 90 days as Mayor we will have our first of many town-hall style, City-Wide Conversations around Framingham to speak directly with people about what matters to you.
Framingham’s first Mayor has to be able to unify our community. I will bring together our residents, businesses and the outstanding team of municipal professionals to develop and implement a strategic plan, which upholds our core values of integrity and transparency to facilitate balanced growth. My entire professional life has been about building things. And it’s been about bringing people together to get things done. I plan to do that and more for Framingham – with integrity and transparency.
A Fresh Start Framingham is at an important crossroad in this election. When you vote for Yvonne Spicer for Mayor you will be voting to give Framingham a fresh start with an open, honest, inclusive administration dedicated to putting us on the right track for decades to come. The Only Candidate with Executive Leadership Experience When you vote for Yvonne Spicer you will have a Mayor who is highly regarded at the State level and known around the world for building partnerships between education, business and government with regard to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. With that reputation and expertise, I will waste no time reaching out to people I already work with on the Governor’s Advisory Council, the Board of the Massachusetts Economic Empowerment Fund Trust, the STEM advisory council, etc. to build new partnerships that will help drive an Innovation Economy in Framingham. Integrity and Transparency Framingham’s future and our reputation are both at stake. With Yvonne Spicer as Mayor our government will be transparent, inclusive and honest. It will never be about who you know or what is owed. It will be about what’s best for Framingham. We will make the best choice for Framingham by choosing that path over any other. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote on September 26 and November 7. It will be an honor to serve as Framingham’s first Mayor and I promise to work smart and hard every day on behalf of our entire community.
Campaign Phone (508) 202-9655
Relevant Experience Framingham Board of Selectmen (1991- 1997), State Representative (1992 - 2001)
I have a simple plan for Framingham -- A P-L-A-N: Accountable: Your government will be accountable to you. Plan: Make our shared vision a reality by better coordinating our efforts. Listen: Actively engage and listen to everyone. Affordable: We need to keep Framingham affordable. We will review government from top to bottom to ensure we are providing services in the most efficient manner possible. Neighborhoods: A community is as strong as its neighborhoods. We will strengthen ours.
Two important issues facing Framingham include: Creating a strategic plan for our future and addressing abandoned properties.

Framingham is a great community with the people, resources and ability to become even better. We need to work together, neighborhood by neighborhood, in an open, public and participatory process to create a strategic master plan for Framingham that embodies our values, speaks to our dreams and meets our needs.

Our shopping centers should reflect the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods. We need to look at activities for all ages. We need to explore ways to connect our shopping centers to our open spaces, like downtown with Farm Pond and Nobscot Plaza with our working farms. We need to find solutions that not only bring Framingham revenue for our schools, public safety and public works programs, but ones that strengthen the character, security and vitality of our neighborhoods.
We need to change our perspective from insiders and managers to students and parents, neighbors and taxpayers to restore our focus from a central government to our neighborhoods. With this new focus, working together with neighborhood groups and the Council, we will review municipal services, programs and priorities to ensure that we are meeting our needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.
I love Framingham. My wife Cecilia and I chose to raise our two daughters in Framingham for the same reasons my mother and father, a stone mason and a school nurse, chose to raise their five boys here and why my grandparents did so more than a century ago: a centrally located community with endless opportunity that values integrity and hard work, family-friendly neighborhoods, a celebration of diversity and good schools. We are truly blessed to live in Framingham. logo


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