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Virginia House District 31

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
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    Elizabeth R. Guzman (Dem) Social Worker

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    Nathan D. Larson (I) Accountant

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    L. Scott Lingamfelter (Rep)

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines would you support?

What options would you propose to increase highway and public transportation funding, and what methods do you support to solve congestion issues?

How would you ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians?

How confident are you that the current requirements for financial disclosure and reporting by candidates and elected officials meet the standards for ethics and transparency? What changes, if any, do you support?

What are your legislative priorities?

education/Degrees Masters in Social Work, Masters in Public Administration, Bachelors in Public Safety, Associates in Office Administration
experience I am a social worker who has advocated for working families in Northern Virginia. I obtained 2 masters degrees in public administration and social work. I have worked in Fairfax Co Government and Schools, and now I work with the City of Alexandria. I have been a CASA advocate.
hometown Dale City, Virginia
I support ending the practice of gerrymandering districts along lines that give one party more power than the other. Politicians should never pick their voters, and that hurts democracy across our country. I will fight for non-partisan redistricting that gives power to the voters, and ensures they have a voice at the table in Richmond.
We need to stop subsidizing large corporations and special interests who do not need tax payer dollars to grow or make a profit. Those tax dollars should be spent on improving our existing roads. We should also work more closely with local and regional transit authorities, and local governments to create smarter development plans. We need to build infrastructure that anticipates growth, and expand the use of public transit, as 60% of Prince William working residents commute to DC for their jobs.
Voting is a sacred right in our democracy. But Virginia has long limited access to voting by reducing opportunities to vote just on Election Day and through conditional absentee voting. It is time that we make absentee voting unconditional, so that anyone can absentee vote regardless of the reason. We also need to expand the number voting locations, to prevent overcrowding of our polls. We also partnerships with civic organizations to register new voters each year, especially in high schools.
While I believe we have transparent financial disclosures, I believe we can do better. We need to increase oversight of how elected officials spend their money. We also need to limit the power of special interests in Virginia, and keep large corporations like Dominion Power from picking legislators instead of the voters.
As an elected official, I will fight to give hardworking families a place at the table in Richmond, and fight for policies that make Virginia an inclusive and welcoming state for everyone. I will fight to make affordable and accessible healthcare a reality for every Virginian. I will also fight to fund our public schools. By educating our children here, we are preparing for the jobs of tomorrow, and growing jobs and small businesses here in Virginia. Finally, I will work to improve our roads, and expand public transit options in Northern Virginia, like Virginia Rail Extension (VRE) and Metro system to Prince William County. By doing so, we can create smarter growth, and reduce congestion and time lost in commuting for our citizens.
education/Degrees B.S. Management, George Mason University
experience 1st Congressional District chair, Libertarian Party of Virginia, 2008
hometown Culpeper, VA
I would support either getting rid of districts altogether and switching to a proportional representation system, or using a computer algorithm to maximize compactness and/or competitiveness of districts.
I think that we should design cities with high-density residential areas and massive business districts, so that public transportation will be a more viable option. We also should design roads to accommodate autonomous vehicles and build traffic circles and "smart" intersection control systems to replace some stoplights. We should consider building separate truckways, paid for by truck tolls, to separate truck traffic from other highway traffic in places like the I-81 corridor.
I think we should switch to a system of voting by Internet. We should also consider a system of proxy voting, since currently there are too many elections (primary, general, special, etc.) for some people to keep track of, as evidenced by the low turnout in some elections. Some voters might want to designate, say, a party official or well-informed friend or family member to vote on their behalf in those elections where they do not turn out personally to vote.
I'm not particularly concerned about transparency in financial disclosure, because I think that for the same reasons one might want to cast a secret ballot, one might want to keep one's campaign contributions secret. It is important to protect the right to anonymous speech, lest people feel inhibited by fear of reprisals.
My campaign this year is focused on legalizing assisted suicide, so that people can have more control over the time and manner of their deaths. I favor repealing laws that allow people to be civilly committed for suicidal behavior and ideation. I also favor amending the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to relieve prison officials of liability for prisoner suicides that they allow to happen.

I think that there can be rational reasons for wanting to die, and that people should be able to freely discuss their suicidal thoughts and plans without running the risk of being confined to a mental hospital against their will. Currently, the vast majority of attempted suicides result in failure, imposing a high cost on the public and on the people whose attempts fail. Therefore, more reliable methods should be made available.

Not everyone will be able to be successful in life or fit into society well, so an alternative should be allowed.
Virginia has a fair, open, and transparent redistricting process. In 2011, the House and the Senate redistricting plans were adopted with bipartisan support and more than a dozen public hearings and Committee meetings around the state. The plans were supported by a strong majority of the General Assembly’s African American members. Our plans were pre-cleared by President Obama’s Justice Department, not a conservative agency by any measure.
The funding issue was supposedly addressed by the bill that passed in 2013.I did not support that bill because it was the wrong approach to funding.Indeed, people are already complaining that we need more money,just as I predicted. We need to update gas tax model to make it more in step with the economy we live in. After the most recent funding plan passed, I started work on a series of major reforms that included creating a grading system to prioritize work toward less congestion, economic development, and environmental impacts.I support VRE & PRTC funding for buses in our region.
It is my opinion we do this now. If you are a native born or naturalized citizen you can vote with appropriate identification.
The system is largely satisfactory now. When there are violations by a candidate they should be adjudicated by the State Board of Elections within 45 days of receiving a valid complaint. Today there are actually current violations from early 2017 that occurred during the primary season that have not been, and apparently will not be, heard prior to the November 2017 General Election.That amounts to a coverup of violations that voters will not learn about until after this election.That is wrong.
My focus is legislation that supports strong families, vibrant small businesses,constitutional governance, fiscally conservative budgets that do not bankrupt Virginia; sound policies that keep our budget structurally sound; lower taxes and less job-killing regulations to help grow our economy; the rule of law to keep our communities safe from criminal gangs and drug cartels; strong schools and opportunities for parents to make the right choice for their children; low tuition for higher education; cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay; and strict adherence to the Constitution for all our citizens. logo


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