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Saratoga County Mechanicville Comm Public Safety

  • Tony Delvecchio (DEM)

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    Barbara McGuire (REP) Investigator

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Given the growth in population and economic development in Saratoga County, what is your vision for Mechanicville in the next 10 years?

What is your motivation for running for this job? What unique qualifications do you have that make you the right candidate for this office?

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Candidate has not yet responded.
Education Graduated from Mechanicville High School, Class of 1978.
Experience and Qualifications I have lived in Mechanicville for all of my life and retired from State service after 36 years with the Department of Labor. I have the time to devote to this position and want to serve my community.
Campaign Phone (518) 858-4124
Campaign Mailing Address 101 S. Second Ave., Mechanicville, NY
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I envision an attractive and bustling downtown where entrepreneurs view our community as a wonderful place to set up shop and partner with us in making Mechanicville a destination place not just a great place to live work and raise a family. Lets make empty store fronts a thing of the past. There's no reason why our downtown can't be as successful as Ballston Spa, Greenwich and other smaller/older communities. Lets get a first time homebuyers program back and an aggressive program to help homeowners with rehabilitation costs. I would like to rejuvenate and restore our parks and playgrounds. I would like to expand services for our seniors. When I see our Seniors struggling to get to medical appointments, I ask myself why? I would like to look into partnering with our neighbors in Halfmoon, Stillwater and Schaghticoke to share services that will allow us to offer more opportunties for everyone at a more affordable cost to all.
I have decided to seek the position of Commissioner of Public Safety because I am convinced that together we can more our City in a more position and prosperous direction.While Mechanicville, because of its small size is not able to share the growth of Malta, Stillwater and Halfmoon,there is no reason why we haven't experienced a healthier business climate and stronger housing market. Some have sold our community short and it's time we raised the bar on what is good for our community and and the services we offer our citizens. A developer coming in and building 227 apartments in a business district, with inefficient square feet per person being tolerated, offering inadequate green space, improper storm water runoff, inadequate parking, insufficient ingress and egress and with a 20 years of tax abatement so we pay and they don't, I say enough. As a life long resident, you know me, you've seen me, I will be a phone call away. I'm not looking for a job, I'm looking to make a difference. logo


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