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Saratoga County Mechanicville City Mayor

  • Dennis Baker (REP, CON, IND) Mayor of Mechanicville

  • Anthony Sylvester (DEM)

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Given the growth in population and economic development in Saratoga County, what is your vision for Mechanicville in the next 10 years?

What is your motivation for running for this job? What unique qualifications do you have that make you the right candidate for this office?

Education 2 Years of college
Experience and Qualifications 4 years Mayor of Mechanicville, 15 Year member of Mechanicville Board of Education. Several Years as President, Retired Police Officer, 21 years as Regional Manage of Loss Prevention for Hannaford Supermarkets.
Party Endorsements Republican, Conservative, Independence
For more information Mayor Dennis Baker Facebook Page
Campaign Mailing Address 707 Broadway Mechanicville, NY 12118
During my administration the City has made major improvements to the Cities fiscal health as well as significantly upgrading the roads, bridges and public building throughout the City. Because of improvements we are making, businesses are currently contacting the city about expanding in and relocating to Mechanicville. Over the next several years we are planning to aggressively pursue businesses to fill the Cities commercial corridors.
As the current Mayor I think we have made major strides forward during the past (4) four years. As a lifelong resident of the community, my goal in a second term will be to continue to make the improvements necessary to make the City of Mechanicville, once again, a vibrant community that will attract both commercial businesses and to continue to encourage and help our residents make upgrades to their properties.
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