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Saratoga County - Malta - Town/County Supervisor

The Supervisor is the Chief Financial Officer, Budget Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Town Government. The Supervisor is the Chairman of the Town Board, and conduct Town Board meetings, public hearings, and public information meetings. The Supervisor represents the Town on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.
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    William Breheny (DEM) Insurance and Financial Services

  • Vincent Delucia (REP, CON, IND)

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What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise or training do you have?

What are the most critical issues facing Saratoga County today and in the near future? Please explain your answer.

Thirty years ago the 21st century commission recommended a change in the structure of county government but no action was taken. Would you be in favor of creating a commission to look at changing county government structure from the board of supervisors to a county legislature? Please explain your reasons.

Given the growth and development in Saratoga County, what specific growth management techniques would you propose to meet new needs while preserving the quality of life in our communities?

Education Bachelor of Science in Political Science State University at Brockport
Experience and Qualifications 32 year resident of Malta, NY. In addition to my 30+ years as a professional in the IT industry and Financial Services, I served and volunteered on many sports, school, civic, religious and business associations and committees over those years.
Key Endorsements Saratoga County Central Labor Council
Party Endorsements Democratic Party
Campaign Phone (518) 810-1247
Campaign Mailing Address 17 Bellflower Road Malta, NY 12020
Campaign Email
From listening to my fellow residents I would say that the top issues, which are related, are traffic congestion, over-development, and affordable workforce housing. I would add that those problems put stress on the town’s services – from fire and police protection to water and sewage. One of the first things I would do is to revisit the Town Master Plan. The plan was drawn up 10 years ago, and most people agree it was a good plan but should be reviewed and updated. I would start there and bring the plan current by getting input from residents and the department heads of the services that will be impacted. I feel that the Town Master Plan, developed with resident input, needs to be more closely adhered to and not continually being modified for the different developer/special-interest group preferences. There are well-established development principles for “smart growth” which other communities and states have adopted with great success.
My motivation is to give back and continue to help and serve a community that my family and I have lived in for 32 years. During that time I have served and volunteered in many different ways – as a sports coach, executive board member of the Ballston Spa Soccer Club, an Odyssey of the Mind mentor, board member of the Ballston Spa Business and Professional Association and religion teacher. From my involvement in the community, I have developed a deep understanding and appreciation of what my friends and neighbors feel is important in the community, and what their hopes and expectations are of their local government officials. The position of Town Supervisor lets me apply what I know about the town and its people with the business skills I have cultivated and developed in my professional life. In my career in IT services and financial services, I have been successful in listening to people’s concerns and problems and delivering solutions that address and achieve their goals.
In my view, the most critical challenges facing Saratoga County are similar to those facing Malta: over-development, traffic congestion, infrastructure and public services, and affordable housing. Then add in public safety, a decaying infrastructure and health care costs at the same time, and it’s a challenge trying to keep budgets reasonable and efficient for the residents. Practicing smart growth and thoughtful, long-term planning are needed. That can be accomplished with a diversified approach to governing. It will take an active, not reactive approach to these issues and a willingness to “think outside of the box” for new and possible different ideas, while remembering the interests and values of the people we serve. Saratoga County will continue to change and grow. The question is: Will the towns and county step up and manage the change or will the change overwhelm us and change what we are?
I would be open to creating a commission to look at changing county government’s current structure. We have to be at least open to the idea and explore the options, and look at whether it would be more effective and economical in serving the people of Saratoga County. A lot of things have changed in 30 years, and I believe it would be worth looking at.
The techniques I will use to guide me are based in the Smart Growth concept. Smart Growth Principles comprise an accepted process used by other states and communities in the country. Every community has different characteristics and opportunities, but these guidelines are useful in evaluating whether a proposed project will likely contribute to the community achieving its overall objectives. For example:

•Locate new development near existing development and infrastructure. • Increase the range of housing opportunities. •Protect open space and critical natural resources. •Create a vibrant mix of uses. •Create or enhance transportation choices, and design for personal interaction and walkability. •Respect the desired character of the community. •Be sustainable in the context of the community. If we stay alert and don’t get complacent with our current economic growth, we can continue to be the Saratoga County where people can live, work and play
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