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Salary $12478Term: 4 years beginning 1-1-18Members 3, 2 to be electedResponsibilities: General administration of the township including maintaining township roads and cemeteries. Other responsibilities may include mowing and snow removal, police and fire protection, maintaining recreation facilities.
  • Paul E.Gillespie (NP)

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    Bradley M. Mills (NP) Teacher

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1.What do you feel should be Milford Township's top priorities for road and other infrastructure work?

2.What elements of Milford Township's Land Use Plan would you like to see strengthened or modified?

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Education 1995-2000: BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, 2001: MS in Civil Engineering from Ohio State.
Qualification/Experience Milford Township Trustee: 2009 to present, Civil Engineer at URS Corporation 2001 to 2003, Peace Corps Volunteer in Dominican Republic from 2004 to 2006, currently Science Teacher at Talawanda High School.
Resident health & Safety is always Milford Township's number one priority. To that end, road maintenance must be our top priority. Unfortunately, the funds that can be used for road maintenance (gasoline tax, Road and Bridge, and motor vehicle registration) have all declined over the past 5 to 8 years. We have taken measures to ensure road longevity and safety, which is not just paving, but mowing ditches and clearing roadside brush.
I am very proud of our Comprehensive Plan Committee's work from 2010! As a trustee, I believe that it is my duty to appoint a committee to review the Comprehensive Plan, and then let the Committee prioritize the needs of Milford Township. My personal feelings are that myself, and the residents of the Township, would like to see our ability to maintain the rural character of the area remain strong. logo


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