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Charlotte City Council District 7

Charlotte has a council-manager form of government with a mayor and 11 council members elected every two years in November, and a professional city manager to run the day-to-day operations. The mayor and four council members are elected at-large by a city-wide vote. Seven council members are elected from districts by voters who reside in each district.The Charlotte City Council responsibilities are: Police, Fire, Water and Sewer services for the entire County; Garbage, Transportation, Infrastructure, Zoning, Land Use, Planning and Economic Development for the City of Charlotte.
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    Ed Driggs (Rep) Retired banker

  • Sharon Roberts (Dem)

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Biographical Information

What is your experience, including your 3 most important political/civic accomplishments in the last 5 years?

What is your district's most pressing issue and what steps will you take in response to it?

The city has committed to adding 5,000 units of affordable housing in the next 3 years. What are your long term plans for adequate affordable housing?

As Charlotte keeps growing, what components of the city infrastructure most need attention? How would you address it?

How should the City support the Opportunity Task Force recommendations?

What plans do you have to improve public safety in Charlotte, beyond extra police officers?

What’s your position on subpoena power for the Citizen Review Board for police discipline that received complaints about police conduct? Why?

How can the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools improve their support of each other?

What should Charlotte be doing to attract new jobs, particularly for young people?

Position/philosophy statement Smart leadership for a safe community, more jobs and efficient government
Current occupation City Councilmember
Age 67
Campaign Phone (704) 708-8167
Campaign email
Twitter @EdDriggsD7
Two term District 7 City Councilmember. Promoted more accountable spending without tax increases, helped to end the HB2 standoff, responded to all requests for assistance from District 7 residents.
Overcrowding and traffic congestion due to rapid development. I have opposed rezonings that overburdened roads; lobbied for more infrastructure investment in District 7; attended community rezoning meetings and arranged Town Halls to ensure local concerns are heeded.
I recently advanced a proposal to fund a Bojangles Arena expansion with hospitality funds to save taxpayer dollars and free up funding for affordable housing. New partnership models with private investors are needed to create affordable housing beyond the capacity of state programs that leverage our Housing Trust Fund .
Transportation is critical to achieve balanced growth, increased employment and economic opportunity for all citizens. Road construction cannot accommodate ever-increasing numbers of single-occupancy cars, more public transportation options are needed. Rail solutions are costly in a geographically extended city, an improved network of bus services could provide a near term remedy.
Although CMS and the County operate most programs that address OTF priorities, the City can help by addressing housing dispersion and accessibility, creating a business environment that is conducive to job creation, and supporting activities that prepare at-risk citizens for gainful employment.
Support CMPD outreach and early intervention programs; provide officers with facilities and tools needed to do their jobs; increase officer training, ensure that pay stays competitive to maintain morale and boost recruitment.
I support limited subpoena power to ensure that witnesses needed for a fair process actually appear and tell what they know. To ensure that this authority is used responsibly, CRB members should be vetted carefully and receive annual training.
More frequent meetings between staffs and elected officials to coordinate goals. More cooperation between Charlotte and CMS to ensure that zoning and housing decisions do not lead to more overcrowded schools or reduced diversity. Closer alignment of City/County business incentive grant criteria to ensure most effective results.
Our current "Winning City' strategy aims to provide an appealing living environment for millennials, including a bike and walk lanes and youth-oriented activity centers. This must be supported by policies that remove barriers to new business investment and ensure that skills align with needs.
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