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City Council Charlotte City Council Charlotte has a council-manager form of government with a mayor and 11 council members elected every two years in November, and a professional city manager to run the day-to-day operations. The mayor and four council members are elected at-large by a city-wide vote. Seven council members are elected from districts by voters who reside in each district.The Charlotte City Council responsibilities are Police, Fire, Water and Sewer Services for the whole County; Garbage, Transportation, Infrastructure, Zoning, Land Use, Planning and Economic Development for the City of Charlotte.
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    Dimple Ajmera (Dem) Accountant and City Councilwoman

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    Parker Cains (Rep) At Large Candidate - Charlotte City Council

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    Steven J. DiFiore II (L) Factory Lighting Rep / Inside Sales

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    Julie Eiselt (Dem) Retired Banker

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    James (Smuggie) Mitchell, Jr. (Dem) City Council At-Large

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    John K. Powell, Jr. (Rep) State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser & Real Estate Broker In Charge

  • David Michael Rice (Rep)

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    Braxton Winston II (Dem) Stagehand

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Biographical Information

Your experience, including your 3 most important political/civic accomplishments in the last 5 years.

What are your specific ideas for revitalizing the East and West sides of Charlotte?

The city has committed to adding 5,000 units of affordable housing in the next 3 years. What are your long term plans for adequate affordable housing?

As Charlotte keeps growing, what components of the city infrastructure most need attention? How would you address it?

How should the City support the Opportunity Task Force recommendations?

What plans do you have to improve public safety in Charlotte, beyond extra police officers?

What’s your position on subpoena power for the Citizen Review Board for police discipline that received complaints about police conduct? Why?

How can the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools improve their support of each other?

What should Charlotte be doing to attract new jobs, particularly for young people?

Position/philosophy statement My vision for our city is simple: A prosperous economic environment and safety throughout the city.
Current occupation I am currently devoting full time to serving my constitutes in East Charlotte.
Age 30
Campaign Phone (704) 737-4791
Campaign email
Twitter @dimpleajmera
I passionately advocated for affordable housing on the Charlotte Housing Authority and I am currently working on projects that will bring jobs, infrastructure improvements & neighborhood stability.
I am working tirelessly to bring new development and economic opportunities to the former Eastland Mall site with developmental “Phase 2” in the pipeline and fostering Independence Blvd improvements which are on target with an expedited timeline. Both projects fit into my vision for our great city.
Provide incentives that will foster voluntary investment from our private sector. Increase the requested amount of the upcoming Bond Referendum for Affordable Housing.
Accessible transportation throughout Charlotte. We must work with NC DOT to ensure that all of our State & City maintained roads and bridges are effective and safe. We need to ensure that our water is clean and our air quality good.
We must get more specific with the recommendations regarding how to break up pockets of poverty and segregation in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and we must create incentives for equal economic development throughout Charlotte, especially in struggling neighborhoods.

Community Outreach between the men and women of law enforcement and community / neighborhood leaders. We must clear up any misconceptions, misunderstandings and misinformation. Citizens need to understand why, how and what police officers do on a daily basis and understand how important law enforcement effectiveness is to our quality of life in Charlotte.
Whether the CRB has subpoena Power should be a carefully thought out and vetted procedure that will ultimately be the decision of the State of North Carolina.
Long term City-County collaboration especially regarding opportunities provided by the Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprise Program (MWSBE), youth programs, vocational education and adult job retraining.
We must create sustainable and accessible Small Business and Entrepreneur Incubators that will provide business fundamentals and networking resources for “Start Up” businesses and existing businesses owners. We must invite new, cutting edge business opportunities and entrepreneurs in all sections.
Position/philosophy statement I am looking to bring focus, reason, and pragmatism back to Charlotte City Council.
Current occupation Sales Director - IT Consulting
Age 32
Campaign Phone (704) 900-3536
Campaign email
Twitter @ParkerCains
Appointed to the Charlotte Privatization and Competition Committee. I initiated an effort with Rotary Charlotte to raise funds for the victims of the Woodscape Apartment fire. Running for CLTCC
East & West Charlotte will continue to grow if we come together and support businesses moving to the area. Corporate and public partnerships such as the ones that created the Movement School, give us a chance to bring our community together and provide tools for kids to have access to opportunity.
The City is already 40% complete on this initiative. We need to continue making progress towards long term solutions. These 5,000 units are just a small part of a larger overall strategy. In order to make housing affordable, people must have access to jobs. Revitalizing these affordable housing communities is a priority
Utilities Historical neighborhoods such as Noda, South End, and Camp North End are all areas that are experiencing population growth, and the infrastructure simply wasn’t designed to support this. An example of this is Charlotte water, which uses a standard install fee structure as opposed to a variable fee based on service being delivered. We are behind in how we charge back facilities install.
The main discussion in the Opportunity Task Force study was focused on education, and I believe CLTCC and the board of education should have a tighter relationship. This will allow focus yet overlap in initiatives to see through individual objectives lining up with community benefit as the priority.
I have to be realistic of the limits of reach that Charlotte City Council has on this issue. I believe that we have to drive the narrative that allows for a balance between holding police officers accountable, while also publicly supporting them. We need to unite the community under the belief that we all should support their efforts, while simultaneously demanding a level of excellence.
I fully support the citizens review and the subpoena power of the CRB. I believe that we need citizens input for accountability purposes. My concerns pertaining to this are that the CRB could be coerced into making decisions due to public pressure.
The collaboration between the City, County, and CMS are vital as we strive to make our city’s schools the top performing in the state. I believe that there should be some level of collaboration between these three organizations, that would allow for decisions to be made in the areas of interest where they overlap. This would allow for the greatest impact on our youngest generation of Charlotteans
We don't have an issue attracting younger people with jobs. Our issue is keeping them 2 miles into NC. Companies cant hire fast enough, the issue is they reside in the greater CLT Metro (SC) and while they are attracting a younger generation to live in CLT, we are not gaining the city tax benefit.
Position/philosophy statement I believe the primary role of government is to protect the natural rights of citizens.
Current occupation Inside Sales
Age 33
Campaign Phone (704) 526-9684
I’m am a first time candidate running for office. I’m an active member of the Mecklenburg County Libertarian Party and on our local affiliate's platform committee.
Charlotte has taken on the task of updating our city's zoning code. Rather than a one size fits all approach, I'll work to create a comprehensive zoning ordinance that allows our city's neighborhoods and communities to have agency in the decisions that are made regarding future development.
Among my suggestions are the following. Reduced property tax rates for developments that increase our housing supply, decreasing overhead costs will be an incentive to build workforce housing. Secondly, removing the limits on our housing voucher program that restrict where our citizens can live and offering more choice.
Charlotte's public transport system needs further investment and innovation. The current hub-and-spoke system employed by CATS is outdated and a more distributed approach to busing needs to be implemented. Continued investment in the Light Rail, paired with developments in the private sector, like ride sharing services for example, will provide more options for Charlotte residence.
I'm concerned that a centralized approach will lead to more bureaucracy and more administrative costs to the taxpayer. That being said, those recommendations that can be implemented at the community and neighborhood level with the input of the residence will be more tailored to their unique needs.
Fostering trust between the CMPD and the communities they serve is a priority. The focus of police efforts needs to be on violent or related crimes such as assault, burglary, larceny, etc. Petty drug offenses and the immigration status of residence ought not to be a priority. Partnerships with community groups and initiatives like 'cops for kids' will engender good will between both groups.
There is support for subpoena power in the Charlotte community. Any CRB with this power must have its members vetted. The CRB must be fair and impartial and not antagonistic toward the police. Transparency and fairness are paramount.
In this regard CMS needs to take a leadership role with the city and county acting in a supporting role. Too often those in city and county government want to dictate terms. It is the passion of teachers to teach and the folks at CMS are experts in the needs of their students. I feel that a partnership that empowers teachers and parents will be a good first step.
We need to end our housing crisis so young people at the start of their careers won't be dissuaded from moving here due to high rents. Encouraging the construction of new housing will help supply meet demand and ensure new Charlotteans won't be rent burdened or can find affordable starter homes.
Position/philosophy statement Charlotte cannot thrive unless all people have access to opportunity.
Current occupation City Council member
Age 56
Campaign Phone (704) 578-9611
Twitter @JulieEiselt
1. Collaborated w/ a CMS Board member to negotiate Eastland school 2. Approv'd (w/colleagues) budget 2 years in a row, w/ new 125 officers, w/o tax increase. 3. got city to fund Y Summer Youth program
1). Support infrastructure investments like extension of Gold Line, better sidewalks & lighting, and other capital improvement projects that will attract private sector investment. 2). Using our Tax Incentive Grant capacity to entice specific private investment to the area that will catalyze growth
-Prtnrshps w/ private sector to i.d. below market-rate land -Push city/county to fast-track permitting process for Affordable Housing projects, saving the developer money in return for long-term AH commitment. -Identify projects in high-tax distrc's that qualify for critical home repair $$ -Develop higher-skilled workforce
Our stormwater system. We subsidize residents’ water bills for service and minor repairs yet our infrastructure needs for an aged system and an expanding system, are tremendous and woefully under-funded. We also need better sidewalks and lighting. We may need to consider an infrastructure bond at some point.
1). Expand AH inventory: Better housing choices = options for Transit/Schools 2). Support and expand Youth Crime Diversion programs: Keeping kids out of the system is critical to giving them a vision and path to a successful future. 3). Collaborate with the County on Diversion and Re-Entry programs
Its a holistic problem. The state has eliminated a lot of funding for the court system, making the system inefficient. The City and County need to work together to address the previous elimination of Family Courts, Drug Courts (The County now pays for this) and other mental health and family crisis interventions that have proven to be successful in stopping the cycle of crime.
I support subpoena power. W/out making witnesses attend hearings, CRB may not receive the full picture on either side of the case. CMPD, Council, CRB agree subpoena power would give credibility to the CRB process.
It starts with simple relationship-building to improve communication and collaboration between board members. We need to find opportunities to get to know each other and get together to discuss our respective board issues and find common ground where we can work together.
City/County governments, Business/Higher-Ed communities need to better cooperate to increase vocational training options in high schools. We need coordinated vocational training courses for skills needed for our region’s high-growth industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, IT, Healthcare, FinTech
Position/philosophy statement Would like to continue to serve our City focusing on jobs, public safety, and afford housing
Current occupation City Council At-Large in 2015. Elected to represent District 2 1999-2013.
Age 55
Campaign Phone (704) 576-0429
Campaign email
1). Creating Workforce Development initiative. Allocating $1 million dollars to train citizens to get a job. 2). Developed The Women Business Center of Charlotte in May 2017. 3). BB&T Ballpark.
1). Continue to fund the Gold Lynx. 2). Continue to develop the West Trade Street/Beatties Ford Road corridor 3). Develop a economic catalyst for the former Eastland mall site. 4). Work with CMPD to reduce the crime in those areas. 5). Vote against Affordable Housing in District 2, 3 and 5.
1). Ask voters to approve $30 million dollars bond package. 2). Advocate for $15 million from the private community. 3). More incentives for Developers to build Affordable Housing. 4). Light rail plans have affordable housing units part of mixed-use developments. 5). For public work employees provide Affordable housing.
Our road network. We must ask Developers to contribute to our infrastructure needs.
1). Workforce Development initiative. 2). Providing more Affordable Housing options. 3). Continue to funding our After-School programs. 4). More funds for our MYEP program.

Require our Offices to take diversity training. Require our Officers on racial basis training. Penalize Officers who do not have their body cameras on. Engage COPS and Barbers activities again. Support funding for additional Police stations. Require every Neighborhood associations to have a Crime Watch program.

I support the subpoena power for the Citizen Review Board. This effort will continue to improve Trust and accountability in our City.
Re established the Planning Liaison committee which has representatives from the 3 governing bodies to address issues and support each other. Quarterly meeting on topics like Schools, jobs, Police, Parks & Recreation, and Affordable Housing could be helpful to increase our communication and support each other.
At our City Council retreat we talked about the 10 attributes of a Winning City. We need to understand what careers, or jobs that attract young people. Focus on those industry that employ the younger generation. Engage with our local universities to encourage the students to remain in our City.
Position/philosophy statement I'm here to serve, listen, and represent my constituents. I'm not here to push a personal agenda.
Current occupation State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser & Real Estate Broker In Charge
Age 58
Campaign Phone (980) 272-8796
Campaign email
Twitter @JohnPowell_
(1) I have enjoyed serving on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Adjustment in an official capacity, (2) consistently building relationships around all four corners of Charlotte beginning with my firs
My specific ideas for both East and West Charlotte are leading by action and example, not just promises. As a private business partner, I would encourage other business owners and property owners to reinvest, revitalize and renovate existing properties within both corridors. I completed a major revi
Allocate the funds needed without wasting taxpayers' dollars. Perfect example, two weeks ago the City Council had the legal and presence of mind to consider using Tourism Dollars for the improvement of the connector between Bojangle's Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium, keeping the "allocated monies" in the general fund to help
Infrastructure is more than roads, bridges and highways. It is sidewalks, water and sewer capacity. Like any sound plan, you must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. Without a strong foundation, you will have trouble creating (or maintaining) anything of value.
The Task Force plan offers 21 strategies, 86 recommendations, and over 100 tactics as a starting point - this is just a starting point. I will look at the decisions we make around the dais affecting budgeting, policies and other actions to see how we can help contribute opportunity to our citizens.
This is a business management issue. I want to keep the officers we have trained. I don't want to spend our resources, only for these well-trained and well-prepared officers leave & work in neighboring communities where they can earn more money. If they leave, then the cost to hire new and retrain new officers becomes more expensive that simply paying the officers. It's protecting our tax dollars.
Learn from the latest hearing regarding Mr. Scott's death. Both the plaintiffs (the Scott family and others) and the attorneys for the defense brought their own evidentiary arguments and evidence, therefore the Board had no need for subpoena power.
All three bodies need to improve on communication, and share ideas without losing focus of what each elected body's primary focus is. CMS falls under the umbrella of Mecklenburg County, The City of Charlotte can help schools by recruiting businesses (large & small, entrepreneurial & small businesses) to locate in Charlotte. These businesses then can be encouraged to offer internships & mentor.
Focus on Public Safety, as this is the Economic Engine that no one seems to recognize. This is essential. A safe city encourages growth, jobs & upward mobility for all citizens. We recruit businesses to locate in Charlotte & encourage businesses (as many do now) to hire our young & not so young.
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Position/philosophy statement I am running to build a city that is more equitable, accessible and interconnected
Current occupation Stagehand & Camera Operator
Age 34
Campaign Phone (704) 759-6422
Campaign email
Twitter @votebraxton
Leader in non-violent protests in Charlotte September 2016 following the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Advocated the positions of my neighbors in the halls of government. SPCLC Delegate for IATSE #322.
Listen to the needs of East & West side residents. West Charlotte is a food desert. We must support efforts like urban farming and and farmers markets to affect the health and economies of residents. Eastland Mall badly needs to be developed with mixed income housing with jobs and services included.
We need mixed-income, diverse communities that include residences, services and jobs in close proximity. We must promote homeownership for working class residents to help them to accumulate wealth and also enhance the Charlotte tax base. We must include residents in development so existing residents don't become displaced.
We need a more accessible Charlotte. I want a comprehensive plan for transportation that enhances east-west connectivity to fully serve our diverse working populations. I support fully implementing the CATS 2030 plan. We have to prioritize digital inclusion for all Charlotte residents. In 2017 internet access is no longer a privilege but essential infrastructure to ensure upward mobility for all.
The city should use the OTF as a framework to disrupt systemic inequities that are a result of a legacy of maintaining a segregated city. We have to ensure people are able to build relationships and networks that connect them to opportunities while becoming a more inclusive, fair & just city.
The rise in crime, murder in particular, correlate to the ethnic and economic crescents of inequity in Charlotte. Too many crime victims & suspects know each other and/or have been involved in criminal justice system prior. Crime is a symptom of larger community ills: systemic poverty and the lack of opportunities. Providing more opportunities particularly to young school age residents is the key.
We should continue to press the state for subpoena power for the CRB. Transparency is vital to community/police relations and our current system is not transparent. We must create policy that expands the trust between citizens and government.
The different branches of government must be on the same page. The issues of the city are all interconnected and so must be the solutions. I have been to many meetings and it is rare to find city councilors, county commissioners, and school board members attend one another's meetings. It is our duty as direct representatives to be stewards to citizens across the branches of government.
There are too many jobs that already exist in Charlotte where employers can't find local people to hire. We must focus on getting young Charlotteans the proper training and apprenticeships so more of our people are able to get these existing good paying jobs. We must ensure equal pay for equal work. logo


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