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Virginia House, District 100

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower chamber of the Virginia General Assembly and as such shares legislative responsibility with the Senate of Virginia. Delegates are elected for a two-year term. Each Delegate represents approximately 80,000 Virginians. The 100th District includes localities in Accomack, Norfolk, Northampton and Virginia Beach.
  • Robert S. Bloxom, Jr. (Rep)

  • Willie C. Randall (Dem) Financial Avisor

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What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for Virginians?

How would you promote health care coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians?

What changes in the process of redistricting would you support and why?

What would you do to help your district adapt to increased flooding and mitigate future sea level rises?

How should public transit be funded?

Explain your top 3 priorities if elected.

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Campaign Phone (757) 331-1777
Biography Willie C. Randall For the 100th District Virginia House Delegates Willie began his career in the financial services industry on Virginia's Eastern Shore in 1997. His goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial objectives using appropriate investment strategies. Prior to establishing an Edward Jones office, he served over 20 years in the United States Army and retired as a Major in 1996. Willie served in the Gulf War and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for service in a combat zone. He is married to Dr. Shirley Mason Randall, an Anesthesiologist, and they have a son, William Xavier Randall, who is also a financial advisor. Willie's educational background includes the following degrees: B.S. in Business Administration from Virginia State University in 1976; M.A. in Management/Public Administra¬tion from Webster University in 1978; M.B.A. in International Business from American Inter¬continental University in 2003; M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting from American Interconti¬nental University in 2006. He has also earned several certifications: Professional Financial Planner's Designation from Old Dominion University in 2001; Accredited Asset Management Specialist Designation from the College for Financial Planning in 2003; Managing the Drucker Way at the Peter Drucker Institute of Claremont University in 2004; and Competitive Strate¬gies in Financial Services from Harvard University in 2006. Willie was named Veteran Businessman of the Year for Hampton Roads in 2001 and Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Small Businessman of the Year in 2004. He also achieved the Edward Jones Client Service Excellence Award in 2010 and the Edward Jones Frank Finnegan Award in 2012. Willie is serving or has served on the following boards: Northampton County Board of Supervisors; Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees; Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Virginia State University Board of Visitors; Onancock Rotary Club; Accomack-Northampton Transportation Commission; Accomack-Northampton Planning District; and Eastern Shore Regional Jail Board. During his tenure on the Northampton County Board of Supervisors, he has been elected by his fellow board members to be Chairman twice and Vice-Chairman twice. He has helped produce four balanced budgets for the County. The County debt services have been reduced from over $40 million to about $30 million. The County refinanced its bond interest rates from 5 to 3%, saving the County $6 million in interest payments. The County’s two elementary schools have been paid off, saving the County over $900,000 in debt payments. His signature accomplishment was funding the universal Pre-K program for all children in the county. With this program, each child in the County is allowed to attend public school at 4 years old. Also during his term in office, Northampton County’s unemployment rate has dropped from 8% in 2009 to 6.9%, according to the Virginia Employment Commission’s County Profile dated 10/21/2013. The focus of my campaign is on four areas: 1. Education 2. Jobs (Economic Development) 3. Helping military families 4. Healthcare Education – I want Universal Pre-K similar to what we have in Northampton County. Our County was the test case for this concept. We proved that it could be done and I would like to see this opportunity for all children in our state. Jobs – Expand the enterprise zones for disadvantaged communities to encourage businesses to bring jobs to our communities and to increase the minimum wage. Military - Do more to help our military families and military retirees. Healthcare – Expand healthcare and allow women to make there our healthcare decisions.
Twitter @wrandall
We need to make voting easy. We need to have an independent commissioner to draw our district lines. I would propose early voting 30 days prior to the election. I would change the voting day from Tuesday to Saturday. We need to also change the voter ID laws.
I support Medicaid Expansion and I would propose or support legislation to expand Medicaid in Virginia.
I like the independent none partisan approach to redistricting. I would support a commission to draw the lines.
We need to appropriate funding for the city and county to plan for sea level rise. I would sponsor legislation or support legislation to provide funding for the district to get expert planner in the area of sea level rise.
We need to look at tolls for high traffic areas like interstate 64.
My top three priorities are:

Education - Universal Pre- K, dual enrollment programs, and more career and technical training in high schools.

Economic Development - More job creation, renewable energy programs, and more work for development programs for retraining the workforce.

Environment - Protecting the Chesapeake Bay and keeping our waterways clean. logo


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