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Virginia House, District 84

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower chamber of the Virginia General Assembly and as such shares legislative responsibility with the Senate of Virginia. Delegates are elected for a two-year term. Each Delegate represents approximately 80,000 Virginians. The 84th District includes localities in Virginia Beach.
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    Veronica R. Coleman (Dem) Pastor

  • Glenn R. Davis, Jr. (Rep)

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What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for Virginians?

How would you promote health care coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians?

What changes in the process of redistricting would you support and why?

What would you do to help your district adapt to increased flooding and mitigate future sea level rises?

How should public transit be funded?

Explain your top 3 priorities if elected.

Campaign Phone (757) 749-6080
Biography Dr. Veronica Coleman is the Pastor of New Jerusalem Ministries, a community focused ministry that she founded in 2010. New Jerusalem Ministries’ work in the community is so widely recognized that in 2015, it received the Model Partnership Award from the Virginia Beach City Public Schools in recognition of its Mentoring Program and its other outreach efforts conducted on behalf of the students in the city. A recognized leader in the community, Dr. Coleman is the immediate Past President of the Virginia Beach Interdenominational Ministers Conference and has served in leadership capacities with other civic and religious organizations. She served for many years as a volunteer reporter and anchor for the City of Virginia Beach Television Station, VBTV. She currently co-facilitates the Pastors and Community Roundtable designed to improve the relationship between the Virginia Beach Police Department and the community. Dr. Coleman is a native Halifax County, VA. She received her undergraduate education at Danville Community College and Averett College (University). She completed graduate studies in Old Dominion University and Virginia Union University. In 2010, she earned the Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Veronica Coleman is a wife, a mother, a pastor, a manager and a mentor. She entered this campaign to fight for the values that matter in Virginia’s 84th District: Strengthening the healthcare system, protecting the vote and making sure that everyone benefits from a vibrant and equitable economy.
Twitter @colemanforva
Implement Early voting. Ensure adequate number of polls to eliminate excessive waiting times on election day. Returning citizens who have served their sentences and completed probation and parole requirements should have their voting rights restored automatically.
I support the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, so that approximately 400,000 people excluded from Medicaid coverage could be covered.
I agree with 74% of Virginians who believe that district lines should be drawn by an independent board not by the state legislature . The current practice has led to Virginia being one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. This has the effect of the state legislators choosing their constituents rather than voters choosing who will represent them.
I would support smart land use planning to reduce construction in areas that are prone to flooding. I would also propose changes in engineering, construction and building requirements that take into account the historical flooding data of the area. It is also necessary to examine and improve our existing infrastructure to ensure a resilient infrastructure moving forward.
Public transit should be funded through sales tax, general funds and increased revenue from the federal government. I would not recommend that fares be increased as research has shown that this will reduce ridership rates.
Expansion of Medicaid. Redistricting Reform. Living Wage
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