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Westchester County Legislator District 6

District 6: Part of Harrison, Rye Brook, Port Chester.Term: 2 years Salary: $49,200 BaseDuties: Among the duties of each County Legislator is to enact laws dealing with the County and its residents; to adopt an annual budget and to levy taxes; to determine the structure of County Government and the number of County employees and their salaries; and to initiate new projects and programs as the need arises. There are 17 County Districts.
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    Nancy E. Barr (D, WF, IN, WE) Activist/Attorney

  • David B. Gelfarb (R, C, REF)

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Identify and prioritize the most important issues facing your District and the County, as a whole.

What would be your approach for the priorities in balancing the County's budget?

City/Town of Residence Rye Brook
Education JD, Yale Law School BA, English, Colgate University
Prior Civic Service President, Vice President and Board Member, Blind Brook Schools Board of Education Vice President and Board Member, Council of Community Services Co-Founder and Leadership Board Member, WE PERSIST Soup Kitchen Coordinator, St. Peter's Kitchen Facilities Committee Member, Blind Brook Schools Rye Brook Airport Advisory Board Film Instructor, Minds in Motion, Jacob Burns Film Center Girl Scout Leader, Port Chester-Rye Brook Girl Scouts
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Campaign Phone (914) 979-2277
Twitter @electnancybarr
The Airport Master Plan and proposed privatization is a critical issue. The plan, produced in secret, predicts increased flights, additional gates and parking facilities, and calls for over $150 million in taxpayer funds for building and renovating corporate jet hangars. Furthermore, our airport sits on a watershed that supplies drinking water for Westchester and much of New York City. A plan that calls for any expansion without a thorough analysis of the environmental impact is nothing short of negligent. That the County Executive would cede control over such an important county asset for 40 years in return for a one-time boost for his budget speaks volumes.

Other issues include immigration, fair wages and sensible gun regulation. At their core, these are issues of compassion, fairness and public safety. I’ve spent 20 years in Westchester working with local organizations to create strong, safe communities and families, and will always advocate on their behalf.
Obviously balancing our county budget is a priority. However, over the last 7 years we’ve seen cuts in essential services, inadequately maintained infrastructure and understaffing of critical departments, all of which are a cumulative threat to public safety. We’ve also been borrowing against our future, making questionable short-term decisions and racking up interest payments that continue to weigh down our budgets. That is poor management, and it’s unsustainable.

Balancing a budget is never easy; there are always many worthy competing priorities and responsibilities. But as I did during my years on the Blind Brook school board (including the years in the aftermath of the 2008 economic recession), I will study the issues, ask tough questions, and work with my colleagues and the County Executive to craft a budget that focuses on the long-term health of our county. Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less.
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