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Term: 2 years Salary: $2,400
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    Joann D'Emilio (D) Attorney

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    Andy DiJusto (D) Business owner

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What is your position on increasing the supply of fair and affordable housing in your community?

City/Town of Residence Ardsley
Current Political Office Ardsley Village Trustee
Education B.S. Cornell University, J.D. St. John's University School of Law
Prior Civic Service Ardsley Historical Society, Ardsley PTA
I believe the most important issues facing our Village are controlling development, maintaining quality of life, and providing the services people rely on in the most cost effective manner. I approach these issues by finding out as much as I can before advocating any approach, including the history of the issue, what has been tried in the past, and what the pros and cons are of any proposed solution. I also consider it critical to hear from the people most affected before making a decision.
I believe it should be a goal of the community to increase the supply of fair and affordable housing. As a community we benefit from diversity, and an important way to achieve that is through diverse housing stock. It is difficult in our Village, though, to find space where new housing can be built. We should work with private property owners and developers to look for opportunities to do this. I would like our current Comprehensive Plan update to take into consideration this goal also.
City/Town of Residence Ardsley
Current Political Office Trustee Village of Ardsley
Bringing new business to our downtown area. Putting together a new Comprehensive Plan for the Village. Apl a n that would change and update the Village code. Making the changes that would attract modern businesses and developers.
Ardsley just had the official opening of affordable housing units in the Village known as the Waterwheel.I truly believe Ardsley has done its part by bringing in affordable housing. I would like to see our neighboring Villages commit to their own affordable housing plan. logo


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