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Westchester County Legislator District 4

District 4: Part of Yorktown, New Castle, part of Somers. Term: 2 years Salary: $49,200 BaseDuties: Among the duties of each County Legislator is to enact laws dealing with the County and its residents; to adopt an annual budget and to levy taxes; to determine the structure of County Government and the number of County employees and their salaries; and to initiate new projects and programs as the need arises. There are 17 County Districts.
  • Michael B. Kaplowitz (D) Certified Financial Planning Practitioner/Attorney

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City/Town of Residence Somers, NY
Current Political Office Westchester County Legislator and Chairman of the Board
Education Boston University School of Law - JD 1984 University of Pennsylvania - BA 1981 New Rochelle High School -1977
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Campaign Phone (914) 232-6086
Financial integrity of Westchester County; ability to keep taxes down while delivering essential and quality of life services to all its residents; public safety; environmental protection of our critical natural resources such as water, air, and land/open space; energy conservation and renewable fuels; economic development and fostering a welcoming environment for new and existing businesses and employees; transportation and infrastructure improvements of our roads, bridges and critical facilities including sewage treatment and water delivery; and a vibrant and diversified housing stock making for liveable and thriving communities.
Focus on both revenue and expenditure sides of the budget. Specifically incorporate steady and sustainable revenues without reliance on one shots and overborrowing while preserving our high bond rating and cash reserves. Budget expenditures when they either further our delivery of essential services such as public safety, infrastructure and social servies or are an investment in the general good for Westchester residents such as supporting our award-winning parks system. logo


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