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Term: 2 years Salary: $121,328
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    Ilan D. Gilbert (D, WF) Court Attorney/ Referee

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    Michael J. Grace (R, C, IN, REF) Town Supervisor

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City/Town of Residence Yorktown
Current Political Office Seeking Political Office of Yorktown Supervisor
Education BA SUNY Binghamton J.D. Hofstra Law School, with Distinction
Prior Civic Service Court Attorney 1982 to Present Town Justice -Yorktown 2006-2011
The current administration has undone years of reasoned action by prior Republican and Democratic Town Boards. A Comprehensive Plan has been replaced by the practice of spot zoning and deregulation. I want to right the ship by re-establishing the protections to our environment and open space, while filling our vacant store before promoting further build out.
I believe it is vital for the senior citizens, town employees/civil servants and young adults (including our own children) who want to remain and live in our town.
City/Town of Residence Yorktown Heights, New York
Current Political Office Town Supervisor
Education B.A. Fordham College 1978; JD Fordham Law School 1984
Prior Civic Service Yorktown Town Attorney, 1987-2000
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Campaign Phone (914) 659-6300
Perhaps the most important issue facing Yorktown is to ensure long term stability and economic vitality. Our approach has been to keep the tax level flat, invest in necessary infrastructure, i.e. sewers, streetscape and provide real estate tax incentives for long term commercial tax base revitalization.
We have approached the “housing” issues by appropriately allowing new multi-family/common wall housing development through appropriate re-zonings so the market itself will provide diverse housing opportunities. logo


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