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Virginia House District 68

Duties - The House of Delegates, with the Senate, has legislative power to enact laws. The House of Delegates has 100 members who are elected from separate districts.Term - 2 yearsSalary - $17,640
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    Dawn M. Adams (Dem) Nurse practitioner; Director for the Office of Integrated Health DBHDS

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    G.M. "Manoli" Loupassi (Rep) lawyer

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What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for all qualified Virginians?

How would you promote health care coverage--physical and behavioral--that is adequate, affordable, and accessible for all Virginians?

In the Richmond region a police officer or nurse must spend over 30% of their income to rent the average home. What policy initiatives or investments would you support to meet housing challenges for working families in the region?

Two additional states are needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Will you vote yes or no on a resolution in the General Assembly to ratify the E.R.A.?

What is your position on rail transportation in Virginia?

What are your legislative priorities?

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Age 53
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I believe that the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure the integrity of our elections, to ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians, and for strengthening our representative democracy are non-partisan re-districting, campaign finance reform, and the repeal of restrictive voter ID laws. We should no longer allow legislators to draw the lines of their own districts and should instead appoint a non-partisan redistricting commission to ensure state house and congressional dis
As a clinician I believe that physical and behavioral health are inextricably linked; likewise our health care coverage should be comprehensive, accessible, and affordable. Accessible means more than available; it means that people have the means to engage in care, and there are providers who will see them. I plan to work alongside my Democratic and Republicans colleague bring a new patient-centered perspective to the on-going dialog concerning expansion and cost reducing ways to increase care.
Richmond metro region faces an annual housing affordability deficit of $862 million, averaging $6,422 per cost burdened household. Income/housing affordability is expected to grow worse. As Delegate, I will provide leadership and work to collaborate with the Virginia Housing Development Authority, local Boards of Supervisors and business leaders to investigate and advocate for the most effective methods for spurring more affordable housing in the Richmond metro region.
We came close here in Virginia in 2014 when the Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment for our state constitution for the first time, but the heavily conservative House of Delegates Privileges and Elections committee blocked it. Virginia has been making progressive strides in the past decade and I would work to push progress on the ERA forward in the Virginia House of Delegates.
Rail transportation is important for travel as well as for economic development in Virginia. The 68th District is home to both CSX and Norfolk Southern carrying freight through Chesterfield and Richmond each day and it’s important that elected officials within the district ensure these lines are maintained to the safest standards to continue to protect that economic engine as well as the residents in communities surrounding the tracks.We should continue to study its overall impact, then act.
Throughout my election campaign, my policy focus has centered primarily on access to quality, affordable healthcare, strengthening our system of public education, protecting our environment and natural resources, and attracting high-paying jobs to the 68th District. I have listened to the citizens of this district and they have stressed to me that these are their priorities, so they have become my priorities. I look forward to further opportunities to listen to the voters of the 68th district.
Campaign Phone (804) 440-6223
Age 50
Facebook page Delegate Manoli Loupassi
We need to make sure that the people who go vote, are the actual people who are registered. Additionally, we need to make sure that the voting machines cannot be hacked.
In the last 10 years, we have increased mental health "ID" waivers each year that I have been there. I will continue to support and advocate for this population and their families. I would also like to see greater increases to drug treatment programming.
We have created a Housing Trust Fund at the state level, and Richmond has one also. I am very much an advocate for its continued funding and have promised housing advocates that I know that I am willing to be their Champion if called upon.
I will vote "yes" if I have the opportunity and will strongly advocate for its adoption.
I would like to see the construction of a new primary Station for Richmond on Broad Street near the Boulevard. I am supportive of greater train speeds to Washington and points North. We need to get the best speed improvements in the most cost effective way.
I am hopeful that citizens of Richmond will adopt the charter change proposal for School Modernization and I will be the Chief Proponent of this proposal in the General Assembly. I will fight for greater school funding and accountability of our spending. logo


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