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Virginia House District 72

Duties - The House of Delegates, with the Senate, has legislative power to enact laws. The House of Delegates has 100 members who are elected from separate districts.Term - 2 yearsSalary - $17,640
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    Schuyler T. VanValkenburg (Dem) Public School Teacher

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    Edward S. Whitlock III (Rep) Attorney

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What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for all qualified Virginians?

How would you promote health care coverage--physical and behavioral--that is adequate, affordable, and accessible for all Virginians?

In the Richmond region a police officer or nurse must spend over 30% of their income to rent the average home. What policy initiatives or investments would you support to meet housing challenges for working families in the region?

Two additional states are needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Will you vote yes or no on a resolution in the General Assembly to ratify the E.R.A.?

What is your position on rail transportation in Virginia?

What are your legislative priorities?

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Age 35
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One of the biggest challenges to our democracy is gerrymandering. We need a nonpartisan commission that is responsible for drawing district lines. We should have a system where voters choose their politicians, not where politicians choose their voters. Furthermore, we must make it easier to vote rather than harder to vote by expanding early voting, vote by mail, and voter registration windows.
The most important thing we can do to expand access to health care is to expand Medicaid as allowed by the ACA. Such a move would allow 2,200 additional people to buy health insurance and create 150 new jobs in the 72nd district alone according to The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis.
As a Public School teacher, I know how important keeping the cost of housing affordable is to families in Henrico County. As Delegate, I will work closely with local government to make sure mixed-income housing rather than highly polarized low and high-income housing predominates. I will also make sure to address economic factors such as wage laws and healthcare costs that make high rents even more crippling.
Yes, I will support a resolution in the General Assembly to ratify the E.R.A. I am a father of three, and I want to make sure my two daughters have the same rights and opportunities as my son.
I favor increasing rail transportation in Virginia as part of an "all of the above" plan for infrastructure investment. Such a move would connect the suburbs to the cities, as well as connect Richmond to cities up and down the east coast. I will also invest in roads, bike lanes, and other forms of public transportation.
My legislative priorities are education, jobs, and healthcare. I will fight to make sure the General Assembly provides its fair share of funding for public education and I will make sure we implement testing that measures student progress rather than their ability to fill in bubbles. We need to make sure that we are training all citizens who want to work hard for jobs in the new economy, and we need to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare.
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Age 55
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The right to vote in a free and fair election is one our most basic civil rights, and is the foundation underlying every other right and freedom enjoyed by Americans.Every fraudulent vote effectively cancels out the vote—and the voice—of a legitimate voter and adds to the skepticism many Americans have in their government. I support state laws that require proof of citizenship at the time of voter registration to protect our electoral system against a significant and growing form of voter fraud.
Everyone wants quality health care at a reasonable cost, the question is how to get there. Expanded government involvement in health care has driven up the cost of coverage, created additional red tape and increased costs for both doctors and patients. I will work hard to get the cost of insurance under control by supporting policies that give consumers more choices. Above all, I will always push for solutions that give patients, not the government, control over their health care.
The high cost of housing is a function of a lot of things like housing inventory, the cost of borrowing, the quantity and quality of jobs in the area and even local zoning policies. Less restrictions on building homes and a better economy can contribute to lowering housing costs. Higher taxes can hurt family buying power, make it harder for small businesses to succeed, kill jobs and undermine the American dream. The GA can help most by creating a stable, successful economy with low state taxes
Equal rights for all Americans is a worthy goal, and is already written into our state and national constitutions. The problem is not in our laws but in how they are interpreted and enforced, and how people treat one another.The ERA cannot fix any of those challenges. I am not in favor of amending the constitution unless is it necessary.Also, it is generally accepted that it is now long past the legal deadline to pass the ERA and Cong. would need to pass it again for any state action to be valid
I support improvements in our transportation infrastructure. Efficient rail transportation should be a part of a mix of roads, water, air and rail travel for both people and commodities. Projects that relieve congestion and maintain safety should be given priority. Rail can take a lot pressure off our roads, but investments must be considered against other transportation spending priorities and goals.
I have several ideas I am interested in. First, I want to ensure that Virginia continues to live within its means. That means no deficit spending and less borrowing. Second, I want to improve education. I believe every child in Virginia deserves access to world-class public schools but also believe that parents should have the widest range of education options because one-size-fits-all academics do not work for every child. Third,I want to want to make Virginia as job friendly as possible. logo


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