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Richmond Sheriff

Duties - The Richmond Sheriff's office performs duties including jail operation, courtroom security, and service of process.Term - 4 yearsSalary $130,104 minimum from Virginia Compensation Board, plus City supplement
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    Antionette V. Irving (Dem) Retired Deputy Sheriff Major Facility Administrator

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    Nicole D. Jackson (I)

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    Emmett Johnson Jafari (I) Business Owner

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What qualifications make you the best candidate for Sheriff?

What is the biggest challenge facing the office and how will you address it?

What programs do you support to prepare jail inmates for re-entry into the community and to reduce recidivism?

What will be your priorities during your term?

Campaign Phone (804) 350-2554
Age 53
Twitter page @irving4sheriff
Facebook page Irving for Sheriff
I earned a BA in Criminal Justice from Shaw University, MS in Administration from Central Michigan University, Certificate in Non-Profit Management from VCU, and PhD-BA in Criminal Justice Management from Northcentral University. I have over 26yrs of experience with the Henrico Sheriff's Office supervising various areas within the office to include security and operations, court services, training, transportation, civil process, programs and services, as well as management and administration.
The challenge of improving the life, health, security and care within the jail by creating an environment of professionalism and accountability, and transparency. We will develop a transparent hiring and promotion process, along with enhanced standards of training for staff members. Building relationships with other agencies to ensure that we are providing the best possible care for the individuals in jail as well as to ensure excellence in training of staff members and volunteers.
I support restorative justice, conflict management and conflict resolution programs, anger management, and mediation programs for inmates and their family members as well as innovative programs that provide alternatives to incarceration, medical and mental health programs, substance abuse education and treatment programs, domestic violence and parenting programs in addition to mentorship and internships work programs to assist with work readiness.
I will work with local, community and faith based organizations to provide resources to improve health and welfare to reduce at risk behaviors, provide programs and services to non-violent offenders related to their crime to educate and treat the causes of behaviors such as domestic violence, substance abuse and anger management, provide medical services and health care, provide mental health treatment and release counseling resources for continued care after release and diversion treatment
Campaign Phone (804) 901-7417
Age 45
Facebook page Nicole D Jackson
-Bachelor Degree in Accounting -3 years of service in the United States Army -6 Years of service in the Virginia National Guard -9 Years of experience working at the Richmond City Police Department as a patrolman, community intelligence officer and training officer -13 years of experience working at the Richmond City Sheriff's Office as a jail operations deputy, records room clerk, supervisor of civil process, training director and courthouse commander. Promoted thru ranks, resigned as a Major.
Mental Health Reform - I will partner with VCU Criminal Justice Program to assist in mapping out other strategies for mental health reform. -Provide Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) -Provide trained and qualified medical personnel to respond with the appropriate action during incidents with an inmate with mental health issues. -Implement proper management of medication and monitoring
Community Outreach and Justice Center Programs -I would introduce a program called "90 Day Success Program". This program would be considered a wrap-around program with four phases: This program will focus on re-entry and the reduction of recidivism. -It would be my objective to develop Community Outreach programs that are "Family Focused." -Continuation of the REAL Program- A program that has proven to be effective in recovery and rehabilitation.
-Safety and Security of the Jail and Courthouses -Partnerships with other Law Enforcement agencies to help reduce crime and provide more law enforcement visibility in our city. -Improve Inmate Health Care to reduce jail deaths -Improve Deputy/Employee Morale -Improve and enhance deputy training -Community Outreach and Jail Programs -Mental Health Reform
Campaign Phone (804) 683-6630
Age 63
Facebook page Emmett J Jafari AfrAm Tours Emmettjayforsheriff
Since starting in this field in the mid 70's I have worked entry, to steward, to administrative corrections levels; in secure, schools, and public settings; hiring, posting, and payroll; implementing programs; and assuring proper offender custody, visits, meals, counseling, grievance access, treatment, and service delivery. Additionally, I bring skills in homelessness outreach, work apprenticeship, and voc trades which can equip inmates for self-sufficiency and re-focusing ill-patterned behavior
Indications are that proper policy/procedural compliance and training s the biggest challenge facing the jail. I will address the challenge(s) by department to department operational assessments, transferal/removal of non-performing personnel, and re-training identified personnel accordingly. Other candidates have have either met with the incumbent and bought in to current program practices or are products of the current jail setting, and thus unlikely to have the immediate reform impact needed.
. I will use my acumen to develop programs that address offender introspection, and increase exposure to marketable trade and work skills, with identifiable objectives and measurable outcomes. Inmates in programs shall enjoy confidentiality from random public exposure, which was not the case when one candidate was recently invited from the street into a setting involving active program participants and others, by the incumbent sheriff. Inmates will not be exploited or exposed for personal gain.
My priorities will be bringing an atmosphere of lawful compliance and procedures to the jail and all attendant ops; getting all personnel on the same page; and lifting the morale of personnel and inmate alike. Review and revision of all policies and procedures, and optimal placement and training of personnel will remain top priorities throughout my term. Additionally, I will explore lowering or removing ever increasing jail fees, i.e. phone, canteen, which are borne primarily by inmate families, logo


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