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Chesterfield Commissioner of Revenue

Duties - The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax authority for the county. Duties include assessing all taxable personal and business property, administering tax relief programs, and processing state income tax returns.Term - 4 years - This is a special election to fill an incomplete term.Salary - $124,175 minimum from Virginia Compensation Board not including any increase for certification or an optional county supplement
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    Jenefer S. Hughes (Dem) Accounting Director

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    Timothy M. McPeters (Rep) Commissioner of the Revenue

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What is the most important responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue?

What is the biggest challenge facing the office and how will you address it?

What will be your priorities during your term?

Campaign Phone (804) 539-9480
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Twitter page @hughes4cor
Facebook page @hughes4cor Jenefer Hughes for Commissioner of Revenue
The COR ensures that a locality's tax policies are fairly and accurately applied to the citizens of the locality. In Chesterfield, that means partnering with citizens and businesses to ensure they are filing information correctly, performing audits to detect any risk of errors and omissions and applying tax relief programs that support seniors and veterans. The COR also has the power to initiate criminal or civil proceedings, if deemed appropriate.
The COR has traditionally operated as a back office administrative function, which I believe is out of step with the needs of the County, There is a desire to transition from a largely suburban residential community to a center of economic growth in the Richmond Metro Area, and I can bring my experience over a 30 year career as a finance and business leader in Fortune 500 companies to modernizing the office and becoming a strategic partner to facilitate this transition.
My priorities are twofold: (1) Modernize the Office of the COR, by building a team that embraces innovation and continuous improvement and provides stellar customer service and (2) Become a strategic partner to County leadership to support economic growth and address the big issues facing the County now and in the future.
Campaign Phone (804) 516-5843
Age 51
Facebook page Tim McPeters for Commissioner of the Revenue
As the chief assessing officer, the primary responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue is the accurate and complete assessment of local taxes.
I like to see challenges as opportunities, and I have a history of innovation and efficiency both in this office and outside (Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.) that helps us meet any new challenges. Advancement in technology is one example where we have met the challenge with opportunity, and will continue to do so. I was a team leader and driver in the enhancement and implementation of the county’s new comprehensive taxation system that has already reaped rewards in efficiency.
1) Continue producing accurate and complete local tax assessments. 2) Continue to provide excellent customer service and capitalize on efficiencies gained from our new taxation system. 3) Expand opportunities to reach out to community and business groups to ensure they have efficient access to resources of our office that are especially relevant to them. 4) Implementation of our new web portal, which will expand options for citizens and businesses to interact with our office. logo


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