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Term: 4 years Salary: None2017 Candidate Meeting, sponsored by the LWV:Monday, October 2, 6:45 pmRye Middle School Multipurpose Room3 Parsons Street, Rye
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    Sara W. Goddard (D, WF, IN, WE) Chair, Rye Sustainability Committee (RSC)

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    Terrence E. McCartney (R, C, REF) Lawyer

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    Elizabeth B. Parks (R, C, REF) Sales Executive

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    Julie Neenan Souza (D, WF, IN, WE) SVP, Business Development & Strategy

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    Benjamin Stacks (D, WF, IN, WE) Northeast Market Manager, Capital One Bank

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    Susan Watson (R, C, REF) Retired financial executive

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What is your position on increasing the supply of fair and affordable housing in your community?

City/Town of Residence City of Rye
Education A.B., Mount Holyoke; MBA, Yale School of Management
Prior Civic Service - Twig Org., Exec. Committee - Carver Center, Annual Benefit Committee - Rye Nature Center, Aux. Board - Rye Conservation Commission Advisory Council, Member - NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan, Appointee - FCWC, Vice President - Rye Garden Club, Board, Conservation Chair - Sustainable Westchester, Founding Board Member, Exec. Committee, Treasurer - School-related activities: co-chair for book fairs and silent auctions; strategic planning participant and annual fundraising member
Campaign Web Site
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (914) 921-0715
1) Transparency: more/improved resident-focused committees; communication (e.g., RSC has newsletter, social media, public forums) 2) Inclusiveness: I’d continue to work across party lines with all city council members/staff and treat them with respect 3) Responsiveness: I’d continue to respond to every communication I receive; 4) Fiscal Responsibility: I’ve achieved success with $0 budget (partnerships, grants, creative solutions) 5) Rye's Character: 20-year resident, deeply engaged civic leader
While I fully and unequivocally support fair and affordable housing for all, the ability to access affordable housing in Rye City is a real challenge due to high property values. The City has made attempts over the years with new developments at Cottage St and Theo Fremd Ave, but unless developers offer land at a discount, the costs are prohibitive.
City/Town of Residence Rye
Current Political Office Rye City Councilman, 2014 - present
Education B.A., Virginia Military Institute, 1986 J.D., St. Thomas University School of Law, 1994
Prior Civic Service American Legion Post 128 (14 years), Rye Rotary Club (3 years), Rye Little League Coach (5 years) and Board Member (3 years), Rye Babe Ruth Baseball Coach (4 years), Resurrection CYO Basketball Coach (4 years), Sound Shore Youth Football Coach (6 years), Rye Boxing Club Coach (13 years)
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (914) 835-6900
Facebook http://All Rye
Twitter @allrye2017
My approach to all issues facing me as a Rye City Councilman is to: (1) learn as much as I can about the issue; (2) gather input from the relevant volunteer commissions, the public, City staff and outside consultants, if warranted; (3) discuss the issue with my colleagues on the Council and consider their viewpoints with an open mind; (4) balance the particular issue with what is best for all citizens of Rye; (5) attempt to reach a Council consensus, if possible; and (6) take action.
I think that diversity of housing stock is very important so that our community can offer options to people of all ages and economic status. Rye has always been a family community where multiple generations could live together. That attribute has become more difficult to maintain as housing values have increased encouraging the replacement of smaller more affordable homes with larger more expensive homes. The current Master Plan Task Force, of which I am a member, is working on this issue.
City/Town of Residence Rye
Current Political Office None
Education B.A from The University of Texas at Austin
Prior Civic Service First time seeking office
Campaign Web Site
Campaign Email
Twitter @AllRye2017
I am running for City Council to do my part to continue to keep Rye the vibrant and strong community that it is. My background in business leadership roles has allowed me to develop the skill sets that will help make me an affective council member. I am prepared to contribute by listening to all the residents of Rye, and by solving problems through collaboration, consensus building and common sense.
Rye is a special place and it is no wonder that many people want to move here or don't want to leave. One resource that we are lacking in is available space. It is important that we continuously evaluate how we can provide housing that meets all the various needs of the community.
City/Town of Residence Rye, NY
Current Political Office None
Education MBA, Harvard Business School BA, University of Michigan
Prior Civic Service VP & Board Member, Carver Center of Port Chester President, Loudon Woods Neighborhood Association Volunteer, Midland Elementary School Volunteer, POTS Volunteer, Children's Philanthropy of Rye Women's Club
Campaign Web Site
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (617) 549-6333
Fiscal responsibility and respectful governance are necessary. Our local government should reflect our values and we need to remember that if we want our community to be thoughtful, inclusive, and respectful, our local leaders need to govern with those traits, as well. Changing the tenor of local politics in Rye is important to restore the community's confidence in its leadership and direction. We must respect the voices, and the wallets, of our community members.
Fair and affordable housing is important and deserves thoughtful and purposeful planning. We should continue to seek ways to make communities in Westchester County accessible.
City/Town of Residence Rye, New York
Current Political Office None
Education B.A. Syracuse University M.B.A. American University
Prior Civic Service City of Rye, New York - Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee
Campaign Web Site
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (914) 500-3966
My approach to the issues facing my office are as follows: 1. I will bring a much needed change in tone and interaction by inviting positive discourse and engagement from the citizens. 2. I will bring strong fiduciary oversight to the council on issues such as the Rye Master Plan, Disbrow Park, parking and other pressing issues facing the city. 3. I will ensure a transparent council process and will make sure citizens are engaged and aware of the major issues facing the city.
Affordable housing is a critical issue facing many communities and families today and governments, both locally and nationally, need to be as responsive as possible to the needs of those seeking housing they can afford. In Rye, the high costs of land and construction are such that building affordable housing requires may require more creative solutions.
City/Town of Residence Rye, New York
Current Political Office None.
Education M.A., Social Studies Education, City College of New York; B.A., Economics, University of Southern California
Prior Civic Service Co-President, Rye Newcomers Club
Campaign Email
Every level of government has its unique responsibilities. Parking, potholes and public safety are issues that impact the quality of life everyday, and I believe it is incumbent upon City Council members to guarantee the best possible infrastructure and safety consistent with our financial capacity.

Westchester residents pay the highest taxes in the country, which threatens to drive out seniors and keep young families away. We need to be keenly focused on our finances and keep Rye affordable.
Westchester is one of the most diverse counties in the country. With the recent completion of the HUD Affordable Housing agreement, the County has sponsored the construction of 750 affordable housing units.

Affordable housing is an important component of every community, but the realities of supply and demand can't be ignored. logo


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