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North Olmsted City Council, Ward 2

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $13,791Daniel H. Rahm is running to retain the seat he was appointed to last March. Chris Glassburn is challenging him.Ward 2 covers the northeast section of North Olmsted.
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    Chris Glassburn Government Finance & Budgeting

  • Daniel H. Rahm

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How do you plan to reach out to residents in your ward (or, if you're running for a citywide office, to all North Olmsted residents)?

What should the city do to avoid a repeat of the flooding problems experienced a few years ago?

Please tell us how you would like the city to plan for street repairs.

Age 33
Education Cleveland State University (Levin) 2006-2007 Coursework toward M.A. Public Administration Baldwin Wallace University 2006 B. A. (History) North Olmsted High School 2003
Current occupation Owner, Project Govern
Qualifications for office Former Cuyahoga County Budget & Policy Director (2014-2016) Former Ohio House of Representatives Policy & Research Director (2007-2011) Former Elected Member, North Olmsted School Board (2005-2009)
Campaign Phone (440) 630-0202
Email address
So far my wife and I have knocked on every door in the ward ( 2,500+) over the course of five months. We've had hundreds of conversations with residents and listened to their concerns. My campaign has shared those findings through mail and outlined policy plans for three issues: Taxes & Fiscal Accountability, Road Safety & Conditions, & Preserving Our Neighborhoods.
In meeting with ward residents, there appears to have been real progress since the opening of the Clague Rd. pump station for homes in subdivisions or with covered sewers. However, older homes without finished sewers or abutting forest/marshes still struggle. The city can do a few things: 1. The city needs to develop a long-term capital plan to finish all the sewers 2. The city needs to offer a proactive group purchasing opportunities for equipment and services for residents experiencing the problems 3. The city should partner with Cuyahoga County to create a low interest revolving loan program for residents (especially for those whose problems is only on private property).
Building Methods-

In the last few years, the City of North Olmsted has switched to almost entirely asphalt and surface patching of roads, including for major arteries like Clague & Lorain. This has to stop. While a thin layer of asphalt is cheaper and quicker than to rebuild a road correctly out of durable materials (such as concrete), it does not last and is almost 50% more expensive in the long run due to the repeated labor costs. We need to develop and communicate a long-term plan for the rebuilding and maintenance of our roads, not just quick resurfacing during election years.


While serving at Cuyahoga County and in the state legislature, it was dumbfounding to me to watch as my own home community of North Olmsted sat on its hands for major capital road projects. The City has rarely applied and has never advocated for itself when county, state and federal funds were available. There are still are opportunities out there that North Olmsted misses every day.

Further, to this point, in Ward 2 there are routes specifically eligible for funds: Clague, Columbia, Lorain, & Brookpark Rd. When we seek capital dollars to rebuild these roads the right way, we reduce maintenance costs (which is almost 100% city funds) and free up local capital dollars for the secondary residential streets.

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