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Cleveland City Council, Ward 13

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $80,133Incumbent and current Council President Kevin Kelley, who has been on Council since 2006, is facing off against Michele Burk. Kelley and Burk were the top two vote-getters in the September primary.Ward 13 includes Old Brooklyn and part of the Stockyard neighborhood.
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What can the city do to create a more positive relationship between the Cleveland police and residents of the city's struggling neighborhoods? Should city officials do more to support the work of the Cleveland Community Police Commission?

Is there anything the city can do to improve the health of our children--specifically, to decrease infant mortality rates and to stop the scourge of lead poisoning?

What new city policies or actions would help Cleveland increase its population and employment opportunities?

Are there actions city officials could take to combat the opioid epidemic?

Age 54
Education Ohio University, Cuyahoga Community College, Hondros College
Campaign Phone (216) 240-4355
I believe the training program for police needs to be changed to reflect the current culture in today’s society. It seems the police are policing using military like tactics and that is unacceptable. Most Police are great at their jobs but we do not hear about the good ones. We only hear about the terrible ones who hurt people rather than controlling the situation. I also think there should be a program in which police are more interactive with residents. Too many residents stay away from Police. There needs to be a shift in beliefs for both Police and residents. I believe programs that integrate Police in neighborhoods would help. Currently we see Police driving by us, there is no interaction.
The city is only the beginning when it comes to the health of our children. I believe education is the number one tool as long as education can be used side by side with health services. Our education system does not stress daily living skills. We also need to ensure all who need health services have access to those services. I realize funding is an issue since the state diverted monies in order to so-called balance the state budget. These monies originally came to Municipalities. The city could collaborate with other cities to fight the state on this issue. Cities can also look to alternative funding streams instead of relying on resident taxes or sales taxes. The city has known about the dangerous lead paint in our older housing stock for 40 years. I do not believe the current homeowners should be responsible to bear the brunt of eradicating lead paint. The city should come up with a program and find funding to support the program. The program could be set up so it is a shared effort on the city and homeowners.
In order to increase population the City should invest more in residential neighborhoods. The streets in neighborhoods are terrible and only main streets and downtown streets are improved. Our neighborhoods should be family friendly and offer commerce that the residents can use such as more grocery stores. The city can develop programs that encourage homeowners to maintain residence. We also need to crack down hard on slum landlords.
Opioid addiction is a horrible disease. I believe cities need to collaborate with state and federal agencies to stop the influx of fentanyl. I hear the media blaming prescription drugs for the opioid epidemic. It is much more than that. People need to have resources available to deal with personal issues before they turn to addictive drugs. I would need to do more research to see what is working in other cities.
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