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The Town Council is the legislative appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. The Town Council determines the types and levels of service to be provided in the Town. The Council annually adopts the Town budget which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Council passes resolutions and enacts ordinances and laws which govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.
  • Gerald W. Kusse (Rep, Con, Ind) retired

  • Rita D. McCarthy (Rep, Con, Ind)

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If you could achieve one major improvement for our town, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

How would you balance the promotion of development in our town with protection of the environment?

What are your views on housing issues such as affordable housing, code enforcement, and zoning?

What, if any, shared services do we have with other towns (or villages) and what other shared services would you pursue?

Beyond measures already in place, what can be done in our town to meet the challenges of climate change?

Campaign Phone (585) 278-8130
I would like to see the development of the former Big M site in the hamlet. A development that would provide convenience and desired resources that will benefit all. Incentives to encourage that development may include tax relief, streamlined approvals and promotion of community support.
Promote and encourage the use of emissions free transportation. Promote and encourage the development of private and commercial solar applications.
Tiny house developments should be considered for future inclusion. Codes that protect the health, safety and welfare of residents should be maintained and enforced. Codes that support the preservation of property and maintain property value should be enforced. Zoning regulation changes should be considered that will represent future societal trends.
All department functions should be looked at for efficiency and need. If residents support municipal shared services with neighboring towns then we should pursue. We must maintain a high degree of fiscal responsibly to ensure our future identity and independence. There should be no sacred cows.
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