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The Town Council is the legislative appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. The Town Council determines the types and levels of service to be provided in the Town. The Council annually adopts the Town budget which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Council passes resolutions and enacts ordinances and laws which govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.
  • Matthew J. Brown (Dem, WF, WE)

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    Josh Foladare (Dem, WF, WE) Educational Fundraiser

  • Ciaran T. Hanna (Rep, Con, Ind)

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    Peg S. Havens (Rep, Con, Ind) Perinton Town Council Member

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If you could achieve one major improvement for our town, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

How would you balance the promotion of development in our town with protection of the environment?

What are your views on housing issues such as affordable housing, code enforcement, and zoning?

What, if any, shared services do we have with other towns (or villages) and what other shared services would you pursue?

Beyond measures already in place, what can be done in our town to meet the challenges of climate change?

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Our town deserves an open, transparent, and inclusive local government that works for both the long and short term interests of all its constituents. This one area of improvement will have an immense impact on the rest of the town and its policies, procedures, and outcomes.

If elected, I will advocate for monthly community walks from our town board members - one district each month - to better understand the needs, hopes and ideas of our community. Instead of posting open hearing notices in only one small section of one paper for one day, I will actively use social media, proactive outreach, and word of mouth to ensure our community has the opportunity to have their voices heard when important decisions are made. I will ask for our meetings to be recorded for later listening, as well as live-streamed on Facebook, Youtube, or whichever method allows for the easiest viewing

Local government serves at the pleasure of its constituents - those constituents deserve a voice.
Perinton is an incredible town in no small part to its parks, trails, and green spaces. Ensuring that this remains is a critical part of our campaign.

Our development plan focuses on revving and revamping "zombie" developments and other under-utilized areas instead of intruding on the thousands of acres of open green space in the town. Ensuring that the areas currently zoned for development are properly used and developed in a way that attracts business and working families to Perinton is vital.

Decisions like this should also, most importantly, involve community input and ideas - through board meetings, listening tours, and active engagement of our constituents.
Perinton is a very desirable place to live, but because of this, the amount of affordable, single family homes available is minimal. The town has spent its development and zoning resources on expensive patio homes, mixed used buildings with expensive apartments, and large cluster developments that fall outside the range of affordability for the majority of our current and potential population. There is a value to these types of developments, but it cannot be at the expense of other, affordable housing options.

Housing, zoning, and development decisions should be made strategically to ensure that our current population and tenants can comfortably live and operate within our town, potential residents and tenants have a variety of housing and building options at a variety of price points, and that the resulting revenue from collected taxes is able to uphold a high standard for the services our town provides.
Currently, Perinton shares fuel distribution with the Village of Fairport and the Fairport Central School District and some equipment with the Village of Fairport as well. Outside of this, we share very little.

Administrative functions like payroll and software, tax collection, records management, and variety of IT functions could be shared between the Town of Perinton and the Village of Fairport to avoid duplication of efforts and needless spending.

The Office of the State Comptroller overs a variety of services to help towns and villages better share services and spend tax dollars. I would look to success stories from towns and villages in neighboring counties for ways to better streamline our governmental services and approaches,.
Currently, Perinton is one of a small number of towns in New York state that has voluntarily opted out of a 15 year tax credit for solar energy use/installment by homeowners. This was a unanimous decision from our board. Additionally, current town policy says that any additions to a home in this arena (solar panels, etc.) do not add to the assessed value of the home.

We can speak about how much we care about climate change and green energy, but the current town policies show that the important steps and developments we must take at all levels of government are not being met.

If elected, I will immediately advocate for a reversal of these policies as well as the creation of a strategic conservation plan for the town - to not only focus on creating new clean energy, but how we can ensure that the energy we are using is purposeful and not wasted.
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Campaign Phone (585) 377-6277
Profession Marketing Director with a strong business background with over twenty-five years in corporate marketing management.
1. If I could achieve one major improvement for Perinton, it would be to ensure the continuance of low taxes and a high quality of services for our residents. Given the fiscal challenges faced by all municipalities, I would accomplish this through strategic development/planning, sound fiscal management, and execution of various programs and initiatives which assure that Perinton residents will continue to enjoy the services that our town government provides. These services include a top-notch Community and Aquatics Center with family friendly programs, snow and weekly debris removal, fall leaf pickup, etc. In addition, development along the Fairport Road corridor now serving as a beautiful gateway into Perinton and Fairport, was accomplished through rigorous planning over the last 10-15 years.
Perinton has invested in over 2000+ acres of open, green space to assure that well-planned development can occur in our town, while our pastoral environment is carefully preserved. In addition, Perinton has more municipal parks than any other town in Monroe County, and is also a leader in New York State with the parks we have to offer our residents. Community gardens were created in Potter Park and are enjoyed by many of our residents throughout the summer months. All of these efforts and more have helped to balance the development of Perinton, while protecting the environment.
The Town of Perinton recognizes the need for affordable housing and has been a leader in developing mixed-use zoning districts. These districts enable a balance of housing and retail services, while offering a walkable, livable community for Perinton residents.
Perinton currently shares fuel distribution with the Village of Fairport, the Fairport Central School District, the Monroe County Sheriff’s department (supporting Perinton) and three Perinton-based fire departments that support the town residents. Perinton and the Village of Fairport share equipment as needed which assures the avoidance of duplicating equipment purchases. Perinton is always exploring how to share its resources, so as to maximize the efficient and effective use of our residents’ tax dollars.
Perinton has a strong, knowledgeable and professional Conservation Board which routinely provides insights and feedback on initiatives that affect the environment. Perinton has a 5-year plan in place to effectively address drainage needs. With this plan, as serious weather occurrences occur more frequently, Perinton can proactively manage drainage issues. Perinton also has an annual recyclable day organized by our DPW in which a variety of items can be dropped off at our DPW facilities by our residents. Over the last 15 years, over 200 tons of household waste has been collected by the Perinton DPW for the town to recycle. All of these efforts help our town to meet the challenges of climate change. logo


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