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Irondequoit Supervisor

The Town Supervisor is the chief executive officer of the town, similar to a city mayor. He/she is an elected official, serving a two-year term. The Supervisor sits as the presiding member of the Town Board, an elected body of four councilpersons who, along with the Supervisor, are responsible for the adoption of the annual budget, and for the adoption, enforcement and execution of all legislative actions of the Board. The Supervisor's responsibilities also include the preparation and recommendation of the annual budget, reports, information and material for Town Board action, as well as recommending amendments to the Town Code and ordinances when necessary. The Supervisor manages and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Town government, and is available to meet with residents to discuss topics of interest to them.
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    Christopher B. Burns (Rep, Rfm) Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant

  • David A. Seeley (Dem, Con, WF, Ind)

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If you could achieve one major improvement for our town, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

How would you balance the promotion of development in our town with protection of the environment?

What are your views on housing issues such as affordable housing, code enforcement, and zoning?

What, if any, shared services do we have with other towns (or villages) and what other shared services would you pursue?

Beyond measures already in place, what can be done in our town to meet the challenges of climate change?

Campaign Phone (585) 234-3524
Profession Marketing, Communications, Public Relations Consultant; Economic Development Professional; Community Development Professional; Business Strategy Professional; Economic Analyst
From going door-to-door, a great many residents have bemoaned the high tax rates in Irondequoit, and have shared a feeling of not getting value or an appropriate level of services from Town Government. My major improvement is to find and pursue every opportunity to improve fiscal and operational efficiencies, cut costs, and deliver the high level of services that residents expect and that is comparable to what residents in neighboring Towns receive.
Irondequoit has very little remaining undeveloped land, so any additional growth beyond infill development immediately brings up the question of whether reducing green space / open space can be justified. And in most cases I think the answer will be no. With that said, I believe there are opportunities to carefully and strategically expand Town property and/or residential in-fill in limited areas within the Town; this must only be done after extensive environmental impact studies have shown a minimal negative impact to the environment and/or any wildlife habitats, along with a showing there would be no negative impact on the neighborhoods affected. While we need more owner-occupied homes and locally-owned and operated businesses, we cannot afford to sacrifice our natural assets, green spaces, and wooded areas that define and enhance our Town.
The high taxes in Irondequoit make it difficult for senior citizens and citizens with limited incomes to be able to continue to live comfortably in their homes and/or make necessary updates and maintenance investments. Getting our taxes under control is crucial to relieving some of this pressure. Code enforcement is also a major topic needing a more focused and consistent investment of energy and attention. Currently, the Town typically only responds to complaints of non-compliant homes or businesses rather than being proactive, which has led to great frustration among those to strive to keep up their homes or businesses. It is a priority to me to be more deliberate about enforcing our Town codes and making sure our entire Town is being maintained properly. Zoning issues have become very controversial topic in Irondequoit, and recent projects have been at odds with residents and neighbors in the areas of the projects.Very simply, zoning guidelines exist and should be followed.
I would like to see expanded collaboration with the County and State with respect to the maintenance of roadways and park spaces within the Town of Irondequoit to assure consistent maintenance. In other areas, there may be opportunities to leverage contract services to provide the services for which our Town does not have a full-time need. A recent example of a collaborative approach to maintenance in our Town was the repaving of Culver Road between 104 and East Ridge Road. By leveraging workers and equipment from the Town of Penfield, this project got done very quickly, minimizing the impact on and disruption to users of that roadway.
One great opportunity is that of better educating residents of the options available to them for all aspects of their lives to save energy, conserve resources, and/or be more efficient in travel patterns. For example, an educational program that talks about the pros & cons and appropriate uses for different types of light bulbs; or lawn-mowing alternatives to a gasoline-powered lawnmower; or exploring alternatives to taking single-occupant cars; and so on. Not every choice will be right for everyone, but everyone can make lifestyle and activity choices that can help minimize the environmental impact and promote conservation in ways that don’t necessarily require a total life-change to implement.
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