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Grosse Pointe Farms Mayor

The  Mayor of Grosse Pointe Farms serves a two-year term and is paid an annual salary of $900.
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    Joe Ricci semi-retired

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    Louis Theros Vice President - Legal for MGM Grand Detroit, LLC

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Campaign website Joe Ricci for Mayor (Facebook)
Campaign Email address
Education BS Industrial Engineering Masters Degree: Occupational Psychology
Brief Description of Occupation Over 30 years in the retail automotive field. In my 5th year as a Grosse Pointe Farms Councilman
Qualifications & Experience Started, owned and operated over 23 automotive dealerships in 4 states. Employed over 400 people with retail sales in excess of 200 million dollars.
Address 11 Waverly Ln. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236
Campaign Phone 313-304-4268
Many people are qualified. The question is; why am I the individual best "SUITED" for this position. I have been on Council for 5 years. I have an Engineering background, I understand how things work. I have a Masters degree in Psychology, I know how to work with individuals. I have had many dealings with Municipalities from my different dealership locations, I understand the dynamics of city government. I have been the President of two different HOA's. I am very well rounded and can relate to most everyone. I'm a people person and I know how to work together. I have the time available since I don't have a "boss" in answer to.
The most important issue facing this office is the continued rise in water rates over the past 4 years (+300%). This issue has been augmented by legal fees (1.1M) paid by the City in order to defend itself from law suits filed by the residents from the basement flooding in 2011. In addition, the inland district sewer system needs to be separated along with addressing the water run-off coming from the golf course. The City is looking at these issues, but at this time it is still in the preliminary stage. I would continue pushing these items until they are accomplished.
Campaign website Facebook - Louis Theros for Mayor
Campaign Email address
Education Grosse Pointe North University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Bachelors in Political Science Vanderbilt University School of Law – Law Degree
Brief Description of Occupation I am responsible for all legal matters for MGM Detroit, including but not limited to tax, regulatory affairs, finance, government relations, legislation impacting our business and human resources.
Qualifications & Experience 16 years on Farms City Council 16 years – Chair/member, Audit and Budget Committee  Balanced budgets for 16 years  AAA Bond rating  Lowest millage rate of all the Pointes 16 years – Chair/member, Ordinance Committee  Bigfoot and home rental ordinances 16 years – Member, Personnel Committee 12 years – Member, both Employee Pension Commissions  Fully-funded pensions
Address 333 Cloverly Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 48236
Campaign Phone 313-886-9811 (home)
I am a life-long Grosse Pointer. I have been married to my wife, Patti, for 21 years. We have two sons, Jonathan and Evan. I was formerly a Partner at two of Detroit’s largest law firms - Dickinson Wright and Butzel Long. I believe I am the most qualified candidate to serve as Mayor because of my 16 years of service and accomplishments on Farms Council. My 16 years’ experience as Chair/Member of the Audit and Budget, Ordinance and Personnel Committees have allowed me to lead the way in keeping our City financially strong and safe, with the ability to make annual infrastructure and other significant community improvements.
Initially, I want to thank our City Administration in keeping the Farms a great place to live and work. Residents have told me they love our City services and employees, and that we should keep the City on its current path. Among the issues I would like to address as Mayor are: 1) to immediately prioritize the investigation of options to address and pay for sewer system improvements, and 2) supporting the Mack Avenue business district and surrounding neighborhoods in the same way the Pointes have supported the Kercheval business districts, including upgrades in lighting and walkways to help increase foot traffic and thus safety in the area. logo


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