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City of Federal Way Mayor

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $112,800Elected by Federal Way's voters every four years, the mayor serves as the city's chief executive officer and manages all the city departments and over 300 city employees in accordance with the policies and direction of the City Council. The mayor also directs city efforts for economic development, intergovernmental relations, media and community relations. The mayor's office provides the City Council and management with a complete financial plan for all city funds and activities through the preparation and administration of the biennial budget abd capital improvement plan.
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    Jim Ferrell (NP) Mayor of Federal Way

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    Susan Honda (NP) Council member

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Why did you decide to run for this office?

What are three major issues facing your city or town?

Of the three, which one is the most critical?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are the issues surrounding your city's infrastructure?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

Phone (253)569-4482
Experience (300 characters max) Jim graduated from the University of Washington and earned his law degree from Gonzaga University. He played Husky football under Coach Don James from 1985-1988 and received the Guy Flaherty Award, the storied football program's oldest and most prestigious award.
1. First, I am running to keep our city safe. I have established a police substation and a regional task force to address gang violence. I have added police officers and provided tools for law enforcement. Second, I am running to continue improving prosperity. I have led the redevelopment of our downtown by creating Town Square Park, building the Performing Arts and Event Center (PAEC), and negotiating to bring a hotel next to the PAEC. I have recruited businesses and worked to bring investment.
The first major issue facing our city is public safety. We have made great progress. This will remain our top priority. The second major issue is economic development. Companies such as DaVita are expanding or opening here. I will continue efforts to recruit businesses and bring investment. The third major issue is sound fiscal management. My 2015-2016 budget was the first structurally balanced budget the City had put forward in over a decade. I will continue to lead the way in this area.
Public safety and fighting crime is the number one issue here in Federal Way. I have worked hard to ensure the safety of everyone in our city. Under my leadership, our City has added officers, increased patrols, placed safe city cameras around the City to help us solve crimes, added a downtown police substation, and launched a South King County task force to address gang violence. I will continue efforts to fight crime because public safety is the number one necessity for any community.

Senior citizens have a lifetime of experience and knowledge. We owe it to our elders to ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity and that they continue to thrive. I am committed to improving the quality of life of our senior citizens. We need to get them more involved in our City. I plan to start a Senior’s Commission to address key issues facing senior citizens. I would also like to see a senior center in our city to serve as a gathering place and focal point for seniors.
Federal Way is a welcoming city under my leadership. We welcome legal immigrants with open arms. My City management team includes three immigrant department heads out of twelve departments. As to illegal immigration, our police department upholds the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Our officers do not engage in questions of national origin. We work with federal authorities when necessary and follow standard protocols when dealing with persons here in the country illegally.
First, we are planning another freeway off-ramp in our city core at 324th, just south of the main exit at 320th, to unload and decongest the 320th corridor at our key traffic times. Second, we will begin using a $2 million King County grant for a control room to ensure that traffic is moving efficiently through our City through coordination of lights. Third, we need more sidewalks at key locations, including Hoyt Road near Green Gables Elementary and First Avenue heading toward Redondo.

First, we have the homeless encampment clean-up initiative, which not only dismantles and cleans up homeless encampments but also refers homeless people to services. Second, we have invested in a day center to provide services to homeless people. I will continue to monitor this program. Third, I started the Homeless Mothers and Children’s Initiative (HMCI) to first find a location for a shelter for homeless families with children and then to look at long-term solutions to homelessness.
Phone 253-293-8885
Town where you live Federal Way
Experience (300 characters max) RN (retired), President Soroptimists International, Co-President Kiwanis Club, Elected 2011, 2015 Council member, King County Domestic Violence Task Force, Federal Way Domestic Violence Task Force, King County Board of Health.
Federal Way is the 9th largest city in the state of Washington. As such we need a leader who can make difficult decisions now and look into the future. I have served as a council member for 5-1/2 years and have learned much of how the city of Federal Way operates and runs. I feel I can serve as Mayor of Federal Way because of my knowledge, my background and my ability to work with businesses, citizens and regional leaders.
My Top priorities are 1)Public Safety; our community needs to feel safe in Federal Way.2) Economic Development; encourage new businesses to locate in Federal Way and support existing. 3)Sound Transit 3; ensure WE have a voice on the impact of Light Rail to our City.
The most critical issue facing Federal Way is Public Safety. This is the number one priority of a city because if our citizens and businesses do not feel safe we will not attract new growth and development. Federal Way needs to hire more police officers but before we can do that we need to find funding sources. This can be accomplished by applying for COPS grants and making budget adjustments.
Our senior citizens are an important part of Federal Way. Many of our senior citizens are the volunteers that power our non-profit groups. The city of Federal Way offers workshops, classes, meals and more at our Community Center for seniors. We offer utility tax rebates for seniors who qualify on fixed incomes. We also support the Federal Way Senior Center which offers daytime programs and meals. My commitment will be to continue these programs and strengthen our support for seniors.
When I became a council member I took an oath of office to uphold the laws in Federal Way, King County and the State of Washington. Therefore I would not intend to break any immigration laws however I would support anyone who asks for help. Federal Way is a city with compassion and has a diverse population made up of immigrants from many countries.
Federal Way is known to have some of the best roads in the state due to our overlay program. As Mayor of Federal Way I will continue to invest and fund the overlay program. As a city we do not own Water or Sewer and we work closely with Lakehaven Utility district to provide the services needed by our population. With our expected growth we need leadership that can work with Lakehaven Utility, Puget Sound Energy, Comcast and others to provide the infrastructure that we will need to grow.
I am the co-chair of the Homeless Women and Children initiative. Partnering with FWPS, SKFR, FWPD and King County to find shelter by this winter for our families. This will require thinking outside the box as we do not have a funding source. I am also on a committee to create a homeless village. Land has been donated and we are currently in the planning stages. We are working with Union Gospel Mission along with elected officials and concerned citizens. logo


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