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Bay Village City Council, Ward 4

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $8,807Alex Dade and Peter J. Winzig were the two top vote-getters in the September primary, but Mr. Dade later decided to drop out of the race. His name will appear on the ballot, but he did not participate in this voters guide and will not be included here as a candidate.
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    Peter J. Winzig Candidate, Bay Village City Council

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What improvements would you recommend in your ward, give its unique characteristics?

Bay Village has a new Master Plan. What priorities would you work to implement first?

What current issues facing the city do you feel require the most attention?

When and where is it appropriate to use public dollars to support private business ventures in the community?

Are you in favor of diversifying the housing stock in the city, and what ideas do you have to implement this?

What is your vision of what Bay Village will be like in 10 years?

Age 61
Current occupation 30+ year marketing, advertising senior EVP leadership career with extensive experience in budget oversight, strategic planning, visioning and project management.
Qualifications for office 2010 BV Citizen of the Year plus 2012 & 2015 BV Project of the Year recipient. Civic involvement includes Board President at BAYarts, Bay Soccer Club and Bay Men’s Club, Community/School Drug Education & Prevention and St. Raphael’s PreCana leader.
Campaign Phone (216) 645-7908
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First, as highly ranked by residents, provide better control of the abundant deer population currently invading our streets, gardens and backyards. Second, upgrade the dated recreational playground equipment and picnic space in Bradley Park. Third, better manage any Walker Park new building and water intrusions, working alongside our State/Avon Lake authorities and developers in strictly monitoring the open land development north of and around the retention pond. Fourth, develop better street safety pedestrian controls at key Ward 4 road intersections, by highlighting crossings, markings and reducing vehicle speeds as requested by nearby residents and recommended in the master plan.
I will develop the city-owned lakefront plot of land in Cahoon Park just west of the Boat Club. As a “resident only” park, I will insist the land become a breathtaking community relaxation space, accessible by bike and ADA walking path. I will accelerate the renovation of the Community House interior and amenities, so more groups/residents can enjoy the historic space. As a supporter of the new library, I will explore redeveloping the current library into a community meeting and recreation/exercise space. I will ensure any new town homes, cluster housing or condos being considered fit properly in Bay.
I want to see continued investments in Infrastructure, upgrading Fire Safety accommodations and better Communications/Transparency in council planning and community projects. I will focus on the current streets/sewers plan to make sure we are doing all we can to limit home flooding. I believe the Fire Station needs serious upgrades to improve the sleeping and working conditions for the firefighters. And, in speaking with residents, I feel there is not efficient communications and too much confusion in major City decisions. I will work for better sharing of project status, a new website and best of class social media platforms.
State and federal dollars, when available, can greatly enhance City improvements and new projects and should always be sought after. Public dollars (our local tax dollars) MUST be carefully watched, and only used when they can powerfully enhance a project that clearly benefits the City and residents. I do not think tax abatements are necessary in Bay, as we sit on valuable land, and do not need to over-extend our assets to the benefit of investors/builders.
As recommended in the recent Master Plan, housing stock diversification can attract new building, retain current residents and improve housing values. Important will be to balance our building codes with neighborhoods, as not to destroy the nature of our streets or parks by “overbuilding” or putting up structures that destroy neighborhoods. Providing the “right” housing that can fulfill the needs of seniors, or singles. I’d like to explore high-rise building on in open multi-unit zones in Bay. Diversification makes sense to me, but only when done in a way to add to the quality of the City.
In ten years, Bay Village will remain an amazing place to live. Maintaining its community/family feel, smart investments in the parks, recreation areas, library and city centers will keep the community strong. New energy conservation measures, improved green space, and personal reinvestments in housing, coupled with our great school system, will keep our housing values tops in NE Ohio. Smart fiscal management by City leaders will ensure A++ ratings. Enhancements to BAYarts and Huntington Reservation and the lakefront will further add to the vibrancy and excellence known as Bay Village. logo


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