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Whatcom Port of Bellingham All Commissioner District 1

4-year term Salary $8,400 The Port District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the port facilities within their jurisdiction. The commission sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional Port Director and their professional staff. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any Port levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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    Dan Robbins (NP) Port of Bellingham Port Commissioner

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    Michael Alvarez Shepard (NP) Professor of Practice and Instructional Designer, Goucher College; Adjunct Faculty, Palo Verde College

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Biographical Information

Why did you decide to run for this position?

What are three major issues facing the port?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent?

What is your primary interest in the operation of the port?

Phone (360) 305-4211
Town where you live Bellingham
Experience (300 characters max) Port of Bellingham Port Commissioner, President/Vice-President, Director, Owner or Shareholder of Cost Cutter Toys, The Children's Company, Inc., Interlube Sales, The Hama Hama Company and Past Director of the Bank of Washington and the Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Graduate of WWU.
It has been my honor to serve as your Port Commissioner for the past 4 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work and find giving back to my community very rewarding. As a former business leader in the community, using that experience and leadership to direct the Port Executive and the staff brings a good balance to the Commission. The environment and the economy can co-exist and must for a vibrant community.
Economic Development: Job creation and retention, Expansion of Marine Trades, Development of the Waterfront District, Re-development of the Bellingham Shipping Terminal,

Environmental cleanups, Secure a stable funding source- MTCA,

Restoration and Repairs of Aging Infrastructure: C Street, Whatcom Waterway, Harris Avenue Shipyard, I&J waterway, Blaine Industrial Area
All three are important. The Port has the ability and the staff that can work on many projects at the same time. You can’t restore infrastructure and do environmental clean-ups without money. Therefore, I would put economic development first.
To make sure we can accomplish the above three goals through good leadership by both the Commission and the Staff.
Phone (360) 594-1784
Town where you live Bellingham
Experience (300 characters max) I have been teaching in higher education for the past nine years, and currently serve on the Board of Trustees for the Kulshan Community Land Trust and on the Advisory Committee for the Portage Bay Shellfish Protection District. I also served as a Democratic Party Precinct Committee Officer.
I’m running for the Port Commission District 1 position because I want to bring a fresh, new perspective to the Port. My vision is to create a consistent and open dialogue between the Port and the people of Whatcom County, and to establish strong and lasting relationships between all the stakeholders of a rapidly growing region.
There are many issues facing the Port. Three of the major issues that form the foundation of my campaign platform are finding solutions to affordable housing, creating and supporting family-wage jobs, and expanding our working waterfront and existing industry to facilitate comprehensive, countywide economic development in Whatcom County.
Of the three, the most urgent issue is finding a solution to the housing crisis in Bellingham. Affordable housing is becoming harder to find in Bellingham, as housing prices keep rising, and the vacancy rate is continually decreasing. As a result, there is also a rising number of homeless individuals. I want the Port to be a partner in promoting long-term affordable housing options for our community, and I want to advocate for both market rate and affordable housing options in Bellingham's Waterfront Redevelopment.
My primary interest in the operation of the Port, is the Port’s unique charge to facilitate economic development for Whatcom County. My campaign recognizes that a strong local economy is essential for the creation of the family wage jobs that the community needs. I also recognize that a community with quality public services, affordable housing and a safe environment makes for an attractive place for new and current business. logo


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