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Term: 4 yrSalary: $6,000The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city.
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What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastucture?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are other major issues facing your city or town?

Of those listed above, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator(if you have an chief administrator hired by the council)?

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Town where you live Mukilteo
Mukilteo is faced with a number of infrastructure issue that if not dealt with very carefully stand the potential to create serious issues in both the immediate and long term future. First and foremost traffic bottlenecks on Mukilteo Speedway and the Washington State Ferry Terminal need to be addressed. Increased air traffic will add to the traffic congestion and while current planning options include asking voters for money to fund these projects, we can't lose sight on the other projects that will require additional funding such as increasing options for pedestrians and expansion of parks for working families. If we don't have safe and flowing roads, then we are limited to our access to recreational opportunities which enhance our community and our way of life.
We are very tight on resources and don't currently have the facilities to accommodate individuals in this unfortunate position. Homelessness is issue that affects every one of us and we must work together to deal with these problems. In absence of a specific program to help these individuals, I would like to see a ride assist program created to help transport these homeless individuals to the various shelters and other local programs who specialize in helping these individuals improve their situation. We must find ways to utilize our existing infrastructure and think outside the box to help in ways we have not in the past.
I am committed to helping each and every senior citizen to reach their health goals and to advocate for an increase or expansion of opportunities for socialization. We must help establish a better method of educating and training seniors to build a network to assist them when emergencies exist as well as everyday activities. I am committed to bringing an up to date and safe facility to this community for seniors to go to discus their personal, mental and physical issues in an environment that fosters collaboration, support, and positive recreation with other citizens across all cultural divides. I envision a facility that provides opportunities to be involved in the community and for youth to be involved with seniors.
The city should stay neutral in this issue. We must approach both legal and illegal immigrants as same as any other citizen. If they break the law then they should be subject to the same standards provided in the law. The time and resources it takes to create separate policies or to make efforts to single out individuals is more time that is taken from programs that focus on teaching cultural diversity and tolerance. These are the things that we need to focus on, Mukilteo is a great community because of the various ethnic groups that make up its population. As the potential to be the first Asian American on the council, I am a testament to the diversity that this community has. I take great pride in this and encourage others to get involved.
Potential Crime because of increased hard drug use and hard drugs come from lack of education, lack of job opportunity and lack of confidence and guidance so therefore I would like to help mitigate these issues by being very active in enhancement of youth programs that provide guidance, mentorship, apprenticeship, mental health coaching, and close collaboration with groups like big brothers and big sisters.
Transportation is the most critical issue because in order for residents to be successful they must have the ability to get from point A to point B without sacrificing the quality time with their family, their hobbies or interests and their livelihoods. The constant traffic bottlenecks on the Speedway and the lack of planning for the new Ferry and Airport Terminal severely limit individuals opportunities to enjoy. The city is asking for more money from its residents and we must make every attempt possible to ensure that the money that is received is put to the projects that need it most, and that they have researched the most economical and effect use for those dollars.
The council and specifically myself if elected must work very closely with the elected mayor to move this city forward. However, we must reserve the right to question decisions and policy that do not match with what we believe are in the best interest of the city moving forward. I have a history of working with a variety of stakeholders, legislators, and large corporations and will bring this experience to the council. If there are differences in philosipy or opinion, we let those aside and focus on the issue on the table at the time and work to a resolve through responsible and mature discussion. When decisions are made that not everyone agrees with, we must agree to disagree and put the interest of the city first. logo


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