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Term: 4 yrSalary: $12,900The city council sets the general policies of the city, which are implemented by the city manager and staff. One of council's main duties is the adoption of policies and the enactment of the city's annual budget. City council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending , whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for city employees.
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    Van AuBuchon (NP) Business Owner/IT Consultant

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    Christine Frizzell (NP) Accountant

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What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastucture?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are other major issues facing your city or town?

Of those listed above, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator(if you have an chief administrator hired by the council)?

Phone (425) 210-8538
Town where you live Lynnwood
Experience (300 characters max) Lynnwood City Council, City Finance Committee, Planning Commission Liaison, SNOCOM Board of Directors, SNOCOM Visioning Committee Chair, Interim SERS Representative, 25 year small-business owner, IT Consultant, Small Business Computer works. BA Business, University of Washington.
In the last four years the city has gone on a tax and spend binge. Nearlly every city tax was increased to the maximum allowed by law. Inspite this "Tax to the Max" startegy, the city's budget still runs a deficit of over $5 million. If this continues the city will be bankrupt in four years. The current unbalanced budget passed by a 4-3 vote of the city council. If elected, I will be the fourth vote to restore fiscal responsibility.

I will vote to decrease property taxes as the result of the new regional fire authority. If nothing is done, Lynnwood citizens will see an $8 million increase. Again, I will be your fourth vote to prevent this huge tax hike. Most of our current financial spending was caused by spending on the current Mayor's wants instead of the City's needs. The Mayor's personal staff has more than doubled in just two years, We need to place your priorities first; public safety, reliable utilities, roads, transportation and balanced budget are most important.
Our City recognized the need for coordinated services for basic needs like housing, food, clothing and wellness resources for our homeless and underserved residents. To ensure that the basic needs are met, a Human Services Commission was created. Professional individuals who work for agencies that provide basic resources, collaborate and partner with the city to ensure support systems are in place to assist those in need. I will continue to support the Human Services Commission and encourage partnerships and collaborations to continue to support our residents in need. I will actively participate in suggesting policies to ensure equity in funding recommendations to the City Council. Lastly, one possible answer to the homeless issue could be the $15 hourly minimum wage, enabling people the ability to afford a home.
Being also a senior citizen, I will work to ensure safe neighborhoods for all our residents especially our elders and disable. I will support city policies that provide discounts in utility services for low income and community programs that benefit and/or assist older individuals to stay in their homes. As the population of older adults and people with disabilities continue to increase so will the need for resoures that will continue to keep this population safe and healthy.
All individuals are welcome in the City of Lynnwood. Our residents are from many countries and bring diversity and traditions to our community. I believe in equity and social justice for all individuals. I think the most compelling issue is to get to know who is in our community and how we can assist them. Too often policies are made without the input from those who will be most affected. I will support our police and legal staff as they make recommendations to protect those residents.
Lack of living wage jobs Affordable housing for young families and elders Deteriorating sewer and water infrastructsure Increase of homeless populations Road and transportation issues Possible annexation in near future Development of City Center
I was honored to serve on the City's Visioning Taskforce, learning your wishes for Lynnwood's future. Since the RFA passed, I will see to it that the tax savings we anticipate are realized and that the service levels grow as we grow! This would also include returning the Police patrol staffing levels to meet future growth. I will work to protect single family homes from careless rezoning.

My Vision for our City includes investing in infrastructure to insure reliable water supplies and modernization of utility delivery, especially in anticipation of pending natural disasters. I propose a citywide internet insuring Net Neutrality.
I am dedicated to establishing and maintaining a balance budget. You can count on me with other community leaders to control spending and to stop runaway taxes. The City currently collects over $62 million in revenue yearly. That's more than enough to fund our Emergency, Parks and Utility services as well, as Streets, without raising taxes. When I am returned to the council, I will work to end the City's Tax to the Max policy and balance our budget. Having served four years on the City Council and the Council's Finance Committee, I have the Municipal Financial experience needed to begin immediately addressing the financial predicament that the city is currently in. Restoring the Financial Policies of the City to rebuild the Reserve Fund for the next recessionary downturn, is my priority. Having run my own small business for 25 years, I understand the difference between government and business finances.
Phone (206) 794-0187
Town where you live Lynnwood
As most are aware from the cranes and new skyline around our city, Lynnwood is growing at a rapid pace and managing that growth is of utmost importance. With that tremendous growth comes more wear and tear on our aging roads. Roads are vital to our growth and standard of living. I would like to see a more conscientious approach of maintaining roads, parks and trails.

Our roads department has a great recent history of acquiring Federal and State grants to partner with us. I will to do what I can to see that continue and expand.
I have been involved with homeless outreach groups since 1995 and volunteered weekly or more with various groups since 2006. Homelessness is a concern in most of our local cities and is complex issue.

As I have been door knocking around our city, it is one of the most talked about issues. Some talk about how it is not the city’s responsibility and that we should not spend tax dollars on this issue. Sometimes we fail to realize we are already spending tax money on extra ER visits, Fire Department and Police Department calls as well as the cost in our jail and courts system.

We should be partnering with surrounding cities and organizations that have experience in helping homeless and under resourced individuals to find better ideas to help vulnerable people.

Senior Citizens are a tremendous resource for our city. Helping seniors stay in their homes, maintaining our single family neighborhoods, providing gathering and recreation activities, and honoring their contribution to our city is important.
In recent years Lynnwood has been on the forefront of being a welcoming city. The City Council recently appointed a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission. I am looking forward to being at their meetings and hearing new approaches to our quickly diversifying population.
Other issues surrounding Lynnwood are finances, growth, RFA (Regional Fire Authority) and diversity. Finances and taxes are on most citizens’ minds. With my 35 years of finance, accounting and tax background, I would like to see how to make our finances more understandable and transparent.

Managing the growth in Lynnwood is challenging but working collaboratively with our various departments I am certain we can continue to find creative and sound solutions.

The RFA is a needed resource for not only Lynnwood but our surrounding cities.

As we grow, we also need to do better in caring for and celebrating our diverse community and treating one another with kindness and respect.
The major issue facing Lynnwood at this time is the RFA vote. The Regional Fire Authority has been talked about for a number of years. The numbers support having a Regional approach to our Emergency Medical and Fire needs. I have attended hours of meetings going over costs, buildings, equipment, staffing and personnel sides of this issue and it makes sense to vote for the RFA.
I have found the best way to work with anyone is to talk one-on-one with a large part of the conversation spent listening. I discovered early on in Mayor Smith’s term that she was accessible, friendly, cooperative and professional when I made an appointment and met with her. She went out of her way and stayed late to not just listen to me but to the gentleman before me as she gathered department heads to address his street issue. I look forward to working with her. logo


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