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Term: 4 yearsSalary: $12,276The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city
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    Suzanne Griffith (NP) Retired teacher

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    Patricia (Pat) Sullivan (NP) Senior Staff Accountant

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How will you work as a team member to move Bremerton forward during your two year term?

How will you work with whomever is elected Mayor?

What ideas do you have to help Bremerton weather the changes happening due to high housing costs?

Address 350 Hill Ct
Phone 3603286409
Town where you live Bremerton, Washington
Experience (300 characters max) Business owner (resume service): Helped Shipyard and other Bremerton residents get promotions and new jobs. Adjunct English Professor, Olympic College: Taught high-school (Running Start), traditional college students, returning adult students, and veterans. Moderated Internet forums for 20 years.
I would work with all the other Council members to perform routine legislative tasks and to establish and implement new policies in order to make Bremerton a greater city providing opportunities for everyone. There is no way to accomplish anything in this position without friendly professional relations with others and the ability to negotiate and compromise, to build on each other's perspectives and abilities to create notable results. I have met most of the current City Council members and have no doubt we can work well together.

There will be differences of opinion, of course, and I will be flexible in dealing with issues that involve conflict. I will show respect to everyone’s opinions and beliefs. Meanwhile, I will maintain my own core values of fairness and honesty in making decisions that affect my constituents.
I have met all three of the current candidates for Mayor, and I like and respect them all. I will happy to help the next mayor implement policies that I find agreeable to my own and the Council’s purpose. At the same time, it is important that the Council remain independent and support the Mayor’s goals only when they are good for the city as a whole. For example, in housing and transportation issues, I support benefits for all citizens, not just the business development community. Budget issues are also very significant in mayor-council relations, and new expenditures or use of existing funds need to be scrutinized before the Council approves of a new project.
The whole city does not need to be a playground for the rich and an investment opportunity for property owners.

The Council must coordinate with the Housing Authority to provide help for renters, who simply cannot pay rapidly increased rent ($200 and up per month increases with little notice) without help, even when they are fully employed. The Council must also coordinate with property owners and investors to find ways to lessen the burden on renters and first-time home buyers.

There are related issues, too. People who are struggling to pay rent may also be struggling to buy groceries and need help with that and with medical care. At a time of cruel losses in federal assistance to individuals and local governments, we need to look at creative ways to empower the community to help others and use our existing resources responsibly.

I support the Bring Kitsap Home housing levy.
Phone (360) 377-9243
Town where you live Bremerton
Experience (300 characters max) Appointed to the City Council, September 2015. Council Committees: Public Works; Audit, Chair; Finance and Investment, Vice-Chair; and Lodging Tax, Chair. 16 years experience as an Accountant, the past 6 years as Senior Staff Accountant for Avalara, Inc.
The council is nonpartisan and all seven members must work collaboratively for the benefit of all Bremertonians. I have spent the last two years building relationships with other council members, city staff and community stakeholders to ensure that we quickly find consensus in solutions to our challenges. The City has momentum in the revitalization of the Downtown core; we must also focus on our local neighborhoods. I will continue to work with the Council in its efforts to bring businesses back to the Wheaton Way Corridor, find sustainable funding for our local streets and sidewalks, and continue to support city services that keep Bremerton safe, beautiful, and affordable.
As a member of your city council, my colleagues and I strive to build relationships based on mutual trust to ensure that we work efficiently together. This is the same formula that results in a successful relationship between council and mayor. All three candidates for mayor have Bremerton’s best interests at heart and I am confident that we will find much common ground as we work to move Bremerton forward.
As the city continues to grow we must increase our stock of housing and limit the regulatory burden we impose. The Council supports projects that reduce existing blight, brown spaces, and create affordable housing. The City must continue to work with property owners and developers to reduce the cost of developing affordable housing. logo


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