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4-year termNo Salary, some districts offer small per diem for evening meetings. School Board Members or “directors” – are the elected governing body of the school district, serving four-year terms. The school board’s governance responsibilities fall in four major areas: Vision – focuses the work on student achievement through a comprehensive strategic planning process; Structure – provides prudent financial planning and oversight; diligent and innovative policymaking; Accountability – sets specific goals and a process for evaluation, reporting and recommendations for improvements; and Advocacy – champions public education in the local community and before state and federal policy makers. The School Board sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional district Superintendent and certificated teaching staff and personnel. One of the critical duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any school levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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    Eric Greene (NP) Program Manager at US Navy

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How should a Board hold the district accountable for ensuring all elements of the required semester of Civics is covered – local and state government as well as federal?

What percentage of your district’s eligible 8th grade students are signed up for the College Bound Scholarship Program?

What do you consider an acceptable level of participation for your district's eligible 8th grade students??

As Kitsap County grows, how can the CK school board ensure program support for lower income students?

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Town where you live Seabeck, WA
Experience (300 characters max) I have represented Central Kitsap School District Area since 2008, both as an appointed and elected school board member. For over nine years, I have focused on ensuring that CKSD offers Kitsap County’s best learning opportunities for students.
The Board holds the district accountable for a curriculum materials through its Instructional Materials Committee made up of district employees and parents of students enrolled in the district. Teaching the approved curriculum along with strong co-curricular programs such as the Associated Student Body (ASB), History Club, and other civic-minded clubs such as Key Club and Leo Club are essential to ensuring all elements of the civics program are adequately met.
According to the Washington Student Achievement Council, Central Kitsap Class of 2019 had 93.1 % complete the initial sign up for the College Bound Scholarship. The most recent reconciled number of students enrolled is 52.4%. For the Class of 2020, Central Kitsap initially enrolled 93.7% of eligible students with 73.3 percent still enrolled in the program.
A percentage of 90-100 percent of eligible students that initially enroll in the program is acceptable. Central Kitsap School District is making a concerted effort to initially enroll eligible students and keep them engaged through active participation by counselors and teachers.
Central Kitsap is very aware of the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist throughout our district. The Board receives regular reports on the various programs designed to support lower income students and works to ensure adequate supports are in place to give our students the optimal chance to succeed. Every effort tis being made to connect with the parents and guardians of our neediest students to ensure they are aware of the supports available to them and their student or students.
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