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Pontiac City Council - District 5

ONE 4-year term available.Vote for no more than ONE.
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    Gloria Miller Pontiac City Council - District 5

  • Joseph C. Sinclair Commissioner Pontiac Zoning Boar

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I am a lifelong resident of the City of Pontiac. The wife of Timothy Miller, and the mother of two adult children, TaMeka and Jonathon. I worked for the City of Pontiac for over 13 years. I obtained my Associates degree in Applied Science from Oakland Community College; along with an Administrative Support Technology- General Business degree.

As a former city employee, I witnessed the harm and destruction that the Emergency Manager (EM) when the decision was made to sell all of the city's assets in order to balance the budget. During the time that the EM was active in Pontiac, I became much more involved in the community, and began engaging in policies that would move our community forward.

I have had the opportunity to work alongside many elected leaders across the state of Michigan, as well as, former and recent council members within the City of Pontiac. My experience is unique because I have spent countless hours with many of the city's residents, going to them individually regarding the issues that concern them.
I believe the city's first priority should be geared toward addressing the Phoenix Center; as It has been in litigation for several years now. The taxpayers have paid a substantial amount of money in the past and perhaps will do so in the future, fighting to keep it in place. The residents should be allowed to vote in which direction to take.

The next priority that I would like addressed is the demolition of the Silverdome. It has been an eyesore for many years. My subdivision that I reside in sits directly across the street from the Silverdome. This property would do well to be sold or at least, redeveloped.

The third action that should be addressed is the youth mileage. The taxpayers voted in favor of this mileage so that our youth could have a place for extra curriculum activities. The youths are truly our future. As an elected official, it is imperative that we work cohesively with every entity that would make finding a place where our kids are safe and secure a priority.
46 Married; no children.

Attend private and Pontiac Schools. Attended Morgan State, Prince George's College, OU.

27 year Employee Pontiac Schools as Water Safety Instructor and Special Education Para Professional.

Commissioner Zoning Board city of Pontiac.

Parks and Recreation supervisor for City of Pontiac, West Bloomfield, Ferndale, Waterford.

I'm running for City Council for no other reason than to continue to build on the efforts of Mr. Holland, Watkins, and Hanson, and take District 5 to the next level. I'm seeking to be the voice of the people because my experience working for municipalities and for the people have given me a in depth knowledge and experience of how government operates and works for the people, thus allowing me to be of better and more effective service to the citizens of Pontiac

I've been busy working close with our current council man Mark Holland and couple that with I'm a commissioner on our zoning board means I'm very abreast to the business of the city…
1. Ottawa Tower lawsuit: I believe that there is still enough time for this current council to negotiate a settlement out of court. I would say allowing Mr. Stephens do business, use the escrow for repairs to the parking garage and elevator and partner with the city in promoting the top for outdoor functions would be a win win for both the owners and the citizens of Pontiac.

2. Infrastructure upgrades: Our roads are the first area of improvements that need to address not to mention all others such as DTE, Consumers Energy, WRC, and our Technology/Communications are in great need of upgrading to provide more saving in cost to us the customers.

3. City Services and Business: Improvements can be made in every area of city services, mandatory inservice would provide better customer service and relations. Attracting new business by improving our marketing strategies and reach out to more tech based companies. Also even though GM scaled back there operations here in Pontiac, I believe with Fiat Chrysler right next door that we are behind in fostering a relationship thats beneficial logo


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