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Bay Village City Council, Ward 1

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $8,807 (2018)Incumbent David L. Tadych, who has served on Council since 2002, is running against challenger Thomas J. Kelly.
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    Thomas J. Kelly Candidate, Bay Village City Council

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    David L. Tadych Bay Village City Council

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What improvements would you recommend in your ward, give its unique characteristics?

Bay Village has a new Master Plan. What priorities would you work to implement first?

What current issues facing the city do you feel require the most attention?

When and where is it appropriate to use public dollars to support private business ventures in the community?

Are you in favor of diversifying the housing stock in the city, and what ideas do you have to implement this?

What is your vision of what Bay Village will be like in 10 years?

Age 41
Education I am a graduate of St. Ignatius, University of Dayton (economics), and CSU (law/MBA).
Current occupation My public service includes experience as both a prosecutor and public defender. Additionally, I serve on multiple professional and non-profit boards, represent individuals, businesses, and manage a law office.
Qualifications for office Residents of Bay Village for 11 years, Sarah and I and our children live on Wolf Road.
Campaign Phone (216) 926-8283
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We should move forward on repaving Wolf Road and working with the state to repave Lake Road. Storm sewer weaknesses need to be identified and addressed. Projects that combine these efforts, as identified in the Master Plan, should be implemented. Many creeks in Ward 1 have bottlenecks that worsen over time resulting in significant erosion to adjacent properties. Work must be done to protect these properties. The practical impact of new housing should be addressed. Larger replacement homes with more impervious surface area result in increased volume to our storm sewers that are already taxed by ongoing development in Westlake.
Projects that improve our infrastructure are critical. Therefore, I would focus on repaving projects, sewer maintenance, efforts to keep storm water out of our sanitary sewers (inflow and infiltration) and safety improvements at intersections (ex. Columbia and Lake; Clague and Wolf). Beyond efforts in my ward, expanding housing options for seniors throughout our community is desirable. As our seniors have helped Bay Village achieve its success as a community of families, they deserve a greater variety of housing options to remain part of the legacy they built.
Maintaining our city’s fiscal health is priority one. As Bay Village will always rely primarily on residents for tax revenue to support services, city government’s chief responsibility is to be efficient with public funds. I believe infrastructure investment is critical to maintaining our community’s health. Our citizens are willing to pay their taxes but demand value and quality services. The best way to ensure that those expectations are met is oversight in maintaining and preserving the buildings, streets and sewers that we all own.
Generally speaking, public dollars may not and should not support private enterprise. Only a well-vetted public/private partnership that leverages public dollars to enhance a public purpose central to our community vision or experience should be considered.
Yes, I am in favor of diversifying housing stock. Implementation of housing projects should come from private enterprise. As a council member, I would support legislation that would encourage developers’ opportunities to engage our community in such projects by adapting our zoning ordinance to permit desirable senior housing options. Ultimately, though, as Bay Village is a community largely developed, any large project would require multiple partners beyond city government and a developer in order to create a sufficiently sized parcel for development.

Bay Village will remain a close-knit lakefront community that enjoys access to outdoor amenities, has high performing schools, and offers residents opportunities to work and play and enjoy life. Continued investment in roads, sewers and public buildings will preserve and support that healthy community. Young families will continue to seek out our community to raise their children. Senior citizens will enjoy educational, recreational, and social opportunities and expanded housing opportunities. Supporting our partnerships with local volunteer groups, Bay Village will be an example of how a 21st century suburb can foster community and build lasting relationships among neighbors.
Education Educated at John Carroll and St. Ed’s; honorably discharged Coast Guard-Corpsman
Current occupation Retired from Mr. Coffee, Vice President-Information Systems
Qualifications for office Ward 1 Councilman since 2002, I was voted unanimously Council Vice President in January. I’ve served on Finance/Claims, 14 years, been involved in Wage Negotiations, have a deep understanding of Budgets, Project Assessments, Funding and Council history.
Campaign Phone (440) 835-1815
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Continuing improvements at Columbia Park including; tree planting, beach steps restoration, crossing issues at Columbia/Lake; and visitor safety are paramount. Reese Park tennis and pathways need attention. Efforts and plans are currently underway to address Clague Road business upgrades and restructuring. Advances and changes in our wards and city are sometimes slow, but meaningful. Resident safety is paramount! Roadways are a continuing effort, sewers and drainage, though improved and cleaned are a major concern, basements still flood. Our taxes must remain stable; and home construction must fit lot size and should be reviewed by a newly formed housing board.
Cuyahoga County’s Planning Commission’s Plan contains seven broad “Visions” with subsets. Suggesting modifying Bay’s Charter, by letting Council, NOT VOTERS, decide property re-zoning would take away resident’s voting rights. I fought to remove that and continue to oppose it! Working to continue efforts correcting sewers, storm water, and basement flooding is paramount to all of us. It’s all about Infrastructure! Concerns grow after major storms. That’s number one. Second, completing another recommendation, already begun and on the Mayors desk; a Tree Protection Ordinance allowing continuation and development of Bay’s admired canopy. In the same subset, placement of power utilities underground.
First and foremost is continuing to correct and maintain a successful water management infrastructure program. Sewer, water runoff and basement flooding continue my priority. Number two is housing and business development. Consideration of a plan to maintain our city character yet allow small advancements in multi-use building, not seen in Bay today, seems possible. Moving in a slow yet planned environment adds options and maintains our city character. Ensuring that new housing stock is complementary and compatible to lot size is important! Consideration of senior housing in and around our business areas seem worthwhile. Today’s seniors are yesterday’s city builders!
I assume this question is addressing tax abatement. I do not support it! Even if it was not a tax abatement issue, I would not support using meaningful public dollars for a builder/developer or business. That said, I suppose, if an actual vote of our residents overwhelmingly directed support of an effort, I might consider the use. Even then, I would be extremely hesitant in setting a future precedent.
I believe that housing diversification will probably come to Bay in an appropriately stated limited manner. Again, referendum voting will control this effort, by setting limits and defining areas in the decision process.

Our residents define Bay and what it will become. That said, we have to ask; “Have we changed since 2007?” Yes, but not that much. The character and spirit of Bay will remain about the same. Over and over, I hear how folks have returned to their childhood home to raise their new family in this special place. I believe that will continue. I also believe that our parks help define us and that they will become more special in the future. We are indeed, a safe community of churches, homes and schools surrounded with care. That will remain. logo


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