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1st Senate District

The NJ General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Voters will head to the polls to select a Governor, State Senator, and State Assembly Members, as well as a number of county and local elected officials.
  • Mary Gruccio (Rep)

  • Anthony Parisi Sanchez (CBB)

  • Jeff Van Drew (Dem) Dentist/retired military/retired corrections

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New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. What, if anything, do you propose to lower property taxes?

New Jersey's state pension system has recently been named the worst-funded state retirement plan in the country and is arguably one of our largest financial problems. How do you propose to address our state's pension issues?

How can New Jersey meet our energy needs while protecting our environment? For example, would you support energy conservation, expansion of renewable energy projects, hydraulic fracturing, and pipelines, etc?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

Please indicate three additional state priority issues for you (not already listed in this questionnaire) and explain how you would address them.

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While taxes, fees and the overall cost of living has gone up for many working New Jerseyans, millionaires are paying less in taxes than they have in a generation. An increase in the millionaire’s tax will help lower taxes without further burdening the working and middle class. In addition, as the economy expands and revenues to the State increase, that revenue should be dedicated to property tax relief.
​We have to keep our commitment to the pension fund, which we did this year, and continue to fully fund it. When the pension system is not healthy, it negatively impacts our bond rating, which leads to increased costs and more borrowing. That ultimately results in higher taxes for our constituents.
New Jersey needs a multifaceted approach to preserving the environment and sustaining our energy needs. This must include renewable energy, such as solar power. We should continue the programs to incentivize solar. In addition, we must take advantage of the low cost of natural gas, and utilize environmentally sensitive methods to increase supply.
Increasing job growth requires incentivizing businesses to come to New Jersey, whether through tax credits, low-cost land, or high skilled labor. Unfortunately, as a State, we have not done this enough. We are also hopeful that the federal corporate tax rate will be reduced, further incentivizing international businesses to move here.

​Training and educating our workforce with an eye to filling specific needs is too often overlooked. We must do more to support our technical schools and county colleges. Those schools, along with our high schools and four year colleges should all be working together in a progressive manor to train our young people for the jobs that are needed, right now, as opposed to crippling them with debt and a degree they cannot use.

Finally, we must continue the wo
​1) Drug addiction and the rise in opioid abuse. We must address this through education at an early age. If we can educate our youth about the extreme dangers of opioids, such as heroin, as well as prescription drugs. Furthermore, we should increase the penalties for large scale distribution. We have to continue the work the State started on changing the mindset of doctors who are overprescribing opioid medications. We must also increase the number of detox and treatment facilities in the State.

​2) Veterans issues. We absolutely must work to provide more access to healthcare for our veterans. We should expand the pilot program permitting certain veterans to access healthcare in their local community, rather than having to drive, in our case, out of State to a Veterans Administration hos logo


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