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City of Lima Council 3rd Ward - Term Commences 01/01/2018

City Council members must be a resident of their respective Ward. Council Members are to ensure the city fulfills its duties under the law and lawfully exercises its powers. They act as liaisons between the city and the general public. Their concerns are the conduct of the daily affairs of the city and also the future development of the city. They have authority over the administrative affairs in the city and legislating for the city.Salary:$12,115.
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    Jesse J Lowe II 3rd Ward Councilman City of Lima

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    Carla A. Thompson Educator

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1.What changes do you expect to occur in the Third Ward in the next 10 years, and how will your leadership impact that change?

2. List the major safety issues you see in your ward and describe how you will deal with those issues.

3. Although council members are elected to represent a specific ward, decision made by the council as a whole impact the entire city. What qualifies you to represent your ward and also function as a member of council and make decisions for the good of the entire city?

Current Occupation Cosmetologist/Councilman
Education Graduate of Lima Senior High School U.S. Navy Machinist Mate/ Boiler Tech A school Ohio State Beauty Academy
Training & Experience US NAVY Ohio State Beauty Academy
(419) 371-3383
Lima's 3rd is currently growing faster than any other ward. We are setting a benchmark for the city and will continue to grow under my leadership. Within the next 10 years I see major infrastructure taking place within our neighborhoods. Lima must learn to welcome new businesses. Under my leadership I will make this happen through legislation and determination for a better Lima. We currently have great resources that will supply businesses with the tools they need to be successful. Within the next ten years 3rd ward will prove that Lima is the place to be. We must invest within our neighborhoods, schools and children for this change to manifest. I truly believe that God has not put me in this position to fail. He placed me in leadership to be the head, listen and lead . I stand for right no matter what and I work hard everyday. Positive and major change starts with leadership! I'm not here for the position, I'm here for the mission.
Major safety issues within 3rd ward: 1) Poor sidewalks and streets: Allocated CDBG funds must pay for this and quit using it to pay administration. 2) code enforcement: We must hire more full time code enforcement employees for the Community Development Department 3) dilapidated houses: Communication between the county and the city must improve when it pertains to demolitions that are needed. 4) drugs: Citizens must report when they see activity in their neighborhood and the police need to do better following up on leads. As the Neighborhood Concerns Committee Chairman I will work hard at improving these and any other important issues 3rd ward may have. It takes a good working relationship with administration and council for this to happen. I will do whatever it takes for these issues to be solved. Government funding is not the answer all of the time. We, collectively must want better living conditions. I'm willing to lead this change with your continued support 3rd ward.
My experience for the last eight years has taught me a lot about being a servant for the citizens of Lima. Many decisions have taken place that did not necessarily pertain to 3rd ward only. Serving on utilities committee and having water issues were major items that needed attention fairly quickly. Legal decisions must be made in executive sessions. Budget hearings are rather intense and crucial for the city to move forward. Being a member of the economic committee made me always look at three things when making city wide decisions. Number one, is it fare? Number two, will it make someone's life better in some sort of way? Thirdly, what is the overall cost of my deciding vote. My knowledge and willingness to do the right thing for Lima allows me to make fantastic decisions. I love the fact my mission on city council motivates me to be a better man also. Lima and 3rd ward residents elect and pay me to do what's best for them. I vote according to their needs and desires at council.

Current Occupation Teaching Artist/Community Activist
Education Bachelors in English- Cleveland State University Masters in Education- Indiana Wesleyan University
Training & Experience Teacher: Canton City Schools, Cleveland Municipal School District, Rhodes State College. Membership and Marketing Chair: Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Lima Homemaker, wife, mother.
(419) 860-0478
I believe that we are in a position where our inner-city neighborhoods will turn around. There is a desire in the community to see improvements in home care and property value. We currently have some major tools at our disposal to improve our housing conditions and sense of community. My leadership would include taking full advantage of being in a neighborhood association and the resources that would be provided to us through that effort. I also plan to be active in helping neighborhoods see what they would like done with properties after they are torn down as part of the land bank process come to fruition. In addition, I believe that the proposed landlord registry has the potential to be beneficial to the community by helping some of our homes get some of the maintenance they so desperately need. I will help research and design a registry that both tenants and landlords would see value in and would ultimately benefit our neighborhoods.
Theft and drug sales and use are issues I hear about from constituents. A landlord registry and tenant programs will address one aspect of the heroine epidemic by keeping out-of-state drug dealers from renting properties with no intention of living in the home but of using it as a base for drug sales. Also, more prevention programs need developed. Theft and drug use are often an outgrowth of bored, unsupervised children trying to make quick money or feel a part of something. I have helped design various academic and arts programs that help teens develop a sense of self respect, respect for others and plan for the future. I will work with government, schools, and community groups to provide engaging activities for teens and turn them into a community resource. While in Cleveland, I implemented a GED program in conjunction with Cuyahoga County that helped clients become work ready. I will help develop more programs that train our residents for the jobs available in the Lima area.

My work as an educator and union representative has been integral in teaching me about team work, team-based intervention, and respect for your colleagues. To really take care of your students, you have to make sure that the entire school is a safe place where they and your coworkers are respected. As a council member, I will respect the role of the local government, the work done by my fellow council members, and the needs of the community as a whole. Wards are not magical barriers of separation. For some of us, the other ward is just across the street or a block away. What benefits Lima, benefits my neighbors, benefits me. We have to care about the entire city, if we want to see true progress and prosperity. The revitalization in the downtown area and the addition of Rhodes State will benefit the entire city, not just my ward. Council should be teaming with local businesses in the downtown area and nonprofits like Downtown Lima Inc., to continue this very important growth. logo


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