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The race is for 3 places on the FISD School Board for 3 year terms. You will vote for 3 of the candidates on the ballot.Two current FISD Board members did NOT file for re-election: Lorrie Hess and Kay Stech.Contact for FISD School Board election at FISD: Sheree @ 830-997-9551 for Gillespie County Clerk’s office for more information.Fredericksburg Independent School DistrictJob Description for Members – information for VOTE411QualificationsTo be eligible to be a candidate for, or elected or appointed to, the office of school board member, a person must: Be a United States citizen. Be 18 years of age or older on the first day of the term to be filled at the election or on the date of appointment, as applicable. Have not been determined by a final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote. Have not been finally convicted of a felony from which the person has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities. Be a resident of Texas and the district for the period of time described at RESIDENCY, below. Tex. Const. Art. XVI, Sec. 14 Be registered to vote.Powers and DutiesThe trustees, as a body corporate, have the exclusive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of the public schools of a district. The trustees may adopt rules and bylaws necessary to carry out these powers and duties.All powers and duties not specifically delegated by statute to TEA or the State Board of Education are reserved for the board.Education Code 11.151(b), (d)
  • Sam Aldrich

  • Lance Feuge

  • Kerinne Herber

  • Brian Lehne Owner construction company

  • Lance Love Medical doctor

  • Ronald Stotz Neurodiagnostic Technologist

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Tell us about yourself and why you want to be a Fredericksburg Independent School District (FISD) school board member. (Limit 75 words)

What do you think are the characteristics of a great school board member? (Limit 50 words)

What skills and experience do you bring that would be particularly valuable to this district and our board? (Limit 50 words)

Is there a major initiative you would like to see the FISD pursue in the future? (Limit 50 words)

What is an area that you think FISD needs to improve? (Limit 50 words)

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Mailing Address 303 E. Morse St., Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Work Phone 830-992-2110 work
Cell Phone 830-992-9599 cell
I am married to Treff Herber, a Fredericksburg native. We are blessed with 5 children. I am an advocate for and believe in public education. Next year, we will have 4 of our kids attending FISD at 3 of the 4 campuses (FMS, FES, and EPS). By continuing as a FISD Trustee, I can support all youth to have an opportunity to develop good knowledge and social skills, and encourage the growth of future leaders.
Graditude for the kids and all faculty; open-minded; respectful; patient; lifelong learner; innovative; financially minded; inquisitive; supportive; adaptive; integrity; collaborative. As an FISD Trustee, I have learned and experienced the value of possessing and witnessing those traits in others. I will continue to strive for and serve with those characteristics.
As a current FISD School Board Trustee, I understand the district's complex and limited financial resources and the issues related to these constraints. My work experiences include Credit Officer at Capital Farm Credit, Real Estate Manager at HEB, and an owner of B&BS and partner in Herber Cattle Company.
My continued focuses would be (1) pro-actively managing fiscal responsibility and lobby the legislature for school finance reform, (2) creating and implementing a long-range strategy for the use and implementation of technology throughout the district, (3) supporting opportunities to improve FISD's facilities, and (4) attracting, retaining and developing quality faculty.
FISD needs to: (1) constantly seek to be innovative with funding programs and opportunities, (2) continually refine, develop and implement improved learning methods and schedules, (3) provide support for faculty, and (4) upgrade FISD facilities as funding is available.
Email for public contact
Mailing Address PO Box 113, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 2309 Knopp School Road
Work Phone 512-626-8317 - LF
Cell Phone 512-263-8905 – LC
Fax 512-263-8906 - fax
Additional Phone 830-997-5508
My family has resided in Fredericksburg for 18 years. We've raised our children in FISD Schools. Our oldest son is in Vet School at TAMU, our daughter is an R.N. at HCMH and our youngest son is in 6th grade at FMS. My belief is our community must focus on promoting self-reliant, self-starting, hard-working, employable youth. We must insure our schools have the resources to produce this type of citizen for our community's future.
A great school board member spends a lot of time listening. You must listen to teachers, staff, parents, and students. However, when it's time to do something, you have to be a leader and make it happen.It's imperative that you're able to make tough decisions and stand by them.
For 25 years, I've owned a construction business, managing many projects and people in real estate development. I also served as Rodeo Austin President and directed a full staff of 1,000+ volunteers. With my involvement & leadership, we have consistently given back over $2.0 million to youth, year after year.
I encourage FISD to focus on graduating youth with a good skill set, attitude, and work ethic who are employable, regardless of whether or not the student plans to pursue secondary education. I want to see fiscal responsibility, quality staff recruitment and an extreme emphasis on community and parental involvement.
FISD must improve its facilities. A Master Plan is imperative so that, throughout time, we can highlight and optimize production and the ability for students to learn. Updated facilities are essential to aid our teachers and staff in accomplishing their goals and reaching their maximum potential with regard to instruction.
Campaign Phone (830) 998-4201
Email for public contact
Mailing Address 149 Stoneledge, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Education Medical School
Current job Physician/Surgeon
Facebook page Lance Love
Work Phone 830-998-4201
Fax 830-997-6004
Prior to entering medical school, I taught and coached in the public school system in Pecos, Texas for 2 years. I have spend over 20 years working with children and teens as a volunteer coach and mentor. As a surgeon, I have a duty to serve my patients and my community. I have a heart for service and for education and that is what drives me to seek a position on the FISD school board.
Great school-board members are available and open-minded. They are selfless and driven to help every child achieve academic and extracurricular success. They are life-long learners as the changing face of public education in Texas requires a commitment to continuing education and training.They are good stewards and maintain accountability.
I am a surgeon and as such, I am driven to provide unparalleled service while maintaining accountability for actions, outcomes and fiscal responsibility. I have served the community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Good Samaritan Clinic and Fredericksburg Little Leaguw.
I do not present myself as a candidate with an agenda. I will strive to improve our District's current financial status. I commit my time and my talents to improving the educational and social experience for students and families in our community.
FISD is facing a budget deficit. Our district needs to improve its financial position while maintaining student/teacher ratios and promoting an effective educational environment. Our school board must be good stewards.
Campaign Phone (830) 992-7920
Email for public contact
Mailing Address 418 Bob Moritz, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Current job Neurodiagnostic Technologist
Facebook page Ronald Stotz 4 School Board
Work Phone 830-992-7920
I'm a 20 year resident and work in the medical community. My wife is a public school teacher and we have 8 children, two of my children are FHS graduates. Currently, I have at least one or more children at the primary, elementary, middle and high school. This is important, because I have a vested interest in our school district. I want to serve as a board member to ensure our district remains competitive.
A school board member should be someone who is active in the local community, has a current vested interest in our public school system and has a sound understanding for finance.
In serving 10 years on the local soccer board (2 as VP, and President and 4 as past president) and 8 years on the board of the Lion's club (3 years as VP, 3 years as President, 2 years as Past President) I have obtained strong management and leadership qualities.
Continued improvements in the area of technology in the classroom, as well as technology driven communication between teachers and parents. Improvements to the middle school infrasctructure and any additional infrastructure needs to support our students.
Teachers and staff are working extremely hard to ensure our students are learning improvements in technology, after school tutoring and other programs we can help close achievement gaps and sho additional growth. Ensuring our students are ready for college or the work force in the 21st century is paramount. logo


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