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4 to be elected - 4 year term. (Vote for not more than 4)
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    Ethan Dole (Rep) Civil Engineer/Project Manager

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    Urbano Galindo (Rep) Director of Global Logistics

  • Ryan P. Grubbs (Rep)

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    Michael L. Mains (Rep) Software Developer

  • Carol Wiwi (I) Teacher / Clerk of City Council

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Campaign Phone (513) 503-4561
Education University of Cincinnati - Bachelors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Occupation Civil Engineer/ Project Manager Miami University City Council Member City of Harrison, OH
Experience Harrison City Council, 2016-2017 City of Harrison Board of Zoning Appeals, 2015
Endorsements Hamilton County Republican Party
Political Philosophy As a fiscally conservative Republican it is my goal to maintain a high level of service to the Residents of the City of Harrison while maintaining a balanced budget. We have been able to achieve this during my two years on council. I am a strong proponent of maintaining infrastructure and utilizing the resources available to us to lessen the impact of improvements on our Residents.
I feel that my intimate knowledge of the history of the area coupled with my education and industry experience as a Civil Engineer and construction project manager make me a valuable asset to the City of Harrison, and to the committees that I chair.
My first priority over the next four years is to maintain a balanced budget that allows the city to keep all public safety departments at full staffing. My second priority is as chairman of the utilities committee to facilitate the softening of the city's water supply. My third priority as chair of the streets committee will be prioritizing road construction projects for the next 4 years based on condition and traffic volume to ensure that we have a clear working list going into the future.
Campaign Phone (513) 571-0244
Web Site
Education Masters of Science Central Michigan University in Organizational Leadership: Bachelors of Science in Logistics Manament from Wayland Baptist University. Associates of Supply Chain Management from Community College of the United States Air Force
Occupation Director of Global Logistics General Cable
Experience Director of Procurement Global Logistics at General Cable June 2017-Present Sr Manager Logistics for the Americas at Hill-Rom 2012-2017 Sr Global Leader Procurement 2012-20 USAF Retired in Supply Chain. Feb 1991-May 2015
Political Philosophy Fiscally Conservative Republican
I have a Diverse Background I have served in our military for over 21 years. I am a Global Leader in manufacturing and logistics. I am a Christian leader who values integrity and honesty. I am a servant leader who will advocate for the community.
1. Fiscal Responsibility, Don't spend more than you make. 2. Attract sustainable businesses who invest in Harrison. Should we entertain tax abatement programs we need to ensure they invest in tangible dollars to our communities such as sourcing products locally or hire from our community. 3. Sourcing excellence ensure we implement best practices on how we procure goods, services, or capital investments. I bring 27 plus yrs. of experience in this field. We need spend responsibly reduce cost
Candidate has not yet responded.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Campaign Phone (513) 460-8790
Twitter @MainsForCouncil
Education William Henry Harrison High School Class of 1985 University of Cincinnati BSME 1990, MSME 1994
Occupation Senior Software Developer at Bruel & Kjaer, North America Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM), Modal Analysis and Dynamic Systems Technical Division Chair and past member of the Executive Board (2015-2017)
Experience For the past 13 years, I have served as the lead volunteer with the Upward Sports Ministry at Legacy Christian Church. I have been an active supporter of keeping the Doug Dunaway Motocross and ATV park open as a valuable, unique recreation asset.
Political Philosophy At my core I am fiscally responsible and always willing to listen to all sides of the debate.
I am fit, capable and honest. I am an active member of Legacy Christian Church, where I serve as an Elder and for the past 13 years served as a Director, Coach and Referee of the Upward Sports Program.

I run 12-20 miles per week. #FitToBeOnCouncil
The primary issue that I will focus on is pursuing grant funding for recreational activities for the city. Specifically, I would apply for a Recreational Trails Program grant that would provide funding to improve and maintain the trails at the community center, the new river park and the Motocross and ATV park.

Our current mayor and council have done a great job at ensuring that we have the finest emergency services and quality roads and public services. I will work to continue this effort.
Campaign Phone (513) 367-2236
Web Site http://None
Facebook http://None
Twitter None
Education I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Miami University as well as an Associates Degree from Cincinnati State in Landscape Horticulture. My Master's Degree is in Professional Effectiveness in Education from the College of Mt. St. Joseph.
Occupation I am in my 31st year of teaching elementary students. I also serve as the Clerk of Council for the City of Harrison for the past 20 plus years.
Experience Over the past 20 plus years I have been involved in numerous committees with the City of Harrison. I have served twice on the Charter Review Committee, as well as the city's Comprehensive Plan and a sub-committee for the Comprehensive Master.
Endorsements I have not asked for any endorsements.
Political Philosophy I have never belonged to a political party. I choose my local, state, and federal officials by what the person stands for and not what party they belong to. I believe elected officials should govern so that they can assist in helping to bring out the best in there citizens and their community by working to legislate strict, but fair ordinances and resolutions in bringing about a safe, clean, and productive environment that helps the community be a better place to live and grow.
I have been listening for over 20 years at Harrison City Council meetings. I have worked with 4 mayors and numerous council members and read thousands of city documents. I believe it is my time to finally comment and question issues facing our city
My 3 top priorities are: 1) Bringing new industries and good jobs into the city to keep up with the growth of the residential areas. I think it is important that people live where they work so they have more opportunities to stay connected to their city. 2) I would like to see a stronger enforcement and/or amending of our city ordinances in keeping the city clean and attractive for our residents and visitors. 3) Help all city departments be the best and most productive they can be. logo


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