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Parkrose School District, Pos. 4

Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe School Board is the policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for providing an education program for students living within the District. To accomplish its role, the Board: Determines the long-range direction of the District Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs Employs and evaluates the Superintendent Communicates with the community Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits Calls elections on bond proposals Approves the annual budget
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    Kori Basquez (N) Mental Health Clinician

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    Sonja McKenzie (N) Program Director -iUrban Teen

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Significant policy changes in public education are being considered at the federal and state level. Describe a change that you agree or disagree with and explain your position.

What do you think are the top three equity issues in the district and how will you address them?

What principles will you apply to evaluating recommendations from the superintendent with regard to which programs to reduce in a time of constrained funding?

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Qualifications: I have a master’s degree in psychology and maintain a passion for community service and volunteerism. I work in community mental health serving low income individuals with severe mental health issues. I am also a leader in gun violence prevention.
Access to quality public education serves as the great equalizer in promoting best outcomes among youth, including social, and academic success. I am opposed strongly to voucher programs and pledge to oppose any diversion of funding from Parkrose Public Schools. Our schools need more funding, not less. As education is essential for the effective functioning of our democracy, the federal government maintains a fundamental responsibility to ensure equitable and adequate funding of public schools.
Challenges to equity within Parkrose include: responding to the needs of individuals, while managing district growth, achievement barriers, and resource limits. Potential achievement gaps among minorities, the economically disadvantaged, non-English speaking students, and those enrolled in special education are exacerbated by funding limits. I will be a vocal advocate against voucher programs, which would exacerbate current disparities and unfairly burden minority students and those in poverty.
In regard to resource limits and program reduction, it is essential to evaluate the recommendations of the superintendent, while seeking input from educators, parents, and students. Exploring creative funding options is vital, while assessing program strengths and weaknesses. I will focus on maintaining evidence-based programs of benefit to Parkrose students and educators. I will further advocate for programs promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in conjunction with educational objectives.
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Qualifications: An experienced educator, student advocate, parent volunteer and community stakeholder. My years of service and community engagement makes me the candidate with the hands on experience to continue the important work that needs to be done on the school
I am supportive of Measure 98 because it will provide opportunities for our youth to succeed in high school and graduate.Ballot Measure 98 requires state funds to be distributed to school districts for approved plans to establish or expand CTE programs in high school. As a former educator, I feel that it is imperative that our students are engaged learners and we create alternative options to graduate through CTE, giving students the chance to get a head start on preparing for college or career.
Safety of all students, racial and financial equity are the 3 issues facing the district. I would expand the district's newly reinforced policies to protect all students/staff by providing a "safe space" on campus for students. Racial equity: Parkrose has a culturally diverse student population and the teaching staff and administration should reflect the population.Lastly: financial equity to expand music, art, and athletics programs that provide such a crucial role and a well-rounded education.
I believe to be an effective board member the most important principle to have when evaluating a recommendation is to be a good listener. The principles of collaboration and respect are the principles I will use as a board member when considering recommendations to reduce or eliminate programs in order to manage the budget of the school district. As a board member elected by the public it is important to base decisions on the facts rather emotion, ask clarifying questions and seek a resolution. logo


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